How can the stories of a Pizza delivery driver and a factory worker inspire Assyrians to do more?

Assyrians should be more active and generous in donating money to help their people

By: Ashur Sada James Robertson is a factory worker in Troy, Michigan. Jarrid Tansey is a pizza delivery driver in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. For those of you who haven’t heard of them-assuming the majority of you-and what is common between the two, let me give a brief background. Both of these two men […]




 By Abbey Mikha We are all “human” beings of one human race right? That is what I always tell myself as well. Lately though seeing how people of some cultures are treating true human beings of the Assyrian culture and the various Christian faiths from Iraq, Syria and Egypt (the Coptic workers who were recently […]


Digitizing Iraq’s books and documents is the only way to avoid the loss of history

Digitizing books in Iraq would give them a safe future

By: Ashur Sada Over the weekend, I came across an article about ISIS (aka ISL) taking over the Library of Mosul where they confiscated close to 2000 books-leaving behind only Islamic books-and taking them away. What happened next is very disturbing but not shocking at all: ISIS set the books on fire, destroying them all […]


What is in store for Assyrians in 2015?

What does 2015 have in store for Assyrians?

By: Ashur Sada If you were to assess how 2014 went for Assyrians, you can sum it up in two words: “it sucked”! How else do you describe a year in which the entire city of Mosul was emptied of its indigenous Assyrian Christian population, at the hands of the Islamic State in Iraq and […]


5 health and social benefits of Assyrian dance (Khiga)

Assyrian dancing (Khiga) has a lot of social and health benefits

By: Ashur Sada   Ever noticed that a lot of the good Assyrian dancers are often slim and in good shape? is that a coincidence? could be, but it could also be that dancing helps them stay in shape. If a scientific study was done on Assyrian dance (khiga) they would find so many health […]


Like Peshmerga for Kurds, Assyrians finally forming their own defense force in Iraq: The ‘Dwekh Nawsha’ military force

By: Ashur Sada   At the height and peak of the Assyrian empire, Assyrians had the strongest and most advanced army in the ancient world. It crushed enemies with ease and put Assyria on the map and in history books. Fast forward to the Assyrians of today, the direct heir to the ancient Assyrians, and […]


The two beheaded US journalists to ISIS are what the twin towers were to Al-Qaeda

ISIS beheading of two US journalists was like attacking the twin towers. It marked a turning point for the US to take things seriously.

September 11, 2011 is the day in which Al-Qaeda reached its peak of violence, anti-Americanism and made Islam associated with terrorism in the minds of millions around the world. It also marked its downfall. It is the day in which Americans finally and truly awoke to the true face of terrorism and decided to take […]


The US and the West miss the boat again with ISIS like they did with Al Qaeda

The US and the West miss the boat again with ISIS like they did with Al Qaeda. But there may still be time to act.

By: Ashur Sada They fed the pet until it became a monster, and then it was too big to control! For years in the 1980s, the US and the west in general supported the Mujahedeen (a precursor to Al_Qaeda) , to help it defeat the Soviets in their invasion of Afghanistan. It took the horrific […]


Live updates: ISIS invasion of Mosul and other Iraqi cities and the Assyrian Christian suffering


live updates of the ISIS terrorist invasion of Mosul and nearby cities and the dangers faced by the Assyrian Christians in the area.


ISIS doing its best to make the Mongolians look like nice invaders

isis in iraq

By: Ashur Sada The Mongolian empire, which dominated most of the known world  during the 13th and 14th centuries, set the standards for brutality and the most barbaric and inhumane treatment of your enemies. ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) seems to have broken these standards set by the Mongols and are setting new […]