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Assyrian Voice Community Involvement

Assyrian Voice has been involved in various projects, initiatives and programs to help Assyrians and the community.
The idea is to extend our reach well beyond the internet and the online world, in a way that we can have a direct and positive impact on the
community. Here are some of our most projects with community involvements.

Free Internet Access

Helping Assyrians connect and browse the internet, free of charge. The project helped several families get internet access in the Toronto area. 

Buy from an Assyrian

The project, which is on-going, has designated July 1st of everywhere as a day where Assyrians go out and buy from their fellow Assyrians. The idea is to encourage Assyrians to buy from their own Assyrians, and keep the money in our own economy.

Assyrian Voice Gatherings

Helping our members and site users connect and meet in real life, creating life-lasting friendships and relationships.

Assyrian Voice Revenue Sharing (2006)

Our latest projects, seeking to give out and share some of our advertising and sponsoring revenues with our users as well as with various Assyrian charities and organizations.