Top 10 ‘out of this world’ jobs and places where Assyrians work

The coolest and strangest places where Assyrians are known to work.

By: Ashur Sada At Assyrian Voice, we like to explore and discover all things Assyrian and present them here in a way that is fun to read and beneficial. For this article, the idea came to me recently, after I learnt from a friend about a cousin of his, who had taken on a high […]


Assyrians starting to shift their online habits: less leisure to more reading and activism

Assyrians starting to shift their online habits: less leisure to more reading and activism

By: Ashur Sada Being a webmaster for 16 years now, I had observed something about the average online Assyrian user: they enjoyed consuming more entertainment material than doing some serious reading or research. That is, they spent more time looking at pictures, listening to music and viewing YouTube videos than they did reading the news, […]


With Mar Dinkha’s passing, Assyrians are at a crossroads

On March 26, the patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East, Mar Dinkha IV passed away

By: Ashur Sada On March 26, the patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East, Mar Dinkha IV passed away, leaving his seat empty, waiting for the next successor. A seat he has occupied since 1976. March had already been a tough month for Assyrians, with the ISIS assault on our artifacts and ancient treasures […]


We Will Rise Again

Abbey Writing

A Poem By Abbey Mikha “To the one in the highest, King of Heaven and Earth, and on his order humans have been created, accept my requests and prepare for me and my Assyrian nation a merciful judgment because I am Ashurbanipal your follower. I present to you my request and lift my prayer to […]


It Is Time For the Assyrians to be Truly United With One Strong Voice


  By: Abbey Mikha Dear God protect my suffering Assyrian nation.  The young, women, men, elderly, and disabled and those suffering from mental illness.  I know its difficult to believe in God sometimes when we see our nation in such a situation, but this is when we must be strong in our faith, and realize that we […]


The Ancient City of Nimrud Always In Our Hearts


By: Abbey Mikha I have been surprised by many things in my life.  I have been outraged by things which have been occurring in the past weeks in our homeland.  As I heard the news today in regards to the ancient city of Nimrud, I was questioning society and why the world is standing by idle and watching silently as this ancient city is being […]


Not for the Assyrians Mr. Walsch


By Abbey Mikha Today my favorite author Neale Donald Walsch, who wrote “Conversations with God” posted a thought-provoking message on his Facebook page. He said, “Nothing is as bad as it seems. Nothing. There is a benefit and a blessing hidden in the folds of every experience and every outcome. That includes every and any ‘bad’ thing that […]


The Last Thing They Have Is Their Souls

11001767_10206450595207546_4104033915599518031_n (2)

By Abbey Mikha My family watches Windsor and Detroit news everyday.  I wonder did you watch the news tonight wherever you are?  I’m so disgusted at the mainstream media in the USA and Canada! Not even one word mentioned in the news about the Assyrians in Khabour, Syria who have been under ISIS attack all day.  ISIS is trying to expel the innocent […]


How can the stories of a Pizza delivery driver and a factory worker inspire Assyrians to do more?

Assyrians should be more active and generous in donating money to help their people

By: Ashur Sada James Robertson is a factory worker in Troy, Michigan. Jarrid Tansey is a pizza delivery driver in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. For those of you who haven’t heard of them-assuming the majority of you-and what is common between the two, let me give a brief background. Both of these two men […]




 By Abbey Mikha We are all “human” beings of one human race right? That is what I always tell myself as well. Lately though seeing how people of some cultures are treating true human beings of the Assyrian culture and the various Christian faiths from Iraq, Syria and Egypt (the Coptic workers who were recently […]