New, First Assyrian iPhone Application

iPhone now speaks Assyrian! Well, sort of.  A new Assyrian iPhone application has now been introduced, which is the first ever for the iPhone.

The application is called ‘Matleh’ (Assyrian Proverbs) and it displays different and random Assyrian proverbs every time it is launched.  Although the iPhone doesn’t yet have support for the Assyrian (Syriac) font, the application designer was able to create this application using pictures of the font, rather than pure Assyrian font.  And it is very easy to read, using modern Assyrian (Madnḥāyā -eastern)

The proverbs are from the bible, as well as old forms of old and modern Assyrian literature.

The application can be used for both inspirational as well as educational purposes: one can easily use it to learn or develop their Assyrian language skills.

While we do know the name of the developer of this application, we have no way of contacting him to thank him and offer other suggestions (if you are the creator, please drop us a line.)

One of the suggestions we would have for the developer is to add another feature to the application, which would display the ‘Assyrian word of the day or moment’

As more and more people start to use this application, it could easily develop and evolve to be a complete suite for ‘Assyrian language Reading and Learning’ on the iPhone.   iPhone applications can either be free or paid. The developer can develop both a lite free version and a more advanced paid version.

The number of Assyrians using iPhones is on a steady rise and this application can leverage that demographic, to both educate and profit too.

To download the application to your iPhone, simply go to the ‘App Store’ and search for ‘Assyrian’

Here are some screenshots from this application:


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