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Akitu Celebrations Send Shockwaves Throughout the Globe
By: Ashur Sada. April. 1st, 2007

Assyrian awareness is on the rise: Hallelujah.

Based on unofficial estimates, people's feedback, news articles, pictures and much else, it looks like 2007 will go down in history as one of the best years in history for the Akitu celebration. It was an April 1st, unlike any other, and we are not fooling anyone here.

Cities across the world held their own parades, parties, and festivals to celebrate this millennia old tradition. Starting from Chicago, which had its own parade in the city streets, and was attended by the thousands. Other cities across the US and Canada, including Toronto, San Jose and others had their own big celebrations. In Toronto, there was a big gathering, which included music, speeches, food and much more.

Moving on to Europe, Assyrians there had their own big celebrations. In Finland for example, and given the relatively small Assyrian community, we were thrilled to see pictures of parading Assyrians in the street. Yes, they took their celebration to the street, on foot and in cars, with the Assyrian flags waving proudly. The city of lights had several parties going on at the same time, to commemorate this day.

Jumping over the Pacific, all the way to Australia, they too had a big day. In both Melbourne and Sydney, but more noticeably in the latter, this day was marked with big and beautiful celebrations.

And our last destination is the Middle Easy, more specifically in Iraq, where the biggest celebration took place. The celebrations included parties, masses, speeches, and of course, the great parade. This parade, which sent chills and shockwaves in the Assyrian world globally, is
arguably the biggest Assyrian parade ever. A lot of observers compared it to that of 1997, which had drawn close to 50,000 people. This one was just as big, if not bigger. To make it even more challenging, it comes at a time, when a lot of Assyrians have left Iraq, to seek a better life elsewhere. Weather was another challenge, as rain never stopped for the entire duration of the parade. Seeing these pictures of parading Assyrians, holding the beautiful Assyrian flag, and lots of umbrellas with an Assyrian flag on them, the scene could not have been any better than this. The purple, visibly seen throughout the parade, made things look even more attractive and appealing for the eye. No mention of the parade and the celebration is complete, without giving a special tribute to all the Assyrians who made the trip from other countries. Chief among them are our great singers, Ashur, Ammanouel, Ramez and others.

There is a clear consensus amongst those that I have spoken to, that this year's celebration show some renowned and newborn feeling of pride and nationalism for Assyrians. We are finally awakening, and realizing that we need to be active and awake, or else, we will not accomplish much, and the world will not notice. The world has now been put on notice.

Long live Akitu!









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