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My Meeting with Ashur Panipal: Using a TimeMachine to Explore our Past! ( Part 1)
By: Ashur Sada. July 1st, 2005


It is a hot summer afternoon, and I am sitting in my room doing nothing.  I go to Assyrian Voice, and there is nothing exciting to do; I guess everyone has gone to a local picnic. I pick up an Assyrian magazine to read; same thing, all boring stuff. I open my satellite to an Assyrian TV channel, and all I see are some Assyrian politician arguing about nonsense.   I sit there wondering, "what should I do, this is really boring?" An idea strikes me: how about if I go back in history, using time travel, and visit my Assyrian ancestors? that would be really cool.  I would be the first and only living Assyrian to go back in history and see how our civilization looked like then.  Moreover, I could meet the great king Ashur Panipal, after whom my parents named me!

Ok, sounds like a good idea, let me get going.  Problem is, I don't have a time-machine, but a neighbor had built one in his basement but didn't tell anyone else about it, except for the lucky, yours truly, myself! Problem is, not sure he will let me use it. I will give it a try, he may let me use it.  I leave my house, cross the street, knock on his door, and he opens the door:

-"Good after noon Mr......."
-"Good after noon Mr.Ashur, come on in..."

I enter the house, and after talking about life for a few minutes, I go into the subject right away. To my surprise, he agrees to let me use it (his time machine.)  But since a time-machine requires a lot of energy to work, he asks me to pay for its fuel, which I didn't mind. The machine has to accelerate at, or beyond the speed of light, which will require it to burn literally hundreds of thousands of liters of a special energy gas.  This costs me in the thousands, but I don't mind it; I am sure I will get richer once I come back from the past into the present. .



I go to the bank, withdraw the money, and then call in on a big tanker to deliver the require fuel. I ask the driver that he leaves the tanker outside (so he doesn't find out about our time-machine) My friend teaches me how to use the machine, and he agrees to stay outside to refuel and maintain it while I am inside it. After the training, I am so eager and excited to start the engine and get going. But before I do that, my friend looks kind of hesitated. He asks me:

-"You didn't tell me, if you are going to travel to the future or the past?"
-"Oh good question, and it is the past I am travelling to..."
-"Interesting, but what point in the past? Going too far in the past may not work well with this machine. But I can't go into the details of why this is the case..."
-"Oh but my destination is only about 3000 years back, to the period where the Assyrian empire was in its peak and power"


Mr......... does a little mathematical formula, which doesn't look like anything I have seen before. A few number crunching here and there, he looks at me with a smile and says:

-"Good news, it is possible to use this machine to go to that period you mentioned..."

As I was about to thank him, he followed by saying:

-"But I am interested to know, why you are going to this particular period, are you an Assyriologist by any chance?"
-"Actually, I am an Assyrian myself!"
-"Oh, wow, that is a shock to me. This must be a privilege to you then, to be traveling to a period where your empire was in control of the entire world."
-Indeed it is Mr........, now let us get going please, I am too excited"

And excited I really was, because as you can see, I forgot to even thank him for letting me use his machine.


Coming in part 2: Next, I will sit in the time-machine and officially launch myself into the past.  I arrive at Nineveh, Assyria, very puzzled and confused: everything looks different. At the same time, people look at me with a confusion mounted on their faces because I look different from them too...




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