April 1st Assyrian New Year Celebration in Toronto

Assyrians in Toronto, Canada celebrated the Assyrian-Babylonian New year (also known as Akitu) on Sunday March 29, with over 750 people in attendance. Assyrian Voice was present at the event, with our own table, and filed this report of all the events and activities. This is not the first April 1st event I have been to, but I can safely say that this was the best one I have ever been to, very well and professionally done.

Excellent Organizational Coordination and Programs

Many organizations helped in organize this event, and the coordination between them was flawless and better than ever before. Each knew their role, and that helped in producing one amazing and professional event.

In termas of activities and programs, there was something for everyone, including music, dancing, kids arts, art exibits, cultural showcasing, lectures, and much more.

The event drew a good Assyrian business presence, and this was great to see, as it helped in build better ties between the Assyrian consumer and retailer. Establishing this mutual relationship between the two, in such a great occasion, can only benefit the overall Assyrian economy and business.

The Youth Gets it

The youth had a big part to play in planning this year’s event. They added new and fresh ideas, and that attracted even more crowds and generated greater interest. And make no mistake about it, and despite the great role that the older generation plays, the youth will have more to say in future events. They just get it, and bring a lot of expertise into this.

Assyrian Voice presence

This website was also present there, having set our own table, to show and present our website to the people present there. We also distributed flyers and pamphlets, letting people know about our website, what we offer, and how they can access it, including from their mobile devices.

Final words

This is absolutely one of the most professionally organized Assyrian events I have ever been too. The coordination between the various organizations helped in ensuring, and regardless of the complexity of the task, that the overall and final product was a great one. A word of thanks goes to all those who helped make this a reality, including AAS, ADM, ACSSU, Ashur TV, the banquet hall owners, all the singers, all the people who set up their tables, all people in attendance, the lecturers, the MPs and everyone else who had a hand in this.

Here are some pictures from the event. For more photos visit this link. For video, visit our Youtube channel.


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