Author Topic: Motion in U.K. Parliament for SAFE HAVEN FOR ASSYRIAN CHRISTIANS OF IRAQ  (Read 1549 times)

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i know that this should be posted in the politics section, but i dont have the required number of posts yet. maybe someone could cut and paste it in there.

I think it very important that we all write to the politicians listed, especially Mr. Adrian Sanders, and thank them for their monumental effort and support.


Sanders, Adrian
That this House recognises the 250,000 victims of the Assyrian Genocide of 1915; further recognises that promises of Assyrian statehood autonomy made during the First World War were not honoured; further recognises that the Assyrian people also suffered persecution in 1933 in Iraq; and calls on the Government to make representations to the Iraqi and Turkish governments with the aim of ensuring a safe haven for Assyrian Christians, or otherwise to consider the other option of resettlement whereby the UK and other EU member states would become part of the safe haven.
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Sanders, Adrian 
Bottomley, Peter 
Hancock, Mike 
Donaldson, Jeffrey 
Hughes, Simon 

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Where can we mail Mr. Adrian Sanders?
“Their enemies had realized their national potential long before the Assyrians themselves. The enemy was not afraid of good farmers, good parents, good church-going parishioners...the enemy was afraid of Assyrians wrapped in nationhood.”

-Mount Semele, Ivan Kakovitch

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There was a previous EDM here about past attacks in Mosul too.

And one to make some of you guys sour.
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I wish that these EDMs were anything but symbolic but unfortunatly they have no political meaning in terms of policy formulation and nearly all EDMs are never debated which makes them largely redundant. They are more important as a mode of MPs showing support for a cause.

They are appreciated though, as they indicate which MPs support the cause and have taken the time to sign the EDM.

I wish they had some sort of real affect however.
Disunited, dispersed in exile, and as dwindling minorities without full civil rights in their homelands, the Assyrians of today are in grave danger of total assimilation and extinction. In order to survive as a nation, they must now unite under the Assyrian identity of their ancestors. It is the only identity that can help them to transcend the differences between them, speak with one voice again, catch the attention of the world, and regain their place among the nations. Dr Simo Parpola


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