2009 / 6759 / 30 10 10: Few Assyrian Numbers for you

What do the following sequence of numbers mean: 30 10 10? Simply put, each number, starting from left, represents the number of years that each of Zowaa, Assyrian Voice and ACSSU have been serving the Assyrian people, as of 2009. One is a political movement, the other is a socio-cultural website, while the last is an academic and educational organization.

But what do the three have in common and why do we mention them in this article together? well for one, they are all reaching a special milestone, a decade or more in service. More importantly, they have all worked for the Assyrian name and cause,be it in a political, social, educational or cultural ways.

Zowaa: 30

We start with the great Assyrian Democratic Movement (Zowaa) which celebrates its 30th anniversary on April 12th this year. They have arguably done more for the Assyrian cause in this span, than any other political entity out there. They have given martyr after martyr, and continue to work tirelessly for the Assyrian name and plight. As Zowaa moves forward, it should and will expect more challenges, especially from those who don’t want the Assyrian nation and name to arise and unite. Zowaa is the only one who can unite our people, Assyrians, Chaldeans and Syriacs.

Assyrian Voice: 10

Assyrian Voice, this very website that you are reading this article on, will celebrate its 10th anniversary on April 15th. Since our inception in 1999, and with the help of our great and loyal user base, this decade has been a pleasure and a thrill to work for our people. Assyrian Voice may look like just a website but it has done more than that. It has raised awareness, connected people with one another, and educated thousands about Assyrians and their history. Looking forward to the next 10 years, we hope to work even harder for our members and do our utmost to present and serve Assyria the best way possible on cyberspace.


The Assyrian Chaldean Syriac Student Union (ACSSU) was established in 1999, to address the educational and academic needs of our students in Canada.  Since then, ACSSU has been a visible and active contributor to all issues relating to the needs of our students in high school, college and university. More than helping the students, ACSSU has expanded its role in the community to raise awareness of the Assyrian culture and history through the hosting of different lectures, community events and more.
As more Assyrian students finish high school and get ready to pursue a higher education, it is expected that ACSSU will be in more demand than ever before.

Working Together

The beautiful thing is that these three entities, along with other Assyrian organizations and media outlets, have worked together in more than one occasion during this past decade. And they will continue to, in the months and years to come. In fact, they will all be part of the April 1st Assyrian New Year celebrations

Speaking of Assyrian New Year, this will be our 6759th year.  If you add up the years that Zowaa, Assyrian Voice and ACSSU have been in service, it will come up to only 50 years. Compare 50 years to the age of our nation of 6759 years, and you will come to the conclusion that no matter how much we have done for our nation, it is nothing and never enough.  More than that, and given our extremely young age compared to our nation’s, we can only conclude that no one is bigger than Assyria itself. The sum of the parts can’t even come close to being equal or bigger than the whole body.

So no matter what we go through, and how hard we think we are working for our nation, it is never enough, because we only make up a tiny fraction of this great nation.  Literally. Just do the math by  totalling the age of Zowaa, Assyrian Voice and ACSSU, and have it divided by the age of our nation.  I will save you the trouble and do the math for you: combined, we are less than 0.007 of the age of our nation.  We are not just young, but very tiny my friend.  Despite all that was said above, we still have a long way to go. We are babies in the presense of our great and old Assyrian mother!


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