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Assyrian "Black March" part of Skokie Film Festival
« on: December 03, 2010, 10:32:33 PM »
Skokie native Kamelya Alexan, 26, has an extensive resume of working on Hollywood movies but her true passion is promoting the little guys. To that end, she is coming home with seven short films in tow.

Alexan has served as a production assistant on such films as The Weatherman, The Dark Knight and Public Enemies and has met such Tinseltown luminaries as Christopher Nolan, Nicholas Cage, Ron Howard and the late Heath Ledger.

On Sunday, the Skokie Theatre, 7924 N. Lincoln Ave., will play host to Alexan's labor of love, the North Shore Shorts Film Fest that had its first run in late September at the same location.

The evening's events will include a new music video by Alexan and featuring local hip-hop artists Vince Tybor and Nonsense, as well as The Social Network star Jessie Eisenberg's newest film, Some Boys Don't Leave. Sunday's screening marks the first time that Some Boys, starring the critically acclaimed Eisenberg, will be shown outside of the regular festival circuit.

A longtime friend of Some Boys producer Jason Potash--through Columbia College's film program--Alexan revealed that the short form of Some Boys is being made into a feature within the year, and hopes to sponsor its Illinois premier in Skokie.

Other films include:

* Highlights, a historical drama by Columbia College professor Mary Novak that was shot in Skokie.

* Black March, a documentary that follows the recent Chicago-area Assyrian-American protests over the Assyrian church massacre in Baghdad in October.

Now living in northwestern Chicago, Alexan lived in Skokie until age 18. While attending Niles North High School, she would sneak into Columbia College's film classes, seeking out the screenwriting courses. It enabled her to fulfill a passion for writing that she had since age 14 and to work on a script called "Hopeless Dreams."



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