The Last Thing They Have Is Their Souls

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By Abbey Mikha

My family watches Windsor and Detroit news everyday.  I wonder did you watch the news tonight wherever you are?  I’m so disgusted at the mainstream media in the USA and Canada! Not even one word mentioned in the news about the Assyrians in Khabour, Syria who have been under ISIS attack all day.  ISIS is trying to expel the innocent people from their houses (like they did in Mosul), burning their churches, killing innocent people, and taking them captive. It has been estimated that there are about 200 Assyrians who have been taken captive by ISIS in Khabour, Syria in the past few days.

It is a fact that ISIS has a plan for the region, they want to take over and build a extremist Islamic region/country.  Think about it though, even the USA and Canada who supposedly have not been involved in plans with ISIS to destroy the Assyrians in Syria are also responsible.

My dad used to always say, ” Not having a plan is having a plan!”  And in regards to any subject including indigenous people. What is happening to the Assyrians of the Middle East is a well orchestrated international plan whether intently or not intently.  It is happening and no one is stopping the plan therefore there are groups, people, and nations that are to blame, who have many hidden agendas in regards to the Christian Assyrians!  Where is the United Nations today?  Was not the UN created to protect and intercede on behalf of the innocent?

If you are a world power act that way. Protect the weak and don’t betray innocent blood!!!!!  The Assyrians have nothing.  What is it that the world wants from the Assyrians?  The last thing they have is their souls.  So is this what the world wants?  Does the world want to wipe out the Assyrians?  Please send me a message and explain the situation to me in your words to make me understand…because I really do not understand why this is happening to my nation!

Please spread the message about this horrible situation.  Take ten minutes of your time and email and call someone influential who can do something to help the Assyrians in Syria.  Today I saw pictures on Facebook of Assyrian teenagers that are giving their life in order to protect their families in Khabour, Syria…We must have hearts like theirs and do everything in our power to help.



  1. J youkhamna says:

    the capitalists do not care about the innocent people, the plan was to create a new enemy to replace soviet union islam won the bid. The west needs an enemy to justify militay spendings to the public…

  2. samira elia cheikho says:

    weeee need your hel we are assyrien NINEVEH AND KHABOOR NEED HAVEN HELP US

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