Balancing the Middle East with new independent Christian states

By: Ashur Sada

christianity in the middle east

It is time to reverse the tide and stop the persecution of the Christians in the Middle East (Assyrians,Chaldeans,Syriacs,Copts, Armenians and others) even if it means giving them their own independent states.

I don’t believe in dividing long established states, along ethnic and religious lines. Reason being that once you start, where do you stop? Virtually every country in the world is made up of different ethnic and religious groups. No country is 100% ethnically-homogeneous.

Having said that, it is becoming clearer and clearer that certain countries in the middle east are becoming too unstable and dangerous for certain religious and ethnic groups to survive. Specifically, Christians in the middle easy are increasingly and systematically being targeted by Muslim extremists, with governments powerless to do anything. In fact in some cases, even if they can stop this persecution, the government still turns a blind eye.

These extreme situations are becoming too hard to survive. With the lack of trust, safety and general regional stability, the already small Christian minorities in the region are getting smaller and smaller. Millions have been forced to flee to the west.

Not to mention countless others that have been killed just in the last few years. This can’t go on forever.   Something has to give. Fleeing to the West is not and shouldn’t be the only option. Dramatic measures-given the dramatic situation at hand-have to be taken to reverse this situation for the better for Christians in the middle east.
How about giving them their own state? One where they will manage and be able to have full control of protecting themselves. Who qualifies for such a feat? Let us go through a list of countries that haven’t done a good job of protecting the indigenous Christian natives of their countries, that we have no option but to cut and slice through their national borders in order to protect this important segment of their demographics make-up.


The Christian community in Iraq (represented by the Assyrian-Chaldean-Syriac , Armenian and other smaller groups)  numbered some 1.3 million about 10 years ago or about 6% of the population. Since then, and following the US invasion,  more than half have been forced to leave given the increasingly dangerous and desperate situation. Through violence and political marginalization, the Christians in Iraq are being squeezed by the central government in Baghdad and the Kurdish regional government in the autonomous  north. Coupled with persistent targeting by radicals, the Christians don’t have such a bright future to look forward to. Ideally, any future state or semi-autonomy would be in the northern Nineveh plain region, a series of towns and villages where a significant Assyrian Christian population currently lives. It also happens to be the region where the ancient Assyrian empire and its capital once stood.


It keeps getting worse and worse for the Coptic Christians in Egypt, the largest Christian minority in the middle east. Numbering close to 8 million or about 9% of the population of Egypt, this ancient group has also been shrinking. And this has accelerated in the last few years, given all the political turmoil in Egypt, coupled with the rise of Islamist’ influence and popularity in the country. Just like the Assyrians in Iraq, the Copts in Egypt are extremely loyal to their country. But you can only take so much and eventually, you would like to have your own region or country to be able to control your identity, fate and safety, since the state is not able to do its job. Unlike in Iraq and given their bigger numbers, Christians are scattered throughout Egypt, though they do have certain pockets of concentration (including in the south, Alexandria etc.)


The brutal 2.5 years of civil war in Syria is tearing the country apart and making the situation in Iraq look like a walk in the park. And it is only getting worse. Christians in the country (Including Assyrians/Syriacs, Armenians and others) have been systematically targeted by the rebels and terrorists fighting to topple the current Syrian regime. They have already forced thousands of them to abandon their historical villages and towns, some of which they have been living in for literally thousands of years.  Depending on what transpires in Syria next, if the unfortunate happens and the country is divided along ethnic lines, the Assyrians and Christians in general may get their own region or independent state in the north east of the country, near the cities of Al-Hasakah and Al-Qamishli. This is a region where hundreds of thousands of Christians already live, in addition to many others living in other parts of Syria, including in the capital Damascus.

There are other examples in the region such as Lebanon and South Sudan. In both of these countries, Christianity is either the dominant religion or close to a majority. For the new country of Southern Sudan, they were able to gain their independence

from Sudan, all the result of government and Muslim prosecution of the Christian south.

Future implications of new Christian states in the middle east

The creation of new states in the middle east along ethnic and religious lines may seem counter-intuitive to the idea of balancing the middle east and making it more peaceful. And it may cause further segregation. But in the long term, it will be safer for a lot of people.  A middle east with more christian presence would only help to balance things out and that is always a good thing.

And this is not a foreign concept to this region, after all, the region was virtually all christian prior to Islam.  And since these new countries will have Christianity as their official religion, and with no sharia law to worry about, they will be much more peaceful compared to their neighboring Muslim states. Terrorism will also be none-existent. These countries would be models of democracy, peace, stability and human rights respect for the rest of the region. And with stability and peace come economic development.  Even for Israel, this would make things more safe and reduce its worry about having neighbors that are always at war with the Jewish state.

It doesn’t have to come to this and it shouldn’t. But it is becoming harder and harder for Christians to simply survive in the middle east, let alone thriving and having a good future. The rise of political Islam, terrorism and the absence of rule of law are making it impossible to have any hope for a better future.  Such harsh conditions will make it necessary for Christians to have their own autonomous regions or even states in the future.

Remember, the middle east was only formed as we know it less than 100 years ago. Unfortunately, the original planners didn’t do a good job or at least didn’t envision how things would turn out.  It may be time to look at these maps again and recreate them based on the new demographics and conditions on the ground.



  1. We @NOOIC demand Full compliance from Iraqi Government the Kurds etc. for full compliance see Letter of Ultimatum the Same Document (i.e., “Letter of Ultimatum”) has been officially sent to various Iraqi Government Ambassadors throughout different Iraqi Embassies at all continents of the Globe, the pressure will continue & grow, we Pray for Our GOD Via. JESUS Christ to guide us to do his will.

  2. Dear Editor Ashur Sada,
    My fellow Assyrian people,

    Shlama Ashouaya M’Qabelon,

    Since the dawn of Islam, and due to the lack of Assyrian centralized power, we as a nation ASSYRIA, and a religion have been suffering tremendously. We have been marginalized and continually falling into shoal of uneasy cataclysmic changes because we are not who they are, and they are not who we are.

    The problem we as a nation are facing today is the lack of recognition. Our ignorance in understanding that we have an arch- enemy that seeks to annihilate, extinct us. Yet we don’t want to admit what the major reasons are. Behaviors of nations are similar to those of individuals. Each and everyone seeks to dominate others. because of who they are, and what we are. We as a pure Assyrian nationality, Christian religiously need to admit to ourselves that we need to struggle like real warriors to preserve our national, religious identity. The enemy is not going to preserve it for us. Neither our closest so-called Western Christian nations. The latter shall never come to our aid because they are in slumber of moral, ethical vices, erosion of family values, decaying rapidly from within their social fabrics, and awaiting for strangers to bury their dead souls in their own mother-land. Yet we as a nation need to search
    for real allies recognizing our national struggle.

    Assyrians are of a better made soul and body. Assyrians have been fighting for generations and never wavered to change any iota of who they are, and what their nationality or religion demand them to be. Since the dawn of the human history, Assyrians like lions fought their national enemies bitterly and won. They established a better, marvelous future to human race where their wondrous kingdom, the Assyrian Empire, was iconically decorated with many astounding numerous discoveries, clad the gauntly ice-cave man of dark ages into an advanced civilization of what today the gentlemen looks like.

    We Assyrians should seek nations that need to understand our national objectives. Nations that suit our existence in Middle East, in our own home-land, land of Milk and Honey, the Assyrian home-land. We are not of any less capability from any other independent nations on earth, but we even surpass them with dignity, value to who we Assyrians are as a nation. We should never surrender the dreams of our forefathers that one day the sons and daughters of Ashur, Sargon, and Shamiran will be free, liberated at last, and living independently in the newly but mighty Assyrian Republic. We should knock the doors of many nations asking to listen to why Assyria should be entitled to rule itself. Why they should be our military allies? Why they should recognize our national Assyrian sovereignty? I assure you, our new future Assyrian Republic will be a mighty one, and no one would dare to offend any Assyrian. We’ll have breakfast in one end of the world region. Have lunch in another end of the world region, and dine in any other world region that dares unconsciously to mess with the Assyrian dignity, and what we value as a nation, and a religion.

    Our brave men, and superb women among us fought in many recent battle zones. Testimony of their superb courage and bravery is sculpted in many pages of our national contemporary Assyrian history and exhibited unscathed challenges. We all admire the history of our brave men and women since the outbreak of World War I and on. Am I superficial? In Hakkari, Western Assyrian region, we crushed our Turkish-Kurdish enemies. In Baaqouba, Habaniya , let alone our enemies tell the tale of our heroism. During the Iraqi army war of attrition against the brave inhabitants of Occupied Assyria (N. Iraq) we, the Assyrians have history of unmatched bravery, the valleys ,and its precipices mountains, villages, and mighty boulders will only tell the untold tales of sacrifices, and gallantry. In the civil wars of Lebanon, Assyrians rushed to the hottest spots, toughest war zones and defeated their cursed enemies. Never wavered, never yielded, never subdued to burden of the evil circumstances. Assyrian men and women of Lebanon carried their machine guns behind their shoulders and went to battle front to win, and win fast. Every street, every valley, every city, in every mountain in Lebanon attests to the unmatched, earthshaking bravery of the Assyrian freedom fighter in Lebanon as well as everywhere. But we lost in every war because we were fighting to liberate others, rather than liberating ourselves, and gaining independence to our own mother-land Assyria. Now, we need to start from the beginning and try to liberate no ones land other than Assyrian lands.

    Love You Assyria as Live itself

    Ashour Youluos Malek
    cave Creek, Arizona USA

  3. Sargon the Great says:

    Bro Ashour Youluos Malek can you hear me from up there? Get down from your high clouds man you’re flying so high I’m worried you’ll escape this planet’s gravitational field.

    Yeah sure Islam put us in a rut, but if you’re pulling out the dusty history textbooks then lets not forget that Islam came OVER A THOUSAND YEARS after the fall of our old empire. OVER A THOUSAND YEARS! We lost our empire after the Persians destroyed Nineveh, or are we skipping that part of history?

    Assyrians will never move forward if we keep looking back at the distant shiny history and letting our minds fly high above reality. To do that is frankly, and for lack of a better term, mental masturbation. It’ll make us feel good but it achieves nothing.

    On a second note the salad of letters put together by the author of the original article fails to explain with logic how exactly a theocratic state of any kind would be a good thing in the Middle East. Isn’t what’s happening now enough reason to think that secularism is what the people of the region truly need? Isn’t it time to stop believing in religious nonsense put by ancient Bronze Age desert herders who believed in talking snakes and virgin births?

    Our homeland will never see peace until people start believing in themselves as humans before believing that Jesus will descend from Heaven to save the day. Please wake up.

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