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What is Assyrians' Ultimate Resolution for 2008?
By: Ashur Sada. Jan. 1, 2008

A new year, a new beginning, a new hope. A lot of hope. As we enter 2008, what is Assyrians' ultimate resolution? of course, different people have different resolutions. But what if we were to take the average of these resolutions? In other words, the sum total of such resolutions as "I will work to serve my nation even more", "I will spend more time to unite with other Assyrians", I will put more efforts to help spread unity amongst my people" is what? I don't know about you, but the average of most Assyrian resolutions is something like "In 2008, I will be a better Assyrian, period!"  Ok, I know, I know, I haven't asked every Assyrian about their resolution. But we know what the feeling out there is. Assyrians are just tired of all the disunity and fighting amongst our various political parties and figures. 2008 is the year to change it all, or at least the year to start changing it.

Towards Unity of all Assyrians

It is all about unity. If the majority of us have a resolution that deals with some hope or work towards unity, it will be a good year. Unity, whether amongst our various religious denominations, or political parties, is what our nation strongly lacks and needs at this time. With unity come a lot of other good things. Power, strength, pride, control, influence and more, are all products of unity. Unity will also mean less power in our enemies' hands to remote control us and make us fight one another. Brothers should never have to fight their own brothers. Assyrians should never have to fight with their own Assyrians. It is OK to disagree and argue, they are all signs of democracy and freedom of expression.  But disagreement should not lead to other more undesired consequences, a lot of which our nations has been a victim of for many years and decades now.  Since a resolution is a commitment to do and change something, and never stop until completed, a unity resolution could mean an end to a lot of our nation's problems. If Assyrians spend more time to fix their unity issues, amongst the various parties, factions, tribes, churches etc., you could soon see a better future for Assyria.

You are probably tired of all your past resolutions about losing weight, quitting smoking and other personal social improvements. So why not try a different type of resolution? one that can influence the masses in whole. One, if done collectively, could have a huge impact. Can you just imagine for a second, if every or majority of Assyrians had a similar resolution dealing with Assyrian unity, and they actually put an effort to make it happen? if weapons, the UN and money don't help us, something as simple as a new year resolution could do the job. Just try it. You will be amazed at how many new Assyrian friends you will start to have. And Assyria will rise once again, thanks to this unity amongst all its people.



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