The Ancient City of Nimrud Always In Our Hearts


By: Abbey Mikha

I have been surprised by many things in my life.  I have been outraged by things which have been occurring in the past weeks in our homeland.  As I heard the news today in regards to the ancient city of Nimrud, I was questioning society and why the world is standing by idle and watching silently as this ancient city is being destroyed by ISIS terrorists?!

If Nimrud were Jericho or some other significant place for westerners, we would be hearing a whole other story unfold in American and Canadian news outlets.  There was a program on television last week.  It was supposed to be funny. Anyway, the people of the program said, “Isis is destroying artifacts in Iraq” then they said, “but what color is that dress?”  Referring to the dress that has been on the news all week.  People are wondering is the dress black and blue or gold and white.  Is this what people in America and Canada really care about?  Are they that brainwashed by the media?

The ancient city of Nimrud is a jewel of the ancient world. Everyone should be devastated at the destruction of this great ancient city.  They should be outraged.  It doesn’t matter who you are. Any god which is against the ancient people of the world is no god at all. Any god who encourages the destruction of ancient artifacts whether Lamassu or Buddha  deserves to be destroyed himself for he definitely does not exist, only in the minds of the true infidels which is ISIS and the other extremist gangs…

If the world were able to squeeze out oil from these ancient artifacts surely they would be receiving much more attention, but everyone believes these artifacts to be lifeless rubble.  What everyone doesn’t know is that the sacred Assyrian spirit resides in every wall and artifact which is supposed to be home, in its own homeland, and is today being destroyed by godless people who do not belong in this country or anywhere else.

The city of Nimrud will always live in the hearts of Assyrians and belong to the Assyrians.  This is written in the stars, just like the three pyramids of Egypt are a perfect reproduction of the three stars of Orion’s belt.  Today its the destruction of ancient Nimrud.  What is next ISIS, the pyramids in Giza?


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