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  1. Cascade

    34 year old Chaldo-Assyrian guy shot dead in Sydney...yet again!

    Whilst he was described as good and loving guy (he actually was, from what I heard of him firsthand), he was said to be part of a gang. He was shot dead at 3am. He had a lot of gunshots. His funeral was huge - Drumming, dancing, singing, ululating. His name was Ammar Kettule. More sad and...
  2. Cascade

    There exists an "Assyrian race" (Assyroid)

    There have been two threads on this (one made by Mrzurnaci), but they were filled with off topic arguments so I didn't bother bumping them. http://humanphenotypes.net/Assyroid.html It seems like a really widespread "race" (it reaches western India, central Europe and the UK). Which got me...
  3. Cascade

    Can anyone define "madinkha", "mar-awa" and "tewel"?

    Are they supposed to be geographic regions? Madinkha: Asia Mar-Awa: Europe Tewel (or tebel?): Middle East Is that what they mean? Can somebody confirm this?
  4. Cascade

    Far-right politician interviews Assyrians in Sydney and mocks them

    Mark Latham, a right-winged Australian politician (an ex politician, really) goes out to Fairfield, the suburb with the most recent Assyrian arrivals, and ridicules them for not speaking good English. He states that their welfare must be cut if they don't learn English in 12 months. Latham is...
  5. Cascade

    21 year old Assyrian man mysteriously dies in Sydney

    He was found dead in his undergarments at 6am outside his house. Nobody knows how he died (at least, they're not telling). Rumors say he was strangled to death and others go on about a drug overdose. He did have blood in his body, they say. Also, his house and surrounds were a 'crime scene'...
  6. Cascade

    Assyrian speakers only 230,000?

    According to Ethnologue, there are 232,300 speakers, but yet Assyrians as an ethnic group are around 4,250,000+. How does that make sense? Are you telling me that only 200K of 4 million speak the language? I really doubt this. Most Assyrians, excluding younger folks, are decent Assyrian...
  7. Cascade

    So Israel is now an enemy because they support Kurdistan?

    Why do many Assyrians now frown upon Kurdistan because they're allied with Israel? Like as if that this is a master plan to destroy Assyria and Assyrians. Last time I checked, Assyrians in Dohuk are living fine. Working, partying and feeding themselves. It's because of Israel, Kurdistan is...
  8. Cascade

    Gays defending Islam

    What's the deal with gays defending Islam and Muslim countries? Sad thing is, Assyrian gays are falling into this trap too. Lmao.
  9. Cascade

    If the Assyrian homeland becomes a nation, which city should be the capital?

    What city would be a good capital contender, or at least a central hub for economics, entertainment, education, science, etc? Al Qosh? Zakho? Telesqope? Maybe even Mosul (after it's fully ridden from ISIS)? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assyrian_homeland
  10. Cascade

    Christianity decreased from 61% to 52% (Australian 2016 Census)

    Christian population in Australia: 88% in 1966, 73% in the 1986 census, 61% in the 2011 census, and 52% in the 2016 census. ?No religion? in the Census has now overtaken the number of Catholics. It?s the first time in Australia?s history the number of people who claim ?no religion? has...
  11. Cascade

    Thoughts on Chaldeans in Detroit being deported back to the Middle East?

    I am very mixed about this. For starters, they were criminals. Some sources say they were charged with not only violent assaults, but rape too. Maybe they'd learn their lesson if they're sent back to a violent war zone, since they harmed a lot of innocent victims. But is that punishment too...
  12. Cascade

    Assyrians on Facebook arguing that Assyrian is NOT an Aramaic language

    Okay, so we have been hostile to, and differentiated ourselves from, Arabs, Kurds, Turks, Jews and even the Brits on a bad day. Now our people have a new bone to pick with - The Aramaic language, and how we totally do not speak it. Yes, these people actually think that modern Assyrian is NOT an...
  13. Cascade

    Scientists find out Europe was the birthplace of humans, NOT Africa!

    The history of human evolution has been rewritten after scientists discovered that Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa. Currently, most experts believe that our human lineage split from apes around seven million years ago in central Africa, where hominids remained for the next five...
  14. Cascade

    Why are Assyrian women not allowed to visit an Assyrian burial?

    I have heard it's because women are loud and emotional mourners, and so they'll disturb the process? If that's the reason then it is a really superficial and ignorant one. I know a lot of men who wail loudly when they mourn over the dead, and many women who remain silent. We should make a...
  15. Cascade

    Why do Assyrians put Armenians on a high liege?

    Now look, I have nothing against Armenians. If we have a nation, they'll always be our allies. They're also generally good people and we tend to be friends with them, But we seem to have a strong adoration and affinity for them. I mean I get it, we have intermixed with them and we both belong to...
  16. Cascade

    Do you know or heard of any Assyrians who committed suicide?

    It's strange, since I've heard of so many different causes of deaths among Assyrians (car accident, terrorism, cancer, electrocution, heart attacks and even murder), but I have yet to hear of an Assyrian who has killed themselves. Maybe suicide is such a taboo among us, that their loved ones...
  17. Cascade

    Chechnya opens concentration camp for homosexuals

    This is the first concentration camp since Hitler?s Nazi Germany in 1930s. Gay men will be tortured with electric shocks and beaten to death in the camp. Very sickening news. Isn't it not surprising that this is happening in the Islamic part of Russia? After all, the Boston bombers were Chechen...
  18. Cascade

    Assyrian Law Codes (crazy Assyrian laws)

    Not sure if people are aware of this list (or of it's posted here), but it's a list of ancient Assyrian law codes which date from 1075 BCE. Some are really hilarious and bizarre. Which is your favourite? http://sourcebooks.fordham.edu/ancient/1075assyriancode.asp This one was the funniest...
  19. Cascade

    Are you against the consumption of dog and cat meat?

    Eastern Asia gets a lot of flak for eating dog and cat. I think it's really hypocritical for the west to criticize them if they're passionate eaters of beef, pork, lamb, etc, themselves. I'm only against dog and cat meat if the animals are killed inhumanely. All animals should be slaughtered...
  20. Cascade

    Can you swim?

    Who here can swim? I'm usually one of the few people you'll see at the deeper end on the beach.