The Assyrian Universal Alliance joins The Kurdish puppets theater

The Assyrian Universal Alliance joins
The Kurdish puppets theater

Ashur Giwargis – Beirut
English Translation : Mary Challita

The Arabic version of this article was published first in 03-09-2010, in Assyrian and Iraqi websites.

Some Assyrian politicians are like sea planktons, they grow only by the accumulation of dirt, Yes, some are like that, for despite all the historical facts which show that the foreign kurdish tribes in the region were the ones that devastated the Assyrian people, and despite all the demographic facts which show the abnormal and illegal increase of these tribes in occupied Assyria since 1961 till today, while the numbers of Assyrians in the same area decreased abnormally and illegally, also despite all the political facts and international reports (Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and others …) which mention that the kurdish tribes continue to oppress the Assyrian people, confiscate their lands, force them to migrate and expel them “politely” by issuing moody, crippling laws … And despite writings and protests from Iraqi intellectuals (even non-Assyrians) regarding what they are witnessing of kurdifying Assyria, and despite the degenerated Iraqi state and its deformed constitution which is an insult to every Assyrian … Despite all this, we see every now and then a mercenary who claims to represent the Assyrian Nation spits out idiotic statements aiming at normalizing what we have mentioned above.

As the Arab saying goes: “If you don’t feel ashamed, you can do anything …”. This applies to several groups of Assyrians who call themselves political parties, movements or organizations, and many people are deceived when they read their statements, believing that they are decision makers and that the Assyrian people is abject like them whether they work under sectarian factional names (Chaldean, Syrian) or under the collective Assyrian national name, that’s why it’s important to clarify the directions of one of these organizations and its shameful failure towards the fact and fate of the Assyrian people, and to be able to get into the heart of the matter, we have to further define the Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) which contributed to the recent weakening of the Assyrian Diaspora due to its lack of efficient leadership and absence of principles.

The AUA was founded in France where it held its 1st conference in the French city of “Pau” on April 13, 1968 in the presence of capable Assyrian personalities and from all the denominations (Syrian, Chaldean, Assyrian Church of the East), the most important achievements of the first conference were, putting forward the theoretical bases of a “supposed” Assyrian nationalist movement, such as the Assyrian flag, Assyrian New Year on April 1st and Assyrian Martyr’s Day.

The first objective of establishing this organization was the dream of every Assyrian, which was to reunite Assyrians worldwide under one leadership, thus, the AUA was able to attract a large number of liberal nationalist Assyrians who were eager to save their nation from its degenerate surroundings. That was planned over several stages, the first stage was the necessity to promulgate the Assyrian Cause in the world and broader international levels, whereby and for years, the AUA was considered one of the most important Assyrian organizations which was specifically active in the United States and had strong contacts with its administration which had never shown any interest in the fate of the Assyrian people who did not present a serious Cause and still refuse to present themselves as a problem in Iraq and the world, this was the biggest mistake committed by many Assyrian politicians who were and still are loyal to their nation’s enemies of different degenerate currents and regimes.

According to an intelligent program – unintentionally – depending on the separation of tasks in Diaspora and those in Iraq, the AUA continued its work in Diaspora where the Assyrians enjoyed all the power factors needed to build a national movement (freedom, money, education, and numbers).

Following several conferences and internal conflicts, changes took place within the AUA turning it into a mass of trivial problems championed by incapable people and their nepotism, often sleeping during meetings, intellectually and politically disabled, not having national culture or public support, which made the AUA fail in exploiting the aforementioned four power factors of the Diaspora. Hence, for years now the AUA has turned into an empty box whereby many honorable activists left and those who remain are only good in showing their teeth in photos.

Due to this weakness in its structure, the AUA purposely ignored its failure in Diaspora and changed directions to interfere in Iraq where the Assyrians lack all power factors available in Diaspora, in order to resort to the familiar excuse of the defeated Assyrian political parties, which is “our hand is under the stone” (Idan khut keepa), that’s a saying used by the type of politicians mentioned in the first phrase of this article especially those in Iraq, and that would be in preparation to sit in the laps of others at the expense of the Assyrian Nation’s rights without being exposed to any blame from their naïve followers.

It became clear through the literature of the AUA when it failed abroad, that it was heading towards an abyss in what concerned its national loyalty, thus before the beginning of the intervention in Iraq, the displacement of the Assyrian nation from its historical ancestral land continued while the activity of the AUA was limited to issuing statements specially following the fall of Saddam Hussein, and when its 24th conference was held on London – England in July 2005, Professor Emmanuel Kamber, a well known and respected Assyrian personality was elected Secretary General as the new successor to the old Senator John Nimrod, and the land aim came in the form of self-rule “annexed to the central government in Baghdad”.

Professor Kamber resigned his position due to the overwhelming chaos inside the AUA, which remained without a Secretary General until October 2008, and during this chaotic period, specifically in February 2007 Nechirvan Barzani established in Occupied Assyria, a kurdish council of Assyrian members giving it the name “Chaldean Syrian Assyrian Popular Council” aiming at killing the Assyrian identity by dividing it into sectarian names in advance to changing the name to “Christians”, also aiming at changing the land’s name since this council acted as a propaganda bugle for the kurdish occupation instigating sedition between Arabs and Assyrians in preparation to annex the Assyrian districts and towns in the Nineveh Plain to kurdish Occupation using a beautiful banner: “Self-rule in the Nineveh Plain”.

A while later, specifically in July 2008, the AUA’s 25th conference was held in the Swedish city of Jonkoping during which a member of the Iranian Shura Council, Mr Younathan Bet Kolia, was elected as the new Secretary General who transferred the headquarters of the AUA after 40 years of freedom, to Iran under the authority of an Islamic State which under its rule and since 1979 over 90% of the Assyrians of Iran migrated. In the final statement of this conference, a change was noticed regarding the self-rule speech: “Assyrian self-rule on ancestral lands as an integral part of a federal Iraq” this time without specifying its relation to the central government.

The AUA began its contacts with the kurds through the aforementioned Council of Nechirvan, then over a year later, in May 2009 the AUA held its 26th Conference in Sydney – Australia, which was attended by members of the aforementioned council, and its statement came out with vague slogans again of self-rule as in the previous conference, “within a federal Iraq” without specifying its relation with the central government.

At this stage, the new AUA directions became clearer to those who were unaware, thus, it participated on December 03, 2009 in the second conference of Nechirvan’s council, without officially announcing the joining of the kurdish puppets theater. In preparation for that, it did the usual work which is done by any institution planning to fall into the enemy’s lap. Hence, it began to manipulate the feelings of the Assyrian people by using Assyrian martyrdom, something which was previously done by the Assyrian Democratic Movement, whereby it recently introduced the Assyrian nation to the “monumental” eras and revealed on August 07, 2010 a trivial Assyrian Martyrs’ monument without mentioning the killers, and for that, it organized a mass media campaign to gain Assyrian public sympathy in preparation to absorb the Assyrian resentment once it declared joining the kurdish posse, and this is exactly what happened days later.

Indeed, with a great disappointment and shame, we witnessed on August 31/2010 the AUA emerging from Barham Salih’s lair declaring and acknowledging the usurping kurdish entity, that the Assyrian people are living in a bliss under that regime, and to give thanks to what “that regime did to the Assyrians”. Hence, the AUA walked in the footsteps of its predecessors in serving the kurdish occupier such as the Assyrian Democratic Movement to the rest of the Assyrian parties in Iraq, and the kurdish media outlets competed to publish these cheap statements [Ittihad newspaper, Shafaq,, PUK media, PDPK, al-Ta’akhi newspaper, official kurdish occupation website, Ishtar TV website] and others…

Whereby the kurdish occupation and since 1991 has exploited the humiliating Assyrian political positions when the yellow cancerous pus began to gush out of the wounds of northern Iraq. This political indulgence on the part of some Assyrian parties always appears for media Kurdish benefit from some hollow, mercenary organizations which have big names, but are employed by the kurdish occupation, which also benefits politically from the disappointment of many supporters and activists within the Assyrian people, weakening the process the Assyrian political movement and paralyzing the Assyrian nationalistic movement which would lose its base (public support) very soon if the Assyrian people continue to be disgusted with the Assyrian political parties.

Hence, the AUA, which was supposed to be active through the Diaspora’s freedom, has officially and openly joined the kurdish posse which includes the Assyrian Democratic Movement (active in Iraq), and the Assyrian Democratic Organization (active in Syria), thus the Assyrian political misery triangle is complete due to the insipidity and irresponsibility of the classical Assyrian politicians.

Lastly, despite all the killings and terror against the Assyrian nation from all political and religious factions, instigated by all the political and religious authorities in accordance with the –insolent- kurdo-islamic constitution, let the reader know that the stands of the Assyrian organizations as mentioned above, are not the qualities of the Assyrian people, who yet is still looking forward to an Iraq governed by equality, and let everyone remember that this kind of Assyrian organizations is found in all nations, especially the dispersed ones, and hopefully the Assyrian people will be able to get rid of what they have by supporting the honorable Assyrian activists and moving as quickly as possible.

Long live Assyria
Shame and disgrace upon the traitors of the Assyrian Nation


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