The Empire Celebrates its Assyrian Emperor after 40 years of Stage Rule

After 40 years of an impeccable reign, the empire is celebrating its emperor. Sargon Gabriel, the people-proclaimed ’emperor of singers’, is being celebrated by the Assyrian people worldwide for a legendary 40 year career behind the mic. Much deserved and a move that sends the right signal of support by the Assyrian people to their singers.

When it comes to the legend and emperor Sargon Gabriel, it has been one unforgettable journey in the world of Assyrian music, which has taken him to our vinyl records, Walkmans, homes and car stereos, radios, iPods, weddings, parties, picnics, national events and more.  His voice has entertained Assyria for generations and inspired hundreds of new singers and probably a whole music industry. I am sure each one of us has been to a wedding or function where Sargon was behind the mic.

Just how good is Sargon Gabriel? Let us put his career into prospective.  He has been singing, performing and entertaining – three different things- for 40 years, non-stop. To be able to sing almost every weekend, and lots of other commitments in-between is taxing enough to make you want to be retired by now. But Sargon is still going strong and hopefully won’t be retiring anytime soon. Few singers can have such a tiring and taxing schedule on their voice and body for so ling and still continue. And this is just one of the many reasons why he is a legend.

Different Assyrian communities in different parts of the world have celebrated Sargon Gabriel’s record achievement by holding honorary parties and concerts in his name. This recognition is a much welcome move in a time when not many people take the time to appreciate the Assyrian music industry and its decades long role in keeping the spirits of a whole nation up.

What some of our singers have done for our nation, including Sargon Gabriel, Evin Agassi, Ashur Sargis, Linda George – the empress of Assyrian singers- and many more is not be taken lightly. While their title may be a ‘singer’, their role is much greater than that. They inspire us at times of national hardships, give us courage in our romantic roller-coasters, fun at our social events and company during lonely times.

Our recognition of Sargon and other champions of the Assyrian song should go much beyond ceremonial recognitions. We have to always buy their albums which is something we have been calling for here on Assyrian Voice for over 10 yearse. Our financial support keeps an entire industry alive and strong which in turn ensures AssyrianMusic is always alive and well.

Vena and Freddy, sip a shot in your dad’s honor and keep the legacy going for decades to come.

May the legend of Sargon Gabriel continue, for the well-being of the Assyrian song!
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  1. Joseph says:

    Sargon was and is a dance party singer. He was never able to sing in a concert. Stratigic entertainment gave concert 4 years ago with him , Evin Agassi, Walter Aziz and Linda George and I hate to say this but Sargon was very bad I mean bad as bad.
    The singers who have the ability to sing in a concert are Evin Agassi Walter Aziz , Linda and Ashur betsargis only.

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