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  1. Cascade

    An Assyrian Man in America pleading for his daughter in Australia

    It says the video is unavailable, even on the FB page? Anyway what was this about? Seemed like something intriguing and touchy...
  2. Cascade

    Great meme that I like to apply to my life

    Which reminds me. There is this Christian "meme" (actually it's a parable) that I really like. It's not from the bible. But people have used it. It's called the 'Parable of the Drowning Man':
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    Lol what? Did I read that right? :ROFLMAO:
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    Would you say Iraq is "occupied Assyria"?

    I'll still call it (and I'm fine with) Iraq, but I understand those who opt for "Occupied Assyria". So I guess I'm "meh" on this subject. Why? Only because ONLY the northern half of Iraq was ours as our history went. Sumer area in the south is debatable and questionable as I personally don't...
  5. Cascade

    Have you had a DNA test regarding ancestry?

    And you say "Georgian Jewish is a fancy word for Ashkenazi", well, Gedmatch USES THE TERM Ashkenazi as well. Why? Because Georgian Jews are pure Middle Eastern Jews. Ashkenazi and Georgian Jewish are NOT the same. Here is a genetic result of an Ash Jew (no fancy words at all, they openly use...
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    Have you had a DNA test regarding ancestry?

    I love Zionism? Omg, really? How did you know? You're a genius wallah. 😅 I think it's pretty obvious that I am a Zionist, in the sense that I will always support the nation of Israel, especially it's surrounded by Islamists who want to wipe it off (with you and I included cos we're...
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    Dr Norman Finkelstein at Waterloo University (CAN)

    What an unhinged statement man. I don't understand why are you're so vile towards Israel and Jews. What did the Jews ever do to Assyrians nasha? Be critical of Judaism/Torah as much as you want, but why a democratic nation and the people? And don't bring up ethnic cleansing. Jews have been...
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    More Arabs selling their soul to Zionists

    Iraq was 20 years ago. The UN has become more "woke" now and anti-war. I won't be defending UN as it has its own problems, but it's fair to say that they're supporting Palestinians more than usual. Come on. 9,000 of the 34,000 were terrorists btw. Getting killed in the war is not genocide. Only...
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    A List of good arguments against Islam

    And I still stand by that -- The Torah is disgusting (sexist, homophobic, pro-slavery, pro killing and anti-human too in general). Christians should've never made it canon in their holy bible (besides Genesis though).
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    More Arabs selling their soul to Zionists

    In all fairness, some folks in the UN have called out Israel for its war crimes and "genocide". What more do you want?
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    Dr Norman Finkelstein at Waterloo University (CAN)

    Self-hatred exists man. Chomsky and Finkelstein are leftist American liberals (and have more in common with communism than anything, as they're left wingers). Notice how the most antizionist, self hating Jews are those living in the US for a really long time? Miko Peled, Glen Greenwald? They're...
  12. Cascade

    Have you had a DNA test regarding ancestry?

    I thought you made the distinction between Jews and Israelis/Zionists? Why bring Zionism in this nasha? But aha, this kinda proves the point that you antizionists are just anti-Jewish/Jew haters in disguise really. Let's admit this kheena. And nope. "Georgian Jewish" are Judean captives who...
  13. Cascade

    It took a long time but it is finally here: a Video about "Who Assyrians are"

    I thought the narrator was you until I realized it was actually AI... 😂 I actually would've preferred to hear an actual human speak as the AI mispronounced some Assyrian words (Madinkaya, instead of Madinkhaya). Anyway, the video is great. Glad it's gotten so many likes already in 1 month.
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    Do you have a celebrity lookalike?

    Who is he? I looked him up and I saw a blonde haired rapper lol
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    More Arabs selling their soul to Zionists

    Haven't Iraq, Yemen, Iran and Syria (the countries with "souls" as you put them) ethnically cleansed people too? I just don't see how Israel is the special one here. Besides, Israel ethnically cleansed people in response to the worst terrorist attack in their soil. Anyway my point is most MENA...
  16. Cascade

    Dr Norman Finkelstein at Waterloo University (CAN)

    Had no idea this bugger was popular in 2010 as well. He supports Hamas and their terrorism with his usual platitudes ("they're freedom fighters"). I will not take him seriously. That said, he is very pleasant to interview. I like his calm quiet nature. But man, he is one insanely self-hating...
  17. Cascade

    Racism and Hidden Messages in 'Avatar'?

    Dated thread but in a good way. 😁 Now it's all dark skinned queers on wheelchairs who are saving the world, and the white guys are generally nasty villains. Lmao. I like the Avatar films btw. The second one was even better. Can't wait for the 3rd in Dec 2025.
  18. Cascade

    Shi'te or Sunni Islam: which one makes more sense to you?

    Shiites has less extremists I think, but that's just like saying bowel cancer is less lethal than pancreatic cancer. But of course there are some good Shiites and Sunnis.
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    What are your views on Assyrian social media celebrity Ramina Rated?

    Strange I never saw this thread, as I always had an opinion about her but couldn't express it anywhere as I don't have social media. Honestly, I never understood her humour. This is weird as I love funny women, especially Assyrian women (like our aunt who tell jokes and tease around). Her...
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    Look who was on the news today. All good, I am safe.

    Loool I finally see you talk. Is this on YouTube as well?
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    Assyrian flag = Toothpaste logo

    If Palestinian supporters use watermelons🍉 to represent the Palestinians, we can use these to represent Assyria: :ROFLMAO:
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    Do you have a celebrity lookalike?

    ^I see it lmao
  23. Cascade

    Have you had a DNA test regarding ancestry?

    My gedmatch results (since the list on my previous post disappeared):
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    Assyrian Voice is celebrating a quarter century!

    Ashoor, are you the man in pink shirt in middle? You look like Australian actor Jason Clarke (who is still rising in the US and was recently in Oppenheimer). I wish I was old enough to have been part of this team. Hehehe...And is Mrzurnaci there? I miss that bugger...🤣
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    Assyrian women has stopped breeding

    I just think the whole world shouldn't breed much. We are getting overpopulated.
  26. Cascade

    How often do you go to the gym?

    9 years after my post (f**ck, 2015 doesn't seem like it's almost a decade ago!)...I walk and do gardening. This has a sense of "gym" for me.
  27. Cascade

    Processed meat 'linked to pancreatic cancer'

    Nasha where are you? I hope you come back. I miss our quarrels and petty bickering. 😅
  28. Cascade

    Turning 50: Life Lessons for Limitless Living (Part 1) - by Jim Kwik

    Are you in your 50s Ashoor? Just curious.
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    More Arabs selling their soul to Zionists

    We were speaking about Greater Israel, the vision where it annexes Jordan, Syria and western Iraq. This hasn't happened and never will. Israel just took "spots" in the area. Although they blockaded Gaza (as did Egypt), it isn't occupied by Israel and we both know this (Israel left Gaza in...
  30. Cascade

    Why waking up earlier beats staying up late when it comes to being productive

    In my high school days (during the break), I used to wake up as late as 3pm, though usually 1 to 2pm at latest. Yikes! I didn't get to experience beautiful mornings. Nowadays I wake up at either 8 or 9. Took me many years to learn how to wake up in the morning. I'm glad I changed my high school...
  31. Cascade

    Great life advise (Health, Wealth and more)

    I'm 32 and I still love to learn new things, and study them. Nice post.
  32. Cascade

    Canadian and U.S Liberal governments showing their woke agenda by attacking Easter

    Well, either way, I'm heavily against the woke brigade cancelling Easter or any Christian holiday. Lootis or not, these buggers are doing well convincing the government with their protests. I give 'em credit here.
  33. Cascade

    Any non-religious Assyrians here?

    Um, no, many old threads have been removed (for some reason). Half of them are gone. So I was glad that my first ever post/thread was not deleted. This forum is very inactive. Who cares if stuff are bumped? And this thread is very important. Like come on...
  34. Cascade

    List of contradictions and absurdities in the bible (Judaeo-Christianity)

    Hey! Welcome to the forum. 😊 We should always be open to questioning just about anything in this world. P.S. This thread may look "antichristian" on the surface. I admit, I was more critical of Christianity before. But now I feel like I'm more culturally Christian. Atheists like Richard...
  35. Cascade

    Movie 'Journey of Eternity'

    It was shown here at Hoyts cinemas that month. After that, the film's hype went quiet - Will it even come out on streaming services or on Blu-ray? Haven't heard about it since its release...
  36. Cascade

    Assyrian Tattoos

    Don't really like tattoos, but this is nice:
  37. Cascade

    More Arabs selling their soul to Zionists

    Sorry, I know this is an old post (though not that old for AVN standards). But I gotta take this hogwash on. Only because SonofAssyria's reasonable post was deleted, and it was disheartening to see two antizionists here just dominating this thread (Etain is not an Assyrian btw, but some...
  38. Cascade

    Canadian and U.S Liberal governments showing their woke agenda by attacking Easter

    So do Muslims -- Who have more rights in our western countries than WE do in theirs. Btw, this was a religious post. Not sure what gays have to do with anything (not to mention, many queers/gays seem to support your Palestinian cause). 🤷‍♀️
  39. Cascade

    Shocking Breaking News: Assyrian Bishop Mar Mari has been Stabbed!

    I heard about this, but did Mar Mari HIMSELF confirm this? I still don't quiet believe it as only people are writing and speculating "he lost his eye forever". I mean when I saw him with the eye patch I just thought his eye is injured and will heal soon. Is there a source that legitimately says...
  40. Cascade

    Israel-Hamas War

    100% I would (as I did with my postman), but what things exactly (as I made several different points up there)? Also, more people agree with me than with you - Not one Assyrian I know says Hamas are "resistance fighters" (lmao). Even regarding Syrian/Iraqi Muslim immigration to Europe, most of...
  41. Cascade

    When I shave I look like a lesbo

    ^It's the hair. Lol. You look like a feminist professor with it. You're good looking btw. (y) (Quote reply is not working btw?)
  42. Cascade

    Shocking Breaking News: Assyrian Bishop Mar Mari has been Stabbed!

    An addendum: The latest rioter who surrendered to the police is named Nikolaj Mikic. Definitely not an Assyrian. And the guy who fiercely jumped on the car was 'Orjuwan Muthanna Nafea'. Not an Assyrian as well. I'm glad in a way that my people weren't the most vicious ones that night.
  43. Cascade

    When I shave I look like a lesbo

    There's a reason why there are lists and webpages about "Men who look like old lesbians". 😅
  44. Cascade

    Israel-Hamas War

    Many of these "poor" Syrian people who fled to Europe are Muslim. Their peaceful poor youth are groping and sexually assaulting European women there. The leftist media there is hiding this fact, just calling them "young men sexually grope women", without mentioning their background. Assyrian men...
  45. Cascade

    Israel-Hamas War

    He is for love, humanity and peace. He is against children dying first and foremost. But listen from 3:26, he says "if Hamas knew we there...maybe we would've been gone with the wind". Two things can be right at the same time: Innocent Gazan kids dying is terrible and Hamas are evil terrorists...
  46. Cascade

    Can you guess what is happening in this creepy photo? ? I couldn’t!

    Took me some time to notice. It's a woman's ear showing with a black earbud (the 'eye' is her left ear with the earphone in). Her hoodie is used towards her face, from the front. So she's wearing her hoodie backwards. I guess she's using her hoodie as an eye mask to sleep.
  47. Cascade

    Shocking Breaking News: Assyrian Bishop Mar Mari has been Stabbed!

    J Rok, you're a good bloke and we agree usually, but I think we should stop with these vicious name callings. Seems so rampant in our community (with Sally Harb who I admire at times, calling Mar Mari demonic and a son of Satan in her videos), and now people calling another bishop Lucifer. Oh...
  48. Cascade

    Shocking Breaking News: Assyrian Bishop Mar Mari has been Stabbed!

    Yep, in total agreement here...Acting like monkeys won't get us anywhere. Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword. And yes, many of these violent protesters were Lebanese and Egyptian youth looking to make trouble with the cops (since they listen to hip hop and well, rap is all "fuck...
  49. Cascade

    Shocking Breaking News: Assyrian Bishop Mar Mari has been Stabbed!

    This guy is a buffoon. A male equivalent of a bimbo. A total hypocrite. So...he's telling us to not kill each other, and in the same breath he wants us to do revenge killing? Such logic. Stick with Arabic stuff habibi. You really doesn't make sense, Yonan. Also, his videos are very Iraqi in...
  50. Cascade

    Shocking Breaking News: Assyrian Bishop Mar Mari has been Stabbed!

    Just a peaceful Muslim doing his job according to the good book of his. The hell with the media for not pointing the act for what it really is - An Islamic terrorist event. They were too afraid to mention it, even though the terrorist rat screamed "allahu akbar" and then said "if he didn't...
  51. Cascade

    Suddenly, this is now the coolest and most trendy Assyrian thing to do?

    Omg Anton is your nephew? He's very down to earth and nice. Met him at church and he was such a pleasant character. Bless his soul. His father is Anglo Australian, and yet he speaks Assyrian fluently. How close are you guys?
  52. Cascade

    Clay tablets from ancient Mesopotamia date earliest recorded kiss to 4,500 years ago

    Not just a kiss, but full on fornicating. But I can't tell which one is the guy and which is the girl. Lol
  53. Cascade

    Kurds at it again, putting restrictions on residents of Assyrian village of Nahla, Iraq

    Well, ISIS got their weapons from many countries including the UK, USA, Russia, China, Germany and France. Yes, your Russia too. But this doesn't mean these countries are the culprits, just irresponsible. It was inadvertent. Israel had nothing to do with supplying weapons btw. Weapons have...
  54. Cascade

    Shocking Breaking News: a Giant Bridge has Collapsed in Baltimore, U.S after being hit by a cargo ship!

    Actually, those that died were Latino truck drivers. As for the last part, I hope you're joking. Lol.
  55. Cascade

    2024 Moscow Terror Attack Kills 140 People

    Yeah, I also don't think 'ISIS-proper' were behind the attacks. But it was certainly those who jerk off to ISIS, Hamas, Taliban and all that khara. Did you see their faces? The attackers looked Middle Eastern, not Ukrainian. They were even reciting the Quran in the videos whilst brandishing...
  56. Cascade

    First conspiracy program of its kind in the Assyrian language

    Err yeah...his channel ain't showing. Just click on it...Link is dead And stop this wokie thing. You remind me of Joe, the guy who was really nasty to me and always brought up my stances on things when the the topic had nothing to do with it. Just don't go there. We can disagree with each other...
  57. Cascade

    Shocking Breaking News: a Giant Bridge has Collapsed in Baltimore, U.S after being hit by a cargo ship!

    Any news on deaths? 6 were presumed dead but that was just one source. I think it was an accident.
  58. Cascade

    First conspiracy program of its kind in the Assyrian language

    Very late reply here, but else do you guys cover? Some conspiracy theories I really despise and cannot take seriously. But I'll wait for your response. Hopefully you are still active here...
  59. Cascade

    2024 Moscow Terror Attack Kills 140 People

    Putin think it's Ukraine. Islamic apologists and other conspiracy theorists blame Israel and even the US. Even though the perpetrators look Middle Eastern, have Islamic names and are ethnically Tajik (In addition to ISIS-K claiming responsibility). As for Putin blaming Ukraine, I think he is...
  60. Cascade

    Kurds at it again, putting restrictions on residents of Assyrian village of Nahla, Iraq

    Why is ISIS Israeli? Maybe they're an indigenous Muslim resistance to the Kurds and the (moderate) Arabs there, much like Hamas. 🙃😏 Let's be consistent with that logic. Maybe ISIS have suffered so much under the hands of Iraqis, Syrians and Christians there. So they need to resist?....Oh wait...
  61. Cascade

    Historic and devastating flash floods in Nohadra, Iraq

    Shocking, but in a way they need that rain (for water). That region is too dry.
  62. Cascade

    Israel-Hamas War

    Funnily enough, the Irish are pretty woke overall, much like most of northern Europe. And what's so special about the Irish? South Africa supports Palestine too, the country with the most racist RECENT history. What's your point? And even Ireland had a really bloody past in recent history. Funny...
  63. Cascade

    It is sad but it is getting ugly between our bishops!

    What year was this exactly? Different video titles display 1987, 1988 & 1989. I'm so petty and pedantic when it comes to years as each year is its own unique thing.
  64. Cascade

    Kurds at it again, putting restrictions on residents of Assyrian village of Nahla, Iraq

    To play the devil's advocate here, I wish we know the other side of the coin. There's these usual "Kurds do this to Assyrian group/village" stories that appear from time to time and Assyrians would be fumed about. Is there a cause to all this? Something tells me that there is provocation here...
  65. Cascade

    someone explain this 'meshmetha' crap to me...

    Thanks aziza! A terrible stomach infection that lasted for weeks which got me anorexic and ghoulish looking, followed by my beloved grandma's death (she was 69, that's like middle ages by today's standards). Horrific times.
  66. Cascade

    someone explain this 'meshmetha' crap to me...

    Man this thread was posted during the darkest days of my life (Jul-Aug 2008). Alah la makhzeelokhon aneh yomaneh
  67. Cascade

    Percentage of people in Europe who think their culture is superior to others.

    So surprised that Spain was low (I expected a very liberal/woke country to be this low like Sweden or Norway). Southern Europeans have a lot of rich culture and history. So it makes sense for them to have superiority complex over other nations.
  68. Cascade

    Assyrian population in Australia: would this be accurate?

    In the 2021 census, 40,218 persons were Assyrian and 21,166 identified themselves as having Chaldean ancestry. This gives a total of 61,000 or so Assyrian people (including Chaldeans), as that total counts both groups - So it's fairly accurate (at that time). Yes, by now in 2024, I think we may...
  69. Cascade

    Israel-Hamas War

    Strawman. How am I woke? Wokes and CNN are siding with Palestinians. Christians/conservatives are more on the Israel train. And you sound like you have Al Jazeera bias, la? Look, whether you're Palestinian, Israeli or Afghan, whatever tookhma, I will be nice to you if you're nice to me (like my...
  70. Cascade

    Geography of Australia: some things that shocked me!

    Yep. And look at that ocean between southern Australia and Antarctica. It's no wonder why we (well Melbourne) can have cool 14C days in summer that Toronto would rarely see in July. Polar blasts reach us so easily. Sydney thankfully is protected by the mountain range, so we get a foehn effect...
  71. Cascade

    Geography of Australia: some things that shocked me!

    Also, Perth is the most isolated city in the world. The closest city to it outside of Australia is Jakarta. And yeah, Australia is pretty huge. Just as big as contiguous US.
  72. Cascade

    Israel-Hamas War

    The convo was rushed and he had to leave quickly as he was in the middle of his job. Say, I wonder how your reaction would be like if your postman was Israeli? I have a feeling you wouldn't even look at his face. But I digress. 😅 -Kuwaitis did not have ISIS-like terrorists raping, killing and...
  73. Cascade

    Israel-Hamas War

    Love this analytical response Ashur. A very fair and rational view of the conflict (since people nowadays are extremely one-sided about it - I do admit that I'm like 90% on Israel side of things).... It's the leftists (Greta Thunberg) and these Islamists like Mohammad Hijab (nasty fella) that...
  74. Cascade

    It is sad but it is getting ugly between our bishops!

    I have no idea, but they're likely from Sydney.
  75. Cascade

    It is sad but it is getting ugly between our bishops!

    Uploaded by none other than 'Era Javukh' 🤣
  76. Cascade

    A literal (Assyrian) chicken dance!

    That was so ridiculous and silly. 😅 Let's hope it won't become a trend.
  77. Cascade

    Assyrian Church of the East patriarch meets the president of Iran

    Assyrians get mad when our church leaders meet and shake hands with Kurdish politicians in Iraq (which I really don't care about tbh, as we do need to be diplomatic when it comes to politics). But I personally get a bitter taste in my mouth when our churchmen meet up with Islamic leaders (he may...
  78. Cascade

    Israel-Hamas War

    Can @ASHOOR comment on this? Really curious to know his opinion. Also for the sake of keeping conversations active on this forum, aaand the fact that us three are the only active ones here. 😁
  79. Cascade

    Israel-Hamas War

    Australia is the best country in the world. But at the same time, we are a pussy nation, from our media to the police. Our cops arrest well-intentioned people (actually, apprehend them if you prefer) who would go and face the nasty, wicked crowd of people who support terrorism and whatnot. Why...
  80. Cascade

    Israel-Hamas War

    I don't get my news from CNN or BBC, which are woke tripe. How many times do I have to say this? I could throw it back at you and say you get your news from Islamic propagandist Al Jazeera and The Young Turks (because most of what you say goes hand in hand with their content). You even sound...
  81. Cascade

    This is so true!

    Good one....Lol never thought of it
  82. Cascade

    Notable Assyrian Instagramers (2000+ followers)

    I also heard of him recently. He interviews influential and popular figures (recently he did Mar Mari and that sakheef Andrew Tate). He isn't Assyrian-centric, but he does mention his Assyrianism and Christianity. PBD Podcast has close to 250K+ followers These letters stand for Patrick Bet...
  83. Cascade

    The most Underrated Assyrian Religious Leader! Speech of His Beatitude Mar Meelis Zaia at St. Mary church in Toronto, Canada

    He was good friends with my uncle back in the 1970s and early 80s. His mother would come to our house and ask my grandma for "boosleh" (onions). He taught the Assyrian language to my mum's. Today, he has done so much for the Assyrian community - the construction of churches and as well as...
  84. Cascade

    Notable Assyrian Instagramers (2000+ followers)

    George Janko - 2 million followers
  85. Cascade

    Assyrian Picture of the Month!

    I could imagine what they're saying. 😅 "Off monshelee telephony!" "Kela Nahren?" "Yala morqelan!" "Nasheh jojen khacha, dokh dwaqoo jada!"
  86. Cascade

    Who is she? Great Assyrian voice!

    Yeah, I think Melbourne cos the hall doesn't look familiar for it to be Sydney. The keyboardist is from Sydney though (Remon).
  87. Cascade

    Most popular Assyrian song of 2023!

    Yeah, this song's everywhere. I cannot stand it to be honest. Its melody is cringe. I realized the "sadry" part, I thought he was telling her to not place her hand on his chest (alasas she's all over him and girls these days have more entitlement to do this). Lmao. But now, since she is the one...
  88. Cascade

    Notable Assyrian Instagramers (2000+ followers)

    Can somebody update the list now after 8 years?
  89. Cascade

    Assyrian Convention needs to come back to the east coast! And other observations...

    Chicago and Detroit yes, but Boston and "others"? To be fair, there are hardly any Assyrians in Boston and by others you mean NYC? I don't think the convention will work in those places if there aren't many Assyrians there.
  90. Cascade

    New Assyrian Podcast: Konvo's With Kinu

    He's a handsome chap and I wish him the best. But to be honest, he has major competition with Emmanuel Romanous and Shlama Cast as they're relatively successful Youtube Assyrian channels which have a similar subject matter (Assyrian interviews). Sharo's channel started with Assyrian history...
  91. Cascade

    What to take from 2023 and what to look forward to for 2024? 7 powerful lessons!

    As a gardener, I'm looking forward to finally receiving a plant that is propagated specially for me by a guy from Queensland. Let's hope he won't forget about me. 😂
  92. Cascade

    This Protestant lady who criticizes Assyrian priests (Sally Harb)

    I wish I can find his name. Sally doesn't mention names because she doesn't want to make it like she's "attacking" them personally. Yeah, she's pretty savage and on point. Ashurists hate her so much.
  93. Cascade

    A Great Movie Symbolic Of Today's World

    I watched Contagion back in 2015 and dear lord was it boring. Only Kate Winslet carried the film. But after rewatching it in post COVID, it actually made more sense and was interesting to the least considering how it echoed the real life pandemic.
  94. Cascade

    A Great Movie Symbolic Of Today's World

    A Great Movie Symbolic Of Today's World That would be The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Good versus evil. It's all fantasy, but yes, it applies. I see it as an allegory. The orcs remind me of ISIS and terrorists in general. The elves, men and dwarves can play as UK, AUS and the US.
  95. Cascade

    Archaeologists restoring ISIS damage in Iraq discover Assyrian reliefs unseen for millennia

    First relief looks so excellently preserved. Wow!
  96. Cascade

    Israel-Hamas War

    1000 character limit up there...So this is continued... I'm just stating historical facts (of course, I'm happy to be corrected and I can concede when I'm wrong). I still think you're focusing on Zionism too much. What about Arab/Islamic militants expelling them out violently? Our Arab brothers...
  97. Cascade

    Israel-Hamas War

    Really? This is sourced all over, from both left and right wing outlets. They declined a two state solution. Why? Because they want all the land, not just the West Bank. It's riqiyoota to the core. Heck, even this Nigerian media outlet talks about it. It's a world-known fact...
  98. Cascade

    Israel-Hamas War

    Israel had provided them a state of their own but they rejected it many times. It's not really about double standards, considering one group terrorizes by beheading, burning, raping and stabbing, and the other drops bombs in defense (and actually warns people to get out). But let's think for a...
  99. Cascade

    Deadly creative way by an Iraqi man to prevent people parking in front of his house

    This is something a white Karen would do in California. Lol
  100. Cascade

    Israel-Hamas War

    No one made a thread on this yet. Which makes sense because the forum is hardly active. So I really had to create one. I think Israel should continue the ceasefire, just so that the Hamas monsters can release more of the poor hostages. Whilst I can sympathize with Gazans, except that when I see...
  101. Cascade

    ANTIFA have messed up with the wrong group now!

    ANTIFA is disgusting, just as bad as far-right Neo Nazis. Same shit, different smell, really. Funny, these wokes think that us minorities are with them because alasas they defend us. Most minorities find them repulsive. At a Pro-Palestine march in London, a transgender activist thug was...
  102. Cascade

    X’s (Twitter) 100x and explosive 48 hrs

    I'm all for Musk, but nasha I can't stand the new name X. What was wrong with 'Twitter' yeni?
  103. Cascade

    Mr Mari from Christ The Good Shepherd Church

    Oh yeah, this Protestant lady (Sally Harb) is not a very big fan of his: :LOL: God she's savage.🤯
  104. Cascade

    This Protestant lady who criticizes Assyrian priests (Sally Harb)

    One of her many videos (although this is not edited by her, as she has her own channel). What are your thoughts? I love her content.
  105. Cascade

    Mr Mari from Christ The Good Shepherd Church

    I actually like his jokes and humour. I agreed with him a lot about the COVID vaccinations and the conspiracies behind that.
  106. Cascade

    Muslims protesting about Gays

    History in the making here. 😜One of the very few instances where I agree with you Bani (okay maybe besides the "messed up lifestyle" part). But yeah, apparently the LGBT community should feel sorry for Islam and Muslims because alasas they are suppressed minorities in the west. Therefore we must...
  107. Cascade

    The Spark that started a revolution: Navigating Four Crucial Trends Post the Assyrian Wedding Fire in Baghdada (Qaraqosh), Iraq

    Iraqis and just Middle Easterners in general scoff and sneer at 'safety'. It's laughable. My dad was surprised to see workers wearing helmets when he came to Australia, where he laughed and said "look at these soft men, back at home we'd work without helmets". It is this toxic behaviour that has...
  108. Cascade

    Rest in peace Assyrian journalist Maryam Zindo

    She and her twin Margo had the same kidney condition. Her twin Margo passed away in 2017 with the same disease (I believe I made a thread on her here?) I thought Marian would overcome it because they did use prevention strategy so she won't get worse like her sister - She got a new kidney and...
  109. Cascade

    What do we think of Putin?

    Nasha what do you stand for already? You (rightfully) screamed about human rights in Palestine and Tibet, yet now you're discreetly shitting on homosexuals. You can be khacha hypocritical at times. "Human rights" is important to you only when it fits your narrative, la? There was a vicious user...
  110. Cascade

    Suddenly, this is now the coolest and most trendy Assyrian thing to do?

    First people cheering us? Maybe your Palestinian friends would, but not Palestinians themselves as they don't even know or care about us. Just because you have good friends that are Palestinian who support your cause, that doesn't mean we should be supporters of their respective countries. It's...
  111. Cascade

    Most common Assyrian names?

    I know a few Edmons and Ronnies.
  112. Cascade

    List of contradictions and absurdities in the bible (Judaeo-Christianity)

    I deem myself a cultural Christian too. ;)
  113. Cascade

    Any non-religious Assyrians here?

    This was my first thread, guys. Glad it's still up. 😇
  114. Cascade

    So Good To Be Back

    We are the last of our kind 🙃😁
  115. Cascade

    It is 2023 and I refuse to get into the TikTok craze!

    Me too. Not into it at all. Tiktok videos make me so dizzy btw
  116. Cascade

    Rest in Peace: my 21 year old cousin dies in motorcycle accident in Melbourne, Australia

    May he rest in peace. Was he like a first cousin? I heard about this on Facebook and I was shocked that they didn't cover it much -- Since, in recent years (from 2016 onwards), younger Assyrians who pass away are posted in Facebook frequently and their funeral is filmed. This was a "quiet" one...
  117. Cascade

    One in 1,000 Americans have died from COVID-19

    I never got vaxxed and I caught it too last month after never getting it before. I thought I'd never get it, but my sister had to come to our house and give it to me. Lmao. I was bad in the first four days. Chills, body aches, severe headaches (first day), no appetite and very mild fever (first...
  118. Cascade

    24 year old Assyrian killed in Toronto in broad daylight

    Can't believe I didn't hear about this one. Any updates on this? Why was he killed and was he in a gang?
  119. Cascade

    First conspiracy program of its kind in the Assyrian language

    As much as I am not the biggest fan of conspiracy theories, I do however have an inkling that the moon landings were fake. That's the only conspiracy theory that I sort of believe.
  120. Cascade

    Monkey pox highlighted in Jan '22 program this year (CDC, Maryland USA) from Australia

    ^If I disliked Jews and Israel, I wouldn't give them that much credit. Like, they must be behind everything? I'm sorry but conspiracy theorists remind me of far-right rednecks who are always afraid and insecure because "demm blacks takin ourrr jahhbs". Enough of this. Criticize any nations and...
  121. Cascade

    One in 1,000 Americans have died from COVID-19

    Ashoor, have you had COVID? Or anyone here? I just had it in late July this year. Lol. It actually wasn't too bad -- I've had worse flues.
  122. Cascade

    This picture has caused quite the outrage for Assyrians online

    The guy needs a professional doctor, not a bishop. But unfortunately, mentally challenged people cannot be cured (for the most part). His parents should accept him the way he is, to be perfectly honest.
  123. Cascade

    Moon so bright, it hurts my eyes looking at it!

    I missed it here in sydney 😫
  124. Cascade

    German speaking Assyrian on his wedding day to an Assyrian

    He looks like someone from a 90s boyband. Impressive indeed. Even speaks with a tyari accent. lol
  125. Cascade

    My beef with Assyrian music lately

    You nailed it on the head. The classic Assyrian dialect was very Urmian in the 1970s music I noticed, until it got more Iraqi Koine by the 1990s and 2000s, and now it's very mixed with the village dialects. That said, singers still use the standard Assyrian dialect in love songs.
  126. Cascade

    Who likes rock/ anything other than hip hop?

    Yeah, soft rock is nice. Something like this: View:
  127. Cascade

    Looking to buy Ramsen Sheeno CD Vol.2-2000

    His YouTube channel has his old songs, so you can check that one out
  128. Cascade

    For Those Living In Iraq During The 1970s

    My parents, who grew up in the 70s and 80s in Iraq, listened to or were aware of The Bee Gees, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Prince, George Michael, Annie Lenox, Madonna, Queen, Lionel Richie, Julio Iglesias, Diana Ross, Abba, Elvis Presley (and some others I forgot). I disagree with Assyrians...
  129. Cascade

    WOW Australia has made it to the WC!

    Not a sports fan, but this news made me happy. I wish Australia does good in soccer. I honestly can't stand our 'traditional' sports here (rugby, AFL, cricket). They're such bores. Let's hope one day soccer will be our national sport. ;)
  130. Cascade

    Have you heard of this popular Iraqi game ‘find the ring’

    It sounds so familiar actually. Definitely not something that is unheard of. Someone's definitely whispered it around me.
  131. Cascade

    What do we think of Putin?

    I like that he has some conservatism and had deviated from the current western ideology, but he is way too religious and traditional for my liking. He is the exact opposite of a far-left woke person. A little moderation is key here. And I agree with what Ashoor said, there was absolutely no...
  132. Cascade

    After a 22 year wait, I unexpectedly got what I wanted!

    Congrats Ashoor. I just wish this forum was active again. God I miss the mid 2010s when a few of us were still here and making threads.
  133. Cascade

    If you are claustrophobic , don’t even think about clicking!

    I can do that for a dare and if rescue is guaranteed. :LOL:
  134. Cascade

    What monthly subscription services do you pay for?

    Netflix (shared with my sister's family so they pay for it :cool:) and Disney + (which I pay for)
  135. Cascade

    The most common birth dates

    Hm. So it looks like people enjoy "doing it" at Christmas or New Year. Very romantic and cute if you ask me. ;) Is it the cold weather that gets them cuddly or they just enjoy making love in the holiday season? 😁
  136. Cascade

    One in 1,000 Americans have died from COVID-19

    That's disturbingly high. But sometimes I think these numbers are highly exaggerated. People just die from "normal" diseases and the doctors slap "COVID" as the cause of death. I mean, I don't know...
  137. Cascade

    Dealing with the pain

    I hope this Joe kid has changed. God he was one vicious and arrogant user. Lol. And is Etain still here?
  138. Cascade

    Typing in Assyrian on iPhone!

    I believe the Syriac letters correspond to the English. Like the L and Lamed, S and Samket, A and Alep, etc, are on the same position. Pretty neat and handy.
  139. Cascade

    Young Assyrian man from Chicago drowns in a Wisconsin Lake

    It's scary. As much as I am against superstition, I'm starting to believe it. It's amazing how one young Assyrian man dies, and a few after follow him. Like, shemet alah...o_O😧
  140. Cascade

    Rising Assyrian star: Larissa Golpashin

    She is a gem. Reminds me of Urhay Odisho. We need more female artists like these. :love:
  141. Cascade

    Assyrian Songs on Youtube

    My respect for this amazing Kurdish singer for pulling off a great Assyrian accent for this beautiful song:
  142. Cascade

    My beef with Assyrian music lately

    The lyrics, the melody and the overall tone of the music have dissipated nowadays. The lyrics are all about mathwatha, reqtha, peda, shushla, hola thela men turaneh (*insert nonstop screeching zurna on top of those lyrics*) and all those tribal themes. Another thing, most melodies and lyrics...
  143. Cascade

    Choosing the right Zurna / Zorna

    Come back Mrzurnaci, we miss you! 😭
  144. Cascade

    I love this song called, "In Bayat Yan Le Bayat"

    He is a Nochiyaya from Iraq, but he does have a penchant for singing Iranian music and would prefer them over Arabic music - Not sure why. Lol. His accent is very Urmi in his songs for sure, so I get why people would mistake him for an Iranaya. This is also one of his good songs:
  145. Cascade

    Messi and CR7’s legendary longevity

    I'm not a soccer person, but I really do respect Messi and Ronaldo as great players of our time. I find it really funny when Real Madrid and Barcelona fans make fun of their opponent players (reminds me of the whole Biden/democratic vs Trump/republican thing in a way Lmao). We should admit that...
  146. Cascade

    Young Assyrian man from Chicago drowns in a Wisconsin Lake

    Poor man. I can't imagine how his family is feeling right now. Even the cop in the video was crying and devastated for his loss. He was recovered 128 feet (39 meters) of water (Geneva Lake). He was "tubing" and his lifejacket was not secure. I'm amazed at how nobody quickly noticed he was...
  147. Cascade

    Number of Assyrians who have died of Corona Virus (Covid-19)

    An Assyrian friend of mine (and as well as his a couple of his friends) had the virus months ago, as did my relatives. It seems like people mostly recover from it.
  148. Cascade

    Where 50% of Canadians live!

    This applies to Australia, because the desert is hostile, waterless and uninhabitable.
  149. Cascade

    34 year old Chaldo-Assyrian guy shot dead in Sydney...yet again!

    I heard he was cut in pieces. Disgusting that Assyrians are capable of doing this. It's so cruel and disgusting nasha. It has gotten worse throughout the 2010s. There was a slight lull in the 2000s though. But in 2010s Assyrian gang violence peaked again and the 2020s don't look that good as...
  150. Cascade

    An Assyrian singer is the subject of an un-intended controversy

    Their reaction made me laugh and angry at the same time. First off, that "Shemet baba" hymn already has that so-called, danceable Georgina rhythm. Have you guys even listened to it? It has a groove to it... :LOL:🤦‍♂️ Second of all, Protestants dance and jump around to hymns about Jesus...
  151. Cascade

    Young Assyrians dying from heart attacks!

    The Jan 2021 case was a cousin of a relative. The mother was said to be inconsolable. I can't imagine how she was feeling. His death was filmed. He was playing live X box and it was all on cam. He wasn't feeling well, seemed like he was dizzy. He falls and you hear a death rattle after 5...
  152. Cascade

    Important: Why Now and Why Mars?

    I agree and very well said. We need to use all that money to make life more sustainable on earth itself. I don't know why the waste money on different planets. Mars won't really do us good. We are not supposed to live in it. It's unliveable and harsh. In fact, every planet and moon in our solar...
  153. Cascade

    When the weather gives you snow, make a Winged Bull!

    Gotta say, the man is very skilled.
  154. Cascade

    Number of Assyrians who have died of Corona Virus (Covid-19)

    The number will be very high by now. Could be within the 20-30 range. Won't be surprised if it's 50+
  155. Cascade

    Assyrian Voice was born on this day, 22 years ago!

    Wow. April 15 1999. Great memories. Just a week before we arrive to Australia. I didn't even know the internet existed back then, let alone online forums. I thought the whole internet forum thing began in 2004.
  156. Cascade

    Khalid Ya Khalid: what a hell did I just watch?

    The song is by an Assyrian Australian band called Azadoota ( that makes Latin dance music in Assyrian. The singer is Robin Zirwanda. He has been in Sydney since the early 1970s. His band usually performs in our Assyrian New Year event in Sydney. This song...
  157. Cascade

    History of the Assyrians. Who are the Assyrians?

    True, but I would go further and say that modern Assyrians have other mixes as well. It sounds more realistic because us being a mix of just Akkadians and Sumerians is unrealistically "straightforward" and simplistic in nature. For the record, our ancient society was a melting pot. We only...
  158. Cascade

    Demolishing 3,000 year old Wall of Nineveh to widen a public street!

    Because these "Iraqnayeh" know deep inside that they have no affiliations to our ancient ancestors. Since so many of them claim ancestry to ancient Assyrians and Babylonians in spite of us. They know they're more tied with pre-Islamic Arabians and other groups. Assyrian monuments mean nothing to...
  159. Cascade

    Revive Akkadian

    I thought its grammar is rather different and complex. Some words are totally foreign sounding (although a few are in modern Assyrian). Not sure about reviving it, but I think we should replace Iranic/Turkish words in Assyrian with their Akkadian equivalents.
  160. Cascade

    34 year old Chaldo-Assyrian guy shot dead in Sydney...yet again!

    We also started to have this problem in the 1990s. But it got worse in the 2000s and 2010s. Looks like we're not improving. Just why aren't the cops going after these gangs or at least Ammar's murderer(s)? It beats me. We should boycott hip hop culture to be honest.
  161. Cascade

    Assyrians with American accent

    Hey Carlo. Not sure why I didn't respond to this. But I will now after 5 years Lol. I guess other people can see the reply even if you don't... 😄 No. The thing is, Inland Northern Americans don't speak like that. They pronounce their vowels "properly". It's just the Assyrians living there. You...
  162. Cascade

    New 24/7 Assyrian TV channel launched!

    Thanks. Will check it out.
  163. Cascade

    Assyrians in the Nordic Region

    There are like 1,000 or so Assyrians there, right?
  164. Cascade

    Introduce yourself

    I have in here for nearly 10 years. Lurked at first then become a full fledged member. What can I say? I'm interested in Assyrian culture and traditions. But I have variety of other interests too like earth sciences, astronomy, gardening, linguistics, geography and English literature.
  165. Cascade

    I am here and I'm happy that this forum is back. Sad thing is that I'm probably the only active...

    I am here and I'm happy that this forum is back. Sad thing is that I'm probably the only active person here :(
  166. Cascade

    34 year old Chaldo-Assyrian guy shot dead in Sydney...yet again!

    Whilst he was described as good and loving guy (he actually was, from what I heard of him firsthand), he was said to be part of a gang. He was shot dead at 3am. He had a lot of gunshots. His funeral was huge - Drumming, dancing, singing, ululating. His name was Ammar Kettule. More sad and...
  167. Cascade

    Fairfield wedding breached COVID restrictions after 600-700 guests attended

    It was an Assyrian wedding, yes. But the media deceitfully used footage from pre-COVID days to sensationalise things and provoke people.
  168. Cascade

    Should Christianity be our state religion?

    This was a great thread. I'm glad everything was revived.
  169. Cascade

    Amazing facts (I personally didn’t knowing any of these)

    Omg great to be back here. I thought the forum was gone for good! I've heard of 2.
  170. Cascade

    There exists an "Assyrian race" (Assyroid)

    There have been two threads on this (one made by Mrzurnaci), but they were filled with off topic arguments so I didn't bother bumping them. It seems like a really widespread "race" (it reaches western India, central Europe and the UK). Which got me...
  171. Cascade

    Assyrian Raweh singing

    Hm, just a bit. But it sounds a lot more like Native American chanting music. Perhaps it has to do with the mountains? View:
  172. Cascade

    Can anyone define "madinkha", "mar-awa" and "tewel"?

    Are they supposed to be geographic regions? Madinkha: Asia Mar-Awa: Europe Tewel (or tebel?): Middle East Is that what they mean? Can somebody confirm this?
  173. Cascade

    Far-right politician interviews Assyrians in Sydney and mocks them

    Mark Latham, a right-winged Australian politician (an ex politician, really) goes out to Fairfield, the suburb with the most recent Assyrian arrivals, and ridicules them for not speaking good English. He states that their welfare must be cut if they don't learn English in 12 months. Latham is...
  174. Cascade

    21 year old Assyrian man mysteriously dies in Sydney

    He was found dead in his undergarments at 6am outside his house. Nobody knows how he died (at least, they're not telling). Rumors say he was strangled to death and others go on about a drug overdose. He did have blood in his body, they say. Also, his house and surrounds were a 'crime scene'...
  175. Cascade

    Assyrian speakers only 230,000?

    According to Ethnologue, there are 232,300 speakers, but yet Assyrians as an ethnic group are around 4,250,000+. How does that make sense? Are you telling me that only 200K of 4 million speak the language? I really doubt this. Most Assyrians, excluding younger folks, are decent Assyrian...
  176. Cascade

    So Israel is now an enemy because they support Kurdistan?

    Why do many Assyrians now frown upon Kurdistan because they're allied with Israel? Like as if that this is a master plan to destroy Assyria and Assyrians. Last time I checked, Assyrians in Dohuk are living fine. Working, partying and feeding themselves. It's because of Israel, Kurdistan is...
  177. Cascade

    Gays defending Islam

    What's the deal with gays defending Islam and Muslim countries? Sad thing is, Assyrian gays are falling into this trap too. Lmao.
  178. Cascade

    If the Assyrian homeland becomes a nation, which city should be the capital?

    What city would be a good capital contender, or at least a central hub for economics, entertainment, education, science, etc? Al Qosh? Zakho? Telesqope? Maybe even Mosul (after it's fully ridden from ISIS)?
  179. Cascade

    Christianity decreased from 61% to 52% (Australian 2016 Census)

    Christian population in Australia: 88% in 1966, 73% in the 1986 census, 61% in the 2011 census, and 52% in the 2016 census. ?No religion? in the Census has now overtaken the number of Catholics. It?s the first time in Australia?s history the number of people who claim ?no religion? has...
  180. Cascade

    Thoughts on Chaldeans in Detroit being deported back to the Middle East?

    I am very mixed about this. For starters, they were criminals. Some sources say they were charged with not only violent assaults, but rape too. Maybe they'd learn their lesson if they're sent back to a violent war zone, since they harmed a lot of innocent victims. But is that punishment too...
  181. Cascade

    Assyrians on Facebook arguing that Assyrian is NOT an Aramaic language

    Okay, so we have been hostile to, and differentiated ourselves from, Arabs, Kurds, Turks, Jews and even the Brits on a bad day. Now our people have a new bone to pick with - The Aramaic language, and how we totally do not speak it. Yes, these people actually think that modern Assyrian is NOT an...
  182. Cascade

    Scientists find out Europe was the birthplace of humans, NOT Africa!

    The history of human evolution has been rewritten after scientists discovered that Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa. Currently, most experts believe that our human lineage split from apes around seven million years ago in central Africa, where hominids remained for the next five...
  183. Cascade

    Why are Assyrian women not allowed to visit an Assyrian burial?

    I have heard it's because women are loud and emotional mourners, and so they'll disturb the process? If that's the reason then it is a really superficial and ignorant one. I know a lot of men who wail loudly when they mourn over the dead, and many women who remain silent. We should make a...
  184. Cascade

    Why do Assyrians put Armenians on a high liege?

    Now look, I have nothing against Armenians. If we have a nation, they'll always be our allies. They're also generally good people and we tend to be friends with them, But we seem to have a strong adoration and affinity for them. I mean I get it, we have intermixed with them and we both belong to...
  185. Cascade

    Do you know or heard of any Assyrians who committed suicide?

    It's strange, since I've heard of so many different causes of deaths among Assyrians (car accident, terrorism, cancer, electrocution, heart attacks and even murder), but I have yet to hear of an Assyrian who has killed themselves. Maybe suicide is such a taboo among us, that their loved ones...
  186. Cascade

    What is with Evin Agassi....?

    Idgaf how old this thread this, but the OP is a fool beyond all measures and I'll do my best to correct her ignorance! And it's sad that there are people following her BS, being concordant to her putrid opinion. First, have some respect. He's an old man and he has stood up for our nation. He's...
  187. Cascade

    Chechnya opens concentration camp for homosexuals

    This is the first concentration camp since Hitler?s Nazi Germany in 1930s. Gay men will be tortured with electric shocks and beaten to death in the camp. Very sickening news. Isn't it not surprising that this is happening in the Islamic part of Russia? After all, the Boston bombers were Chechen...
  188. Cascade

    Assyrian Law Codes (crazy Assyrian laws)

    Not sure if people are aware of this list (or of it's posted here), but it's a list of ancient Assyrian law codes which date from 1075 BCE. Some are really hilarious and bizarre. Which is your favourite? This one was the funniest...
  189. Cascade

    Are you against the consumption of dog and cat meat?

    Eastern Asia gets a lot of flak for eating dog and cat. I think it's really hypocritical for the west to criticize them if they're passionate eaters of beef, pork, lamb, etc, themselves. I'm only against dog and cat meat if the animals are killed inhumanely. All animals should be slaughtered...
  190. Cascade

    Can you swim?

    Who here can swim? I'm usually one of the few people you'll see at the deeper end on the beach.
  191. Cascade

    Protesting feminists chant "Allahu Akbar" in spite of Donald Trump

    Oh, the irony...
  192. Cascade

    Assyrian woman killed in freak car accident

    It happened in Sterling Heights in Detroit. The accident involved three cars. Two drivers died, but the person in the other car survived. The accident was said to be the worst in the area in a long time. And it was... Some disrespectful nut had the audacity to film the morbid aftermath and...
  193. Cascade

    Fight over khigga in Sydney leads to violent injuries and arrests

    Evin Agassi and Sargon Gabriel were the singers of the night at Nineveh Club reception. The party was actually going well. Unfortunately though, at the end of the occasion, a bloody altercation occurred over the khigga lead. It went so bad that they violently started to throw bottles and even...
  194. Cascade

    Assyrian man shot dead in Sydney (yet again)

    "The victim, 20-year-old Antonio Hermiz, was shot in the head and killed on Friday afternoon while children played nearby in the popular Lizard Log park in western Sydney. NSW Police are investigating whether the fatal shooting of a man in a Sydney park in broad daylight is gang related. His...
  195. Cascade

    Do you prefer to use Germanic or Latin words?

    This is the list of Germanic words and their Latinate equivalents in English: Do you say "wrath" (Germanic) or "rage" (Latin), "whole" (Germanic) or "entire" (Latinate), "begin" (Germanic) or "commence"...
  196. Cascade

    Should funeral services be held at churches?

    To note, this thread has nothing to do with promoting atheism and secularism, but rather more with the psychological factor of churches. Looking at our St Hurmiz Church in Sydney, all I think of is coffins being brought out of it and the wailing mourners. At least, in the last dreadful year...