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    Iraq History Project

    The Iraq History Project recorded more than 9,000 testimonies since 2003 on torture victims under the previous regime. These included, of course, Assyrians. I wanted to share one with you a testimony from one Assyrian all so you know what real Assyrian heroes look like, and the realities of...
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    GAO Report on Iraqi Refugees and IDPs

    The GAO is the Government Accountability Office - they are the body of the US Government which has oversight over our spending and programs to make sure all are running efficiently and are cost effective (that's the short description). It looks like the GAO wants to more efficiently give...
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    Rally in DC for Iraq's Assyrians and Christians, Dec. 4th (video)

    Here's a youtube video of Lawrence Mansour, of Detroit, at a recent rally in Washington DC. He has spent time in Iraq and is coming out with a documentary soon on the Assyrian Aid Society, footage from the Nineveh Plains I think...
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    Iraq: Deadly Reminders of Unfinished Business

    Iraq: Deadly Reminders of Unfinished Business The deadly attack by Al-Qaeda-linked militants on a Catholic church in Baghdad, followed by an even deadlier spate of coordinated explosions targeting Shi'a neighborhoods and a series of bombings targeting Christian homes, has plunged Iraqis of all...
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    Baghdad Church Massacre Victims in Paris for Treatment, Recount Harrowing Ordeal

    Warning:this is very, very difficult to read. Baghdad Church Massacre Victims in Paris for Treatment, Recount Harrowing Ordeal Paris (AINA) -- On Sunday afternoon, October 31, Muslim terrorists stormed into Our Lady of Deliverance Syriac Catholic church in central Baghdad during the evening...
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    Statement to the Iraqi Ministry of Human Rights by the Iraq Minorities Council

    I skipped the first 9 paragraphs because it just goes over the history of Assyrians in Mesopotamia and blah blah blah we know all that stuff. And yes, sorry, it's google translate again. The demands we are of Iraqi minorities, including Christians, we, like other citizens of our people, fair...
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    New Article on the establishment of a "Christian" region

    I know, I know. I hate google translate too. But this isn't too difficult to understand. Just FYI. Criticism of the Iraqi national and Talabani welcomed the proposal by a Christian establishment of a zone for Christians الاثنين, 29 نوفمبر 2010 04:02 . Monday, November 29, 2010 04:02. بغداد ...
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    20 Miles Closer to Nineveh

    20 Miles Closer to Nineveh Extended Preview By Lawrence Mansour
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    The Great Non-Debate "Debate" on Assyrian "Autonomy"

    I love Assyrians, but some of them think just because they have passion for our issues, they are automatically qualified to be politicians for our issues or speak with some authority on our issues. Most of us do not. I think - even now - most people do not understand what they mean when they...
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    Assyrian-language Christmas songs?

    Do they exist? Are there any really good ones? Either English songs (like Jingle Bells) translated into Assyrian OR uniquely Assyrian songs? If yes, email the title and singer (with the translation of the title) to: worldview[at]wbez.org.  This is a very prominent radio station on NPR which...
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    Beyond the Comfort Zone: Passion and Peril at a Pro-Christian Rally

    Yesterday, CAIR-Chicago staff and interns participated in a rally alongside the Assyrian community of Chicago to condemn violence against Iraqi Christians. The rally was organized in response to the massacre of dozens of Assyrian Christians in Baghdad on October 31st. It was a tricky decision...
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    Lives of fear for Iraqi Christians

    Lives of fear for Iraqi Christians By Jim Muir BBC News, Baghdad A week after the worst single disaster to afflict Iraq's Christians in modern times, the Catholic cathedral in central Baghdad where the killing took place was back in business. With its windows still smashed and walls scarred...
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    Mar Toma, Bishop of Marga

    http://ia311215.us.archive.org/3/items/bookofgovernorsh01thomuoft/bookofgovernorsh01thomuoft.pdf Full book, it will take a while to load, but you can save it as a PDF as well. It was written in the 8th or 9th century, translated in the 19th in Assyrian and English. Some very interesting...
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    Attacks target Iraq's Christians again, killing 5

    I'm sorry. This is new today. Attacks target Iraq's Christians again, killing 5 By HAMID AHMED, Associated Press Hamid Ahmed, Associated Press ? Wed Nov 10, 10:50 am ET BAGHDAD ? Baghdad's Christians came under attack again Wednesday when a coordinated series of roadside bombs blew up in...
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    Condemnations of attacks

    The Iraqi government is not the only entity seriously embarrassed by the attack against the church in Baghdad - apparently so are a lot of groups. Al Qaeda is even infighting over it - they embarrassed themselves (Pictures of dead toddlers in a church is apparently bad press even for al Qaeda)...