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    More Arabs selling their soul to Zionists

    That's not what Zionism is. "Zionism is both an ideology and nationalist movement among the Jewish people that espouses the re-establishment of and support for a Jewish state in the territory defined as the historic Land of Israel." What part of this says that everyone living between the...
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    More Arabs selling their soul to Zionists

    With all due respect, you didn't answer my question. It takes only a single sentence to answer it
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    More Arabs selling their soul to Zionists

    How would you define Zionism?
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    What if Ashur Sargis and Evin Agassi switched roles in 1990?

    I think they would perform best on their own albums/songs. I don't think the "Lyrics Style" (I don't know any other way to put it) of Ashur Bet Sargis' songs will suit Evin Agassi's voice and vice versa.
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    What is everyones opinion on Assyrians trying to revive Ashurism?

    I've been saying many Assyrian keyboard warriors on Facebook saying s*** like "may Ashur Alaha bless you", claiming that the name "Yahweh" is a false name and that the Old Testament is bs because the Jews wrote it and they copied our stories without giving credit, etc. It honestly makes me...
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    What has been happening with Assyrianvoice?

    Looks like its back up now. Why was it down for so long?
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    Where can I learn Western Assyrian?

    Does anyone know where I can learn Western Assyrian/Turoyo/Suryoyo? I can understand a bit of it and I can put together a few sentences, but I want to actually learn how to speak it fluently and increase my vocabulary. If anyone has any learning resources or anything that can help me learn and...
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    Assyrians in the early 1900's

    Does anyone know where I can learn more about Assyrians in the early 1900's, mainly the Assyrian Genocide, Assyrian Levies, the rise of Assyrian nationalism?
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    Should Assyrians date/marry non-Assyrians or only Assyrians?

    What is everyone's opinion on this? My opinion is that we (well me at least because I cannot force anyone to do otherwise) only marry/date/have kids with Assyrians as there is such a small amount of us left and we should keep the legacy going. I have to admit however there are some non-Assyrian...
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    Could the Stoic Philospher Diogenes of Babylon possibly be Assyrian?
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    Assyrians referring to themselves as "Assyrians" before the 1800's in Syriac

    Does anyone here have any writings or something which has Assyrians referring to themselves as "Assyrians" (as in Atouraye/Othuroye, Ashuraye/Ashuroye, Suraye/Suryoye) in Syriac? A common argument that I've seen from these Aramean supremacists is "you did not call yourselves Assyrians before...
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    Can Maronites truly be considered Assyrians?

    I know St Maron is an Assyrian, but can Maronites truly be considered Assyrians?
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    Modern Assyrians: Fact or Fraud

    I found this blog about Modern Assyrians not being descendants from the ancient Assyrians. I didn't read it all, as I can already tell it is BS, but the guy who wrote this is pretending to be Fred Parhad, the Assyrian Sculptor, which goes to show you that people are willing to impersonate other...
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    Why do Syriac Orthodox/Syriac Catholic Assyrians from Mosul not speak Assyrian?

    Hi, this is my first post on AVN :) My Father is Syriac Catholic and from the "Muslawi/Mosulaya" tribe (if that can even be considered a tribe). He does not speak Assyrian, but Iraqi Arabic  (Mosul dialect as well), and for some reason Syriac Assyrians from Mosul generally don't speak Assyrian...