The Vandalizing of the Assyrian Monument in Sydney is a Testament to its Global Significance

The news of the vandalizing of the Assyrian monument in Sydney, Australia has set a huge wave of criticism and outrage from lots of Assyrians and non-Assyrians.  But is anyone surprised? as many have stated, it was only a matter of time before this was to happen.  And it did, less than a month after officially opening it on August 7.

Regardless of who did the damage -most fingers are naturally being pointed at Turks-this is a testament to the significance and importance of this monument.  It is a reminder to what our nation has suffered, and what others have done to us.  This shameful act is as disgusting to us Assyrians as all these low souls who urinate on the various US and Canadian war memorials.   But Turks have to know, it is not a monument to tell the world “how much we hate the Turks.”  It is a piece of stone with great art, that is there to ensure that the world doesn’t forget about what was done to the Assyrian people about a century ago.  We are not pointing the fingers at Turks from today for the damage done by their ancestors from 100 years ago.  Admitting to what the Ottoman Turks did to our people is no shame.  It will free you of any guilt and shows the world that you are clean from these crimes and have moved on.

To deface such a global symbol of the Assyrian genocides will only make our case stronger and gain us more sympathy.  I am sure a lot more people know about this monument, now that it has been vandalized, than did when it was launched.  And the more people know about the monument, the more attention and awareness it brings to the various genocides suffered by the Assyrians in the last 100 years.  This will and should strengthen the resolve and will of the Assyrian people to stand up for what they believe in, united, in the face of all those who want to bring them down.

Thanks to the vandals, this monument is now even more significant!


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