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AWB: Announcement of scholarships for spring 2011
« on: January 27, 2011, 04:00:17 PM »
If you have relatives in Assyria and they wanna study but have not enough money than let them know about this:

Assyrians Without Borders hereby announce scholarships for Assyrian students in Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Iran and Lebanon. The funds are to be used for studies at university level. Certain priority will go to exchange studies. The funds aim studies during the period 2011-01-01 to 2011-11-30. Last day for submission is 31th of Mars 2011.

One of Assyrians Without Borders major goals is to help young Assyrians, so that themselves can improve their future and living conditions in their native country. This is done today in various ways, of which one of the most effective methods is to provide students with financial means to university studies. By doing this, Assyrians Without Borders shows, on the other hand, current students that there is someone who can support them in their ambition to the graduate diploma, but also that one gives rise to those Assyrians who express doubts to university studies in their fear to not be able to afford the studies.

We in the West, and particularly in Europe, are in many ways fortunate. This is shown, for example, that the university studies many times are free of tuition fees. In this way you stimulate people to dare to invest in an education. An education that in many cases can lead to advance upward in the society, and then for example make a name for itself in politics or business. In the Middle East, where the Assyrians have its native country, things are different. There are tuition fees expensive; many times students are paying several thousand of Euros. Assyrians Without Borders would therefore also give these students the opportunity to dare to take the step fully and invest in academic studies.

With this said, the opportunity to apply for Assyrians Without Borders scholarship opens once again.

The means can for example be used in order to finance tuition fees, course literature, accommodation and also shorter stays (1-6 months) in a foreign university for learning new technique and/or to establish co-operate. Funds are not paid for travel expenses.

The criteria to apply for AWBs scholarships are that the applicant:
– Is Assyrian
– Lives in Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Iran or Lebanon
– Is admitted to university studies

The funds aim studies during the period 2011-01-01 to 2011-11-30.

Click on the button below to fill in the scholarship form. Last day for submission is 31th of Mars 2011.

Click here to open the scholarship form:

All of the granted funds will be transferred to the scholarship holder when AWB receives an financial report and receipts. This means that the scholarship holder first use its own means, and then get the scholarship transferred.

Assyrians Without Borders reserves the right to withdraw the granted scholarship if not the financial report and receipts has been submitted in time.

For further additional information, please contact Thomas Aydin.

Assyrians Without Borders looks forward to receive your application!
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The Rights of Assyrians -UN Declaration

The existence of the Assyrian Nation & Nationality is a fact

̈I´m not interested in helping our ppl because I´m nationalistic, I´m interested because our ppl NEED help!


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