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Not for the Assyrians Mr. Walsch

17887_10153041339715851_6624592021715608757_nBy Abbey Mikha

Today my favorite author Neale Donald Walsch, who wrote “Conversations with God” posted a thought-provoking message on his Facebook page. He said, “Nothing is as bad as it seems. Nothing. There is a benefit and a blessing hidden in the folds of every experience and every outcome. That includes every and any ‘bad’ thing that may be happening to you right now. Change your perspective. Know that nothing happens ever that is not for your highest good.  All that needs to change for you to see this…is your definition of ‘Highest Good.’” I know that Mr. Walsch’s message was intended to be positive but it made me teary and questioning “logic”.  As Assyrians today his thoughts are not our reality. This is the reality of elite human beings who have countries, rights, and are allowed to dream. The Assyrians are not being afforded any privileges in their ancestral homeland. To say the least the Assyrians are being treated inhumanely in Syria today.  Assyrian teenagers protecting their families are dying in combat in Khabour at the hands of ISIS.

So, I had to respond to Mr. Walsch and let him know about our desperate situation. I said, “I believe this to be true but not for everyone Neale. My people (The Assyrians) are today facing Genocide at the hands of ISIS in Khabour, Syria. Thousands have escaped from their homes, hundreds have been kidnapped (children, women, and men) and we are afraid that we will hear of brutal murder like was done to the 21 Coptic Christian men a few weeks ago. My highest good Neale? We are commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the Assyrian Genocide of 1915 at the hands of Kurds and Turks. Today it’s ISIS! The people who are under attack in Syria today are the grandchildren of those Assyrians who escaped the Semele Massacre of 1933 which was committed by the Iraqi army of those days. Please, for those of you fair minded spiritual people. Make your voices heard about this new Genocide which started in Mosul (Nineveh) Iraq a few months ago and now has moved to Khabour, Syria. They want to wipe out the Assyrians! Our little Christian nation needs good people like all of you to stand up and express your disgust and outrage at what is happening, for you stand for humanitarianism and for everything that is good in this survival of the fittest world…”

There are hundreds of thousands of people who read on this page on Facebook, so I hope my emotional appeal will work and many people from various cultures will raise their voices on behalf of the Assyrian people. I also post similar messages on the White House website on Facebook. I feel really helpless and sad about our people’s situation and I don’t know what to do. My only power is in writing how I feel about the situation, but is that enough? The answer of course is that no it’s not enough. Nothing we can do is enough and we must always do more! We must band together to stop this Genocide from going further!


The Last Thing They Have Is Their Souls

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By Abbey Mikha

My family watches Windsor and Detroit news everyday.  I wonder did you watch the news tonight wherever you are?  I’m so disgusted at the mainstream media in the USA and Canada! Not even one word mentioned in the news about the Assyrians in Khabour, Syria who have been under ISIS attack all day.  ISIS is trying to expel the innocent people from their houses (like they did in Mosul), burning their churches, killing innocent people, and taking them captive. It has been estimated that there are about 200 Assyrians who have been taken captive by ISIS in Khabour, Syria in the past few days.

It is a fact that ISIS has a plan for the region, they want to take over and build a extremist Islamic region/country.  Think about it though, even the USA and Canada who supposedly have not been involved in plans with ISIS to destroy the Assyrians in Syria are also responsible.

My dad used to always say, ” Not having a plan is having a plan!”  And in regards to any subject including indigenous people. What is happening to the Assyrians of the Middle East is a well orchestrated international plan whether intently or not intently.  It is happening and no one is stopping the plan therefore there are groups, people, and nations that are to blame, who have many hidden agendas in regards to the Christian Assyrians!  Where is the United Nations today?  Was not the UN created to protect and intercede on behalf of the innocent?

If you are a world power act that way. Protect the weak and don’t betray innocent blood!!!!!  The Assyrians have nothing.  What is it that the world wants from the Assyrians?  The last thing they have is their souls.  So is this what the world wants?  Does the world want to wipe out the Assyrians?  Please send me a message and explain the situation to me in your words to make me understand…because I really do not understand why this is happening to my nation!

Please spread the message about this horrible situation.  Take ten minutes of your time and email and call someone influential who can do something to help the Assyrians in Syria.  Today I saw pictures on Facebook of Assyrian teenagers that are giving their life in order to protect their families in Khabour, Syria…We must have hearts like theirs and do everything in our power to help.




 By Abbey Mikha

We are all “human” beings of one human race right? That is what I always tell myself as well. Lately though seeing how people of some cultures are treating true human beings of the Assyrian culture and the various Christian faiths from Iraq, Syria and Egypt (the Coptic workers who were recently slaughtered in Libya) I cannot but help to ask myself, “What does it really mean to be human and why do some individuals have so much hatred in their heart?”

In my first year of university I told a Philosophy professor that what it means to be human is vague. He disagreed with me. I explained to him that people have various levels of spirituality and morality and for that reason just saying, “I am human” is vague, mysterious, and elusive! He never believed my reasoning and I did not get the point on my exam.

Nowadays terrorists are killing innocent people who have done nothing wrong to them. For example the Coptic men who were recently killed in Libya did nothing wrong to these criminals. The Coptic people are known to be a deeply religious and peaceful people. The children of Assyria have also done nothing wrong to these delinquents and they are at war with us in Iraq. So are these terrorists human? Yes, I guess they are according to some. If it was up to me I wouldn’t call them human, but I guess they are humans who are at a very very low spiritual and moral levels. I wonder what my professor would say today. Is human vague or not considering everything that is going on the world now? Are these people who slaughter children, women, and men human? Are they reasonable and normal? If they are human certainly they are ill, very ill.

Anyway, I pray for peace. I pray that people of various cultures, religions, and skin colors will find a way to harmoniously coexist upon the Earth. It is time for the world to become one, but right now people and nations are extremely divided. Humanitarianism needs to spread across the world and humans should grow in spirituality and morality in order to truly deserve the tittle “Human”. Jesus Christ always says it best, “Love your neighbour as yourself.”

In these difficult days for the human race while I am thinking about what it means to be human I cannot but help to think of a great man like Martin Luther King Jr. who said, “I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality… I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.” I believe in unconditional love as well, but I’m not sure what will happen between now and the “final word”.

God help the good people of the world and may those whose hearts are filled with evil and darkness be defeated by the children of light in order for there to be a new world and a new earth and a new Human.


What is in store for Assyrians in 2015?

By: Ashur Sada

What does 2015 have in store for Assyrians?

What does 2015 have in store for Assyrians?

If you were to assess how 2014 went for Assyrians, you can sum it up in two words: “it sucked”!

How else do you describe a year in which the entire city of Mosul was emptied of its indigenous Assyrian Christian population, at the hands of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)? and related to that, no Christmas was celebrated in the city for the first time in over 1800 years.  A year where virtually every Assyrian resident of the Nineveh Plain was driven out from their town and village by terrorist. You are talking over 100,000 Assyrians driven from their homes and becoming refugees in cities across the Kurdish-dominated region in the north. Not to mention all the tens of thousands that left the country altogether.

In other words, if it wasn’t already bad enough for the Assyrians in Iraq (and to a smaller extent Assyrians in Syria) , it got a lot worse. It is like shooting a dying man in the heart to ensure he is finished.

Needless to say, 2014 is not a year Assyrians will want to relive anytime soon. It is a year we would like to forget and hopefully even undo, if time machine was a reality.

Or we can just look forward to 2015 and hope for a better year. So what can we expect from the new year? What do we want to see happen for our nation?

Without getting too ambitious, I think virtually every Assyrian’s first and most important wish is to see all our towns and villages in the Nineveh Plain be liberated from ISIS and all its residents returned. Once this happens and security is established, then we can be more bold and ask for more.

Next comes safety and security for our people and towns. Since we don’t have a lot of faith in Iraqi and Kurdish security forces to always be there for us, we should move ahead and build a capable Assyrian protection and defense force that can keep the peace and ensure our people are safe in their homes, towns and villages.

Then comes the more tough task of ensuring the immigration slows down or stops altogether. Assyrians used to number some 1.3 million before the US invasion in 2003 and now number less than half a million, if not less. Since the ISIS takeover of Nineveh province, this exodus from the country has accelerated even more and will likely stay strong until or unless the situation in the country is quickly resolved and improved. The new Iraqi prime minister has taken some steps to take the country in the right direction but a lot remains to be done.

But until our towns and villages are liberated, our people are still living in tents, unfinished buildings, out in the street and in some very poor and filthy conditions. The longer this goes on the less likely they will want to stay and return to their homes once their cities are liberated. We hope that in 2015, efforts by people and organizations will intensify to provide more humanitarian aid and financial assistance to our people that have become refugees in their own country.

US and Iraqi officials have made it clear that plans to liberate Nineveh province from ISIS are underway and may start as soon as January of 2015.  The sooner that starts the more hope our people will have of having a future in Iraq.

Last but not least and as already alluded to, it is important that we have our own capable Assyrian protection forces that are ready to take over the security and defending of our recaptured towns and villages in the Nineveh Plain.  Various Assyrian protection forces have already been formed and it is our hope that they unite and become one in 2015.

2015, please be kind to Assyrians and usher in a better future.


Like Peshmerga for Kurds, Assyrians finally forming their own defense force in Iraq: The ‘Dwekh Nawsha’ military force

'Dwekh Nawsha' Assyrian defense force in Iraq

‘Dwekh Nawsha’ Assyrian defense force in Iraq

By: Ashur Sada


At the height and peak of the Assyrian empire, Assyrians had the strongest and most advanced army in the ancient world. It crushed enemies with ease and put Assyria on the map and in history books.

Fast forward to the Assyrians of today, the direct heir to the ancient Assyrians, and you will find a different picture. Having converted to Christianity some 2000 years ago, Assyrians of today are all about peace and rarely resort to the use of force.  This may be a good thing from a biblical point of view but not so much for our survival.

The recent ISIS takeover of Mosul and various other Assyrian towns in the Nineveh Plain has changed all of that.  Or at least we hope it has. The new reality requires that Assyrians be alert, on the defense, if not all out offensive.

Given the events of the last few months, I and many Assyrians no longer have much trust in the Iraqi army or the Pashmarga (Kurdish militia)  Both abandoned our people and villages when it mattered the most, letting ISIS and the terrorists take over, causing all the death and destruction that ensued.  Main issue here is the lack of nationalism and loyalty amongst these armies and militias.  A Kurd is not loyal or cares enough to protect Falluja from falling to the terrorists. Nor does a Shi’tte solider care about Alqosh from falling to ISIS. To a Shi’tte solider for example, the Nineveh Plain region is not nearly as significant enough as the cities of Karbala and Najaf in the south. To a Kurdish soldier, guarding the Assyrian town of Qaraqosh is not nearly as important as guarding a town in the province of Sulaimaniya.

Therefore, now, more than ever before, it is important to start forming our own Assyrian defense force to protect our people and villages. While I don’t mind working side by side with the Iraqi and Kurdish army, I simply don’t trust them to protect the Assyrians and their towns and villages to their full capability.  In the last few weeks, we have been seeing the formation of a new Assyrian defense force. It is called “Dwekh Nawsha” (“self sacrificing” in Assyrian) (in Arabic: دويخ نوشا) and it is giving us some hope.  A hope that our people, towns and villages can one day be protected by our very own people and not rely on another army that can’t be relied on

For us in the west, we have to always do our best to support and fund such a defense force.  It is our only true hope of keeping our name and presence alive and well in the homeland.

Politically, such an Assyrian defense force should be independent of the Iraqi army or the Pashmarga and its sole purpose would be to protect our people and towns in the Nineveh Plain. If it falls under the Kurdish or Iraqi army control, it will not have the same influence and clout as it would being independent and working for the Assyrians first.  We are not here to separate the Assyrians from the rest of Iraq. But given the reality of how things are in the country, sometimes you have to put yourself first before the country for the sake of your people and the country at the same time.

A modest start for an Assyrian army but with one massive future hope for our people back home.




The two beheaded US journalists to ISIS are what the twin towers were to Al-Qaeda

September 11, 2011 is the day in which Al-Qaeda reached its peak of violence, anti-Americanism and made Islam associated with

ISIS beheading of two US journalists was like attacking the twin towers. It marked a turning point for the US to take things seriously.

The ISIS beheading of two US journalists was like attacking the twin towers. It marked a turning point for the US to take things seriously.

terrorism in the minds of millions around the world. It also marked its downfall. It is the day in which Americans finally and truly awoke to the true face of terrorism and decided to take serious action against the terrorist organization.  In other words, September 11 marked the beginning of the end for Al-Qaeda.

Fast forward to the summer of 2014 and we see ISIS repeating the same mistake by taking on the US directly.

In 2001, Al-Qaeda made the fatal mistake of attacking the US directly by hitting the twin towers and other US-based targets. In 2014, ISIS is repeating the same mistake by taking on the Americans head-on.  It is a red line they were dared not to reach or cross.  The beheading of freelance photojournalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff was akin to attacking the twin towers in New York. ISIS is no longer just attacking Assyrian Christians, Shi’tte, Kurds, Yazidis or anyone that doesn’t agree with their sick agenda in Iraq and Syria. They are now taking on the US and that could very well-fortunately-spell the beginning of the end of ISIS. Good riddance!

It shouldn’t have come to this. Two US journalists didn’t have to be viciously beheaded for the incompetent Obama administration to finally get serious with ISIS. Just like in 2001, where the World Trade Center, along with 3000 lives didn’t have to be lost for the US to awake and finally start taking Al-Qaeda seriously.

As always, it is always better to be late than never.


The US and the West miss the boat again with ISIS like they did with Al Qaeda

By: Ashur Sada

The US and the West miss the boat again with ISIS like they did with Al Qaeda. But there may still be time to act.

The US and the West miss the boat again with ISIS like they did with Al Qaeda. But there may still be time to act.

They fed the pet until it became a monster, and then it was too big to control!

For years in the 1980s, the US and the west in general supported the Mujahedeen (a precursor to Al_Qaeda) , to help it defeat the Soviets in their invasion of Afghanistan. It took the horrific attacks of September 2011 to wake them up and realize that they had created a monster that was now attacking the very people that helped and supported it. It was time to kill the monster. Not very easy. It would take over a decade and billion of dollars. And it continues to this very day: the war on terrorism.

Unfortunately, it seems like no lesson was learnt from this war on terrorism. Fast forward to 2012. The west started backing the opposition in Syria to topple the moderate regime of Bashar Al-Assad. But there was no organized opposition. It was a loose movement of various groups, mainly the ‘Free Syrian Army’ and some other Islamic ones. The Islamic Army, which had experience fighting in Iraq started to grow in power and numbers in Syria. Within a year or so, they established themselves as the most powerful and lethal opposition group in Syria. While this was happening-starting in 2013-the west continued to arm and support these opposition groups even if it was now led by a ruthless terrorist organization. Week after week, the Islamic army in Syria was growing more bloody and ruthless. Scenes of torture, beheadings, even eating the heart of a Syrian soldier, became a routine and something expected from this terrorist organization in Syria.

In 2014, the organization officially became ISIS: the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (now referred to as IS: Islamic State). By June 2014, ISIS had become too powerful to contain or ignore. On June 9, they took over the Iraqi city of Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city. That was followed by the capture of various other Sunni, Yezidi and Assyrian Christian cities to the east, west and south of Mosul. And in the process, they killed, beheaded, tortured literally thousands of innocent civilians and soldiers. If that wasn’t bad enough,  they also drove hundreds of thousands of Assyrian Christians, Yezidis and other minorities from their homes in various nearby towns and villages (Sanjar, Nineveh Plain etc.)

As ISIS grow more and more bold, they set their sight on the semi-autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq. With the Kurds being a key US ally in Iraq and the middle east in general, the US finally woke up and decided to attack ISIS. To them, by attacking the Kurds, ISIS had essentially crossed a red line. In other words, it didn’t matter how many thousands of civilians it had killed before, it only mattered when the Kurds were attacked.

But there was a bigger wake up call. It occurred on August 19. That is when ISIS beheaded American freelance photojournalist James Foley. Suddenly, the US felt like ISIS is now a direct threat to it and not just to the middle east. Not to mention, there has been countless other direct threats made by ISIS members recently, vowing to attack US cities and other interests in the country. 

And that brings us to the main question: did the US and its western allies miss the boat on ISIS like they did with Al-Qaeda? Or is there still time to do something about it? The good thing is, while they did behead a US citizen, they still haven’t attacked the US mainland directly.  The bad news, that could just be a matter of time, especially with a president as incompetent and disengaged as US president Obama. The US and its allies armed the Syrian opposition to help it topple Syrian president Al-Assad. Unfortunately, the alternative was ISIS which is as barbaric as you can ever imagine.  With ISIS now controlling areas in Syria and Iraq as large in size as the country of Jordan, don’t think that hasn’t made them bold and motivated enough to expand their fictional caliphate state. With the US now helping the Iraqi army and Kurdish peshamrga to attack ISIS, the latter has become enraged and is vowing to take revenge from the US. They started it by the beheading of James Foley. And depending on any sleeper cells they have in the US, they may attempt to launch attacks in the US itself. Not to mention, given the disastrous state of the US-Mexico borders, the terror organization may try to sneak some of its own agents across the border. US homeland security has already alerted local enforcement agencies to be on alert and ready for any threats.

Why has the US become a country that only reacts to events after it is too late than to act while it is still early and prevent things from escalating? At this point, there is even talk about the US cooperating with the Syrian government to eliminate ISIS in Syria as well. What a difference a year makes: it was just last year that the US was busy trying to support the Syrian opposition and the main  benefactor from that was ISIS.

It may be a little late to react but they should still continue to attack ISIS-in cooperation with the Iraqi and Syrian armies-as hard as they can until they are virtually eliminated from the region. All those thousands of US soldiers didn’t die in Iraq only for it to be taken over by a terrorist organization whose teachings and governance is inspired by guidance from the 7th century!

Complicating matters is the fact that the US is stuck with a president who is removed from reality, for another 2 years or so. Obama in his very nature, is a president that reacts to events. And even then, he is often late. Hesitation and indecision are some of the best words to describe his presidency. But with an organization as ruthless, barbaric and bloody like ISIS, you simply can’t afford to wait. Frustratingly, with the Iraqi government in such shambles and stuck in a never-ending transition phase, there is no hope that they can put their house in order any time soon. Until then, the US should attack ISIS as ruthlessly as they can, with or without the help of the Iraqi government and army.

Failure to do so will mean that the US will soon have to fight ISIS in its own homeland in the near future.


Live updates: ISIS invasion of Mosul and other Iraqi cities and the Assyrian Christian suffering

***Scroll to the bottom for the latest updates***



ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) took control of the northern Iraqi city of Mosul (province of Nineveh) on June 9, 2014, and ever since, the terrorist group Iraq-ISIS-maphas been terrorizing the region, killing those who oppose it, toppling mosques and churches, imposing very strict shariah law and now trying to broaden its control by attempting to invade and take over other nearby cities, towns and villages.

From an Assyrian prospective, this has been nothing short of catastrophic and tragic. Tens of thousands of Assyrian Christians have been kicked out from their homes in Mosul. In fact, for the first time in almost 1800 years, the city is virtually empty of any Christians. The Christians had no choice, as they were given three options: convert to Islam, pay a Jizya (tax on the non-Muslims) or escape. Otherwise, the sword was awaiting them. Their churches have been demolished or converted to mosques. Properties and homes have been confiscated. A lot have lost family members as the direct result of ISIS bloody way of conducting its business.

With Mosul being close to the Nineveh Plain (a series of towns and villages that are populated by people with a predominantly Assyrian Christian identity) those people living there are also in direct danger of an impending ISIS march. People in the Assyrian town of Qaraqosh for example, have already had to flee their homes more than once, in fear of an approaching ISIS invasion of the town.

Given this as a backdrop, Assyrians and Christians from Iraq and currently living in the diaspora, have responded with force. Seeing the destruction and mayhem being caused to their people and ancestral homelands in Iraq, they have come out in force to protest and call attention to what is happening. Literally hundreds of thousands of demonstrators came out in the last few weeks to protest against what is happening in Iraq. Assyrians and non-Assyrians alike, Christians and Muslims, and so many in between, all came out in various cities around the world to show their support and solidarity with the Christians of Iraq and demanding an end to the violence against them.

Out of this global movement of protest came two rather interesting phrases or hashtags, that have been used literally tens of thousands of times on social media, posters and in various other forms, as a way of uniting the solidarity effort:

Arabic letter christian facebook twitter profile

The Arabic letter Noon (N) has come to become the symbol of protest against ISIS in Mosul, Iraq. The Arabic letter in this case stands for ‘Nasrani’ (a word used by Muslim terrorists to refer to Christians.) This is to help them easily distinguish these homes from other homes and be able to take it away from its Christian owners

-#WeAreN: when ISIS invaded Mosul in early June, they started marking Christian homes with the Arabic letter ‘N’ (ن) . The letter in this case stands for ‘Nasrani’ (a word used by Muslim terrorists to refer to Christians.) This is to help them easily distinguish these homes from other homes and be able to take it away from its Christian owners. In response to this heinous act, Assyrian Christians, Iraqis and many other sympathizers from all over the world came together and stood in solidarity with their Christian brothers and sisters in Iraq have declared that ‘We are All N’ . The ISIS attempt to kick people from their homes and cities, where they have lived for generations and generations, didn’t sit well with so many around the world and they have made it loud and clear. 

-#DemandforActions: this is another popular rallying hashtag that was born out of this whole thing. The name says it all: given the silence by Obama, the US government and many major world powers, Assyrian and other activists thought there was an immediate and urgent need for action. Those with power and influence needed to do something to stop this ISIS invasion from further getting worse and emptying the region of its ancestral and original residents: the Assyrian Christians!

Events are moving so fast that even social media, given its fast and timely nature, can’t keep up. At Assyrian Voice, we have already done our best to cover the events and report on them as much as we can. We have used our twitter account as well as our popular discussion forums to do so.  But we thought there has to be another way of doing this, centralized in one location, where most of the major updates are posted. This is it. We will use this to post major news and updates, including pictures, videos and translations from other Arabic sources. Check back often for new updates.


ISIS doing its best to make the Mongolians look like nice invaders

isis in iraq

Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has been so bloody and barbaric, it is making the Mongolians look like nice invaders.

By: Ashur Sada

The Mongolian empire, which dominated most of the known world  during the 13th and 14th centuries, set the standards for brutality and the most barbaric and inhumane treatment of your enemies.

ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) seems to have broken these standards set by the Mongols and are setting new standards for what it means to be brutal, barbaric and bloody. They are making the Mongols look nice and respectable invaders in comparison, as crazy as that may sound. Since invading the northern Iraqi city of Mosul in early June, the ruthless terrorist organization keeps  surprising us with new bloody surprises everyday. Not a day goes by without reading, watching or hearing of a new sick video or picture that is out there, showing what ISIS is up to. Some examples have included:

  • Summarily executing some 1000+ Iraqi soldiers in one day
  • Blowing up mosques, churches and extremely significant cultural landmarks in the city, including the mosque of prophet Jonah
  • Applying an extreme set of rules for daily living for city residents, especially for females
  • Forcing virtually every Christian out of the city, something not seen almost ever before
  • Marking (Assyrian) Christian and other minority homes with special painted letters to designate them as their property
  • Beheading Iraqi soldiers and displaying their heads and corpses in city streets for others to see
  • Asking families in the city to submit their wives, daughters, mothers etc. to the organization for ‘Jihad sex’
  • Publicly amputating legs and hands of those accused of stealing or other crimes
  • Eliminating entire families and blowing their homes, for any small act they deem unacceptable

You get the picture. ISIS preaches an extreme version of Islam, but they may as well preach about ‘Satanism’ and that would make more sense.  We have seen a lot of barbaric and terrorist groups in the last few decades but none comes close to this one. Their members, most of which are not even Iraqi, are brain-washed to the point where they don’t see anything else beyond what they have been told. It is just not possible to reason with these people because they have no concept of logic. And the irony of all ironies, despite preaching a very extreme version of the Qur’an, they seem to break most of what the book teaches.

Despite having some clueless backers, the above actions have caused a backlash from the rest of the Iraqi population, others in the region and people all around the world in general.  But despite all the condemnation, protests and petitions, they are symbolic at best and nothing will matter. ISIS is not an organization that will leave Mosul due to public pressure or social media campaigns.  What is actually needed is a joint and serious effort by the entire population of Mosul, backed by the Iraqi army, to eliminate this extremely cancerous snake called ISIS, once and for all.

Oh, and last but not least: the Mongols took about two centuries to stamp their name in history as being the most ruthless invaders. ISIS is doing it in a matter of a few months.   In addition, their army was huge in size, numbering in the millions, compared to the few thousands that ISIS currently has in Mosul and other nearby Iraqi and Syrian cities.

Not sure how Genghis Khan would feel about ISIS making his empire look relatively nice in comparison?