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Reopening of Iraqi Museum Brings Needed Attention to Assyrians

The recent reopening of the Iraqi museum, which had been closed for close to 6 years, was a main headline across the world. And rightly so, as this museum contains some of the world’s most valuable archeological treasures, and is the symbol of Iraq’s motto as being the ‘Cradle of Civilization.’ But it is not just about world attention that this event generated. It is also about Assyrians, and what this means to them. For one thing, it will sure lead to some much needed publicity for our name and history. And with the help of the internet and all the social networking craze, this event will and should spread virally.

This will also give us much recognition: that Assyria was the centerpiece of the so-called ‘Cradle of Civilization.’ When looking at pictures from the museum, most of what I saw were Assyrian artifacts and pieces. It may be an Iraqi museum by name, but the Assyrian history and name is pretty dominant.

As international visitors start flocking back to Iraq’s archeological sites and museums, our name and history will once again be a little more familiar. It has been years since any tourists visited Iraq, and that made our history, well, history. But to realize that a big portion of the newly reopened Iraqi museum is about Assyrians, we are in a way fast-tracking our way back into world fame and recognition. Moreover, this will help make it easier for the world to relate to present day Assyrians.

Whether it is a curse or an evolutionary rolling of the dice of historical luck, Assyria’s geographical situation in present day Iraq hasn’t really helped things. Given all the instability and lawlessness that Iraq has been plagued with for close to a century now, Assyria’s history and archeological treasures have been directly effected. Compared to another country with lots of archeological and historical sites like Egypt or Greece for example, Assyria’s history and archeology deserves much better. Just imagine for a second if Assyria was geographically located in one of these two countries? You bet we would be more recognized and known as millions of visitors and tourists would come to visit every year.

Although the reopening of the new museum is a much welcome and awaited move, this is just one snapshot in history of the great Assyrian empire and civilization. You are merely taking a quick preview of the greatness of the ancient Assyrians. The real and complete picture is a thousand times better than what you will see at this museum. Bear in mind that this museum was completely looted in April 2003, following the fall of Baghdad to the Americans and thousands of pieces are yet to be found and recovered. And just like Jesus told us that even a dead rock can attest to the word of Bible, so does each piece of Assyrian artifact and historical treasure: that Assyrians were great contributors to the human civilization and their grandsons and daughters are still living on this earth and haven’t vanished or ceased to exist.

While the new museum will bring much needed attention and recognition to Assyrians, the rest is up to themselvs and what they do today is what really matters. Although it doesn’t hurt for today’s Assyrians not to dwell on their past, they can certainly be inspired and motivated by it.