Author Topic: Assyrians Without Borders offers 2 Scholarships for Assyrians in Assyria  (Read 1473 times)

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Assyrians Without Borders are offering 2 scholarships for Assyrians in Assyria (Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Iran and Lebanon). You may only apply if your studies are of university level.

The funds will be given during the period 2010-08-01 until 2010-12-31. The last day of applying is 2010-09-30.

Your application has to include:
-your admission from the university/institution
-a CV in English
-a stated motivation for your application
-a budget where you specify your expenses

The application must be sended to and the last day of applying is 2010-09-30.

Mobile: +46(0)739122334

“Their enemies had realized their national potential long before the Assyrians themselves. The enemy was not afraid of good farmers, good parents, good church-going parishioners...the enemy was afraid of Assyrians wrapped in nationhood.”

-Mount Semele, Ivan Kakovitch


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