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  1. L33tKevin

    Google Latitude

    Dunno if you guys have seen this, but it is REAL neat. http://services.google.com/latitudevideo/view.html or at least it is to a geek.
  2. L33tKevin

    i went downtown, took some pictures, YAY YOU ALL GET TO SEE THEM NOW

  3. L33tKevin

    Windows 7, anyone use it yet?

    Build 7057 just got released, it's identical to what is gonna be the release candidate for dev's to get their hands on. I haven't had much chance to use it but i'm really digging how clean and snappy it is. Haven't been able to run it natively yet though, just have it around in a virtual machine.
  4. L33tKevin

    What does your desktop look like?

    How do you people fancy your desktop to look?
  5. L33tKevin

    my new photo crap

    splurged a little and got myself a 430ex speedlite, a sigma 10-20mm UWA and a bg-e3 grip (hasn't come in yet :(, damn USPS shipping is SLOW) Playing with the UWA is so fun, distorts size relations between everything and the flash is just a super nice thing to have all the time. any other...
  6. L33tKevin

    Got one Cool and Fast CPU!

    Maybe it's an early christmas gift to myself but I splurged on an E8400+P5Q+2x2GB of G.SKill DDR2-800.
  7. L33tKevin

    frosted butts.

    So this just showed up in the mail for free, is this awesome y/n?
  8. L33tKevin

    If you guys use torrents

    Don't download any by aXXo for the time being. He got busted and said he's deleted all his torrents so any remaining are fake. It'd suck to get in shit for that.
  9. L33tKevin


    For those that haven't seen this site before, it's kinda similar to myspace but it's focused on tracking your music listening more so then social networking although it still has that aspect to meet people with similar tastes. It not only tracks what songs you've listened to and tells you what...
  10. L33tKevin

    65 Days Of Static Discography

    Album list- One Time For All time Retreat! Retreat! Stumble. Stop. Repeat The Destruction Of Small Ideals The Fall Of Math Unreleasable Enjoy http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TOQA9XYZ
  11. L33tKevin

    Radiohead - In Rainbows (Download link inside)

    For those of you that have been living under a rock, In Rainbows is Radioheads newest album that they released today with a different approach to distribute it. You have the choice to download it from their website and pay whatever you think is the right price for the album. Or you can just...
  12. L33tKevin

    Another tasering incident at UoF

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaiWCS10C5s Personally I think the dude was going overboard a bit but I think he was completely in the green to ask questions and shouldn't have had his mic cut off so soon and then be grabbed by the cops. Of course now they are adding resisting arrest charges and...
  13. L33tKevin

    Intel price drops/new releases

    As some of you may know, July 22nd (today, dur) was the day Intel dropped their new line of processors onto the market. Pretty insane stuff, here's a list for those that haven't heard. These are the new processors that Intel put out, insane prices for what you get. And so far, Intel has placed...
  14. L33tKevin

    Our dearly loved Vanity Fair is leaving us...

    ...Well that loser left us for the past like year but she is now leaving the ENTIRE INTERNET for 6 weeks as she has a teaching contract where she will be teaching kids English as a second language at camp :( So yay for her! :(
  15. L33tKevin

    Photography Contest Voting - Portraits

    Voting is now over, I'm pleased to announce that Assyrian_Dude won this category with his photograph, #1, congratulations to him. Thanks a lot to everyone who participated in this contest and I hope to see you and more people next time around :D Remember, everyone is welcome to vote on this...