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About 'Assyrian Voice'


Assyrian Voice Network {hereafter known as Assyrian Voice or AVN} is a worldwide Assyrian community and family-oriented website whose purpose is to help Assyrians build strong personal and cultural ties, connect with one another and help them discover anything to do with Assyrians. One of our other the primary aims of is to provide education to the international communities about who Assyrians are, their history and their current events and achievements.

Assyrian Voice was established in 1999, in Toronto, Canada and has since served millions of visitors (click here for more numbers and facts about our website). 

Some of our most popular services include:

Forums Discussion Forums allow you to discuss different topics and latest news and events with thousands of other members. The forums have different categories including News, Events, Music, Sports, History, Culture and more.  The forums have well over 8,000 registered members, with some 30,000 topics and close to a million post by members. Chat The chat line has been open since 1999, the same year that Assyrian Voice was opened. It has since helped tens of thousands of Assyrians connect with one another, helping them find old friends and family. And in so many cases, people have found love on the chat and gotten married through it.
Photo Albums The photo albums are extremely popular, where people can send their photos to us and we create beautiful photo albums out of them, complete with a rich-media experience (background images, song, theme etc.) Since starting the photo album service in 2000 and through 2010, we have over 150 albums, with a total of well over 2000 pictures. New photo albums are released every few weeks.



Music With a rich music collection, and through partnerships with other Assyrian music services, our music section boasts a large database of Assyrian singers, albums and songs. We help promote Assyrian music and make it more appealing to everyone, including non-Assyrian.  Our goal is to provide entertainment, promote the music and help it move forward by creating mass appeal for it.
Video Video (or simply Youtube for most) is becoming a big part of the ever-evolving web. As Assyrians, we are creating and uploading hundreds and even thousands of clips to Youtube and elsewhere on the web.  We have created a special site section for this, where people can post their favorite and newly-uploaded Assyrian clips, be it entertainment, social, educational, political etc. This section even has its own URL:



Emagazine It is not just about current events and news. We go an extra step and analyze these news with our own views and analysis. The Emagazine section is a full-featured magazine where we try to cover latest news, publish special reports and even literature works (poems, short stories etc.) We have a selection of various professional writers, who are very knowledgeable and up-to-date on the Assyrian issues of today and yesterday. And we are always welcoming new writers and articles from others.
Assyrian Language Center Today, more than ever before, we have to put more effort and energy to keep our Assyrian language (Neo-Aramaic) alive. Luckily, we have more of the new generation Assyrians (aka Chaldean and Syriacs) showing interest in this language and wanting to learn it.  This section on our forum was created to meet these needs and challenges. And it has so far, since 2008, served a great purpose.  Lots of people have started learning the Assyrian alphabet on this new section and many more more have found help to their many questions about the language. Library Ever come across an Assyrian word, term or figure's name and want to quickly find out more about it and what it means? we have the perfect section for that: Assyrian Voice Library. This is like a database or dictionary of hundreds of the various popular Assyrian things, dates, facts and figures out there. Whether it is an Assyrian city, historical date, popular figure, political part etc. we have it for you. We provide the basic information about each term, and give you more resources if you want to learn more about it.  Think of it as an ancycploedia +database + dictionary, all in one!
Assyriska Assyriska is an Assyrian team playing in the first-tier Swedish league. It is the team that Assyrians are very proud of and like their unofficial national team.  Given its status and popularity, we have a special mini-site for this team, complete with team news, photos, videos, discussions and more. We also have a special forum section for the team, where members can discuss the latest news, results, transfers and more. Picture Galleries In addition to the Photo Albums, we have secondary section for photos: this one is dedicated to different Assyrian events around the world. Be it a lecture, picnic, wedding, parade, we gather pictures from these events and post them here as an album collection. Additionally, members can create their own albums and add their own pictures.


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