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Assyrian Voice Makes your Travel more Fun

Imagine if there was no Assyrian Voice. That would mean less or no friends to make online. But with Assyrian Voice, we are given an opportunity to make so many friends online, and these friendships later become real friendships in person. Whether in your local area or around the world, AVN has been helping people make friends since the first day it was created. Of course, it is what you make of it and how open you are to making these friends. We have more than a few members who have made so many real friends from the website, and no matter where they go, they will be able to meet them in person.

There are several people on the website, who are very friendly, open to new friends, and just very active. These special members can feel the great benefits when they travel abroad. No matter which popular Assyrian populated city they go to, they can find fiends from Assyrian Voice and meet in person. How cool is that? you can go to Sydney, Chicago, London, Toronto, Damascus, Auckland and be able to meet with friends that you met online. Whereas for someone who only uses AVN casually and has made no real friends, they miss the chance to meet with real friends when they go to other cities. It makes the difference between going to a city and feeling welcome or feeling like a total stranger.

The hundreds and even thousands of friendships and relationships that Assyrian Voice has helped create, will be immortalized for each one of us. These are friendships that would hardly exist if we didn’t put in the effort and take advantage of what Assyrian Voice has offered us. Of course, it is not just Assyrian Voice that lets you make friends online. But Assyrian Voice is socially unique in that it puts the extra effort to make sure these friendships are not trapped to the PC alone, but extend beyond it and to the real life. If these friendships were restricted to the internet, they would disappear, for example, the moment our PC or internet is down or shut down.

There are two ways to make friends from Assyrian Voice. On your own, and using our much popular Assyrian Voice gatherings, where our members meet in large groups in person, and become even more close to one another. If you live in a city where a lot of the members are frequent visitors to Assyrian Voice, it is time you planned a gathering so you can see these members face to face. In years from now, when these friends have become real special friends, you will look back and appreciate that you didn’t just keep them as online friends.

Assyrian Voice is more than a website. It is a social network where friendships and relationships are created and maintained for thousands of people, all around the world. You no longer have to worry about not having friends when traveling places. If you have put the effort, you will find friends from AVN everywhere.


How a Ship in Alexandria, Egypt Effected Assyrian Voice

How can a ship, ducked all the way off the port of Alexandria, Egypt, effect traffic to Assyrian Voice? and in a significant way! Well, if you haven’t heard, this past week, there were large disruptions in internet service in many parts of the Middle East, including Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and large parts of the Gulf including Iraq. Millions of people had lost service.

The cause? two large undersea cables, which transmit phone and internet data had been cut by a ship docked illegally off the port of Alexandria. You see, these giant cables do get damaged at times, but never has there been a time when two cables got damaged at the same time. Most websites and news sources reported as being “A breakdown in an international undersea cable network disrupted Internet links.” It sounds rather suspicious, doesn’t it? Well sure it does, because no official account has been given, where the illegally docked ship was faulted. Reuters’ version of the story for example, makes no mention of such ship!

Not surprisingly, but shockingly enough at the same time, there was a big percentage drop in traffic from the Middle East to Assyrian Voice; up to some 30% in some times of the day, and from these countries mentioned above. This is a significant loss of traffic and for this many days. As we speak, and four days after this incident occurred, our numbers seem to be back to normal. Assyrians connecting from countries like Iraq, Syria, Jordan and other gulf states usually make up the top 10 list of countries with most visitors to Assyrian Voice. Others include USA, Canada, Australia, and various European countries.

You can tell we are living in a truly globalized and connected world, when a ship in Egypt can effect how many people can come to this website. Truly amazing. I predict stocks for companies who are in the wireless internet industry to soar!