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3 Victims in 3 Months in 3 Cities: 1 Assyrian Factor

No one wants to start a new year on a sour note, let alone to deal with the death of someone close.  That was exactly the case with the murder of an Assyrian man in Toronto, Canada in early January.  In February, it was another Assyrian at an even younger age from Chicago, USA, victim of street violence again.

As if two deaths weren’t way too many already, we just heard about another tragic death of yet another Assyrian, this time in Arizona, USA.  But there is something even more tragic about this one, as tragic as the other two murder cases were: both the victim and the killer were Assyrians.  Yes, and regardless of the reasons behind the killing, this is truly disgusting and painful to even talk about. How disappointed would King Ashur Panipal be if he was living with us now? I bet you very disappointed. Who wouldn’t be? good thing he is not here with us!

Back in the day, we would often hear about Assyrians getting murdered, or killing others, in some major US cities.  But that is behind us now, and things have changed a lot lately. But this recent sequence of murders, three in three months, almost leads us to believe that there is a trend here.  We are not suggesting the three are related of course, but regardless, it is still death and loss of three of our young men.

As stated before, we won’t go into motives or reasons for these murder cases.  No matter how much we know about these three incidents, doing so will only produce assumptions on our part, and will not help any of these cases.  What will help though, is to examine what is wrong and how these deaths could have been, and will be prevented from happening in the future.  No parent deserves to lose their sons in such a tragic fashion.  If any of these victims, was in any shape or form, involved in any crime which led to their death, it is too late for us to fix it now.  But we can learn a lot from it.

Putting assumptions and speculations aside, on what could have led to their murder, Assyrian parents should take a lesson from all of this: that you need a better grip on your kids, from the time they are growing up, leading up to their adolescence.  You don’t want them to grow up and end up being on either side of this ugly equation of death and murder. It is a simple equation: murder equals death, and being on either side is not a good thing at all. Our youth and young adults need to invest their time in better and more productive things. And so do their parents, to invest a lot of their time in raising their kids and shaping them to be the best kids they can grow up to be.   Failing to do so could bring about more of these tragedies, and to know how that feels, just ask the parents of any of these poor souls that have been taken away from us, at a very young age!

It is our hope that these 3 Assyrian murder victims in 3 cities in 3 months are nothing more than a very unfortunate coincidence.