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Culture & History / Re: Change our name?
« Last post by Sharukinu on Today at 01:05:34 PM »
Assyrian is precise since it refers to a particular ethnicity and lineage from which we descend whereas Mesopotamian is fairly vague. The Assyrians are mostly descendants of various peoples from throughout the Fertile Crescent (which includes Mesopotamia), the southern Caucasus, eastern Anatolia and the western Iranian Plateau. Over time, various peoples became Assyrianised, espoused one identity and merged into one gene pool. The ancestors of modern Assyrians united under the Assyrian identity and culture both nominally and quintessentially; they did not unite under a generic Mesopotamian identity.

Besides, Mesopotamia still exists -it's merely a region. Does that mean that any who come to inhabit our homeland become the same as us even if they remain culturally and genetically isolated and disparate.? The term Assyria is not only the one that we and our ancestors have endeared and marked as uniquely ours but it has often referred to a nation and the evolving domain its people held as apposed to a static geographical label like Mesopotamia. This shows how much more national significance the term Assyria had over Mesopotamia for our people, not that the land of Mesopotamia isn't precious to us.
Assyrian / Re: Assyrian poll (for my research)
« Last post by Sharukinu on Today at 12:35:13 PM »
I = 2
Mum = 3
Dad = 3
Serious Topics and Discussions / Re: Greatest assyrian king
« Last post by Sharukinu on Today at 12:28:57 PM »
Which makes me think that us modern Assyrians should've called ourselves "Akkadians". One big pro about this is that nobody would have confused with Syrians.

The thought has crossed my mind but Assyrian is a bit more precise.
Serious Topics and Discussions / Re: Language in our country
« Last post by Neta1991 on Today at 11:05:39 AM »
He made it up. You can see that he said "that I planned".

I think we should speak whatever Assyrian dialect we're accustomed of.

Why not speak the edessa syriac, clearly that was the syriac we spoke before? Its called classical syriac or estrangelo, its also the oldest
Music & Arts / Re: AVN’s life time achievement award for Assyrian singer
« Last post by Neon on Today at 03:35:38 AM »
Evin Agassi. Hands down.

I would replace Sawa with Linda George. Most Assyrians see her as a legend rather than Sawa. And I'm not being subjective.
Music & Arts / Re: Is Janan Sawa a Legend?
« Last post by Neon on Today at 03:34:14 AM »
Not at all. No disrespect to him though. That title should go for Evin Agassi or Linda George. Chaldeans may have a different opinion, since music is mostly in that dialect.

His songs are very Kurdish and Turkish inspired. If you listen to them from afar you'd think they're Kurdish. He came across as a "foreign" Assyrian singer to me. Walter Aziz did too, but at least he refrained from using Turkish/Kurdish melodies (and I really respect him).

Music & Arts / Re: What is with Evin Agassi....?
« Last post by Neon on Today at 03:25:58 AM »
He puts me to sleep thats how bad his songs are. :french: i can just  :gunbandana:
Go listen to friggin' zurna and dawola music that are about mathwatheh and bnateh with ayneh qeeneh. Guessing you like Munadhel Tomika. Yeah, stick to that.

i know a lot of assyrians love him, but my husband hates be honest with u, he was rude to my husband, my husband was talking and he spoke like zakho way thats how we speak it u know then Ewan goes to him, ate lawit atoraya, ate chaldanie, so leave the party, my husband goes i thought there is no diffrence between chaldeans and assyrians, my husband got sooo pissed off so he left :(  since then he hates him...
You lying, disgraceful snake. How much did they pay to make up this falsity? Shame on you.

God I hope you two have grown up since 2008. If not, then god help you.
Music & Arts / Re: What is with Evin Agassi....?
« Last post by Neon on Today at 12:41:44 AM »
Idgaf how old this thread this, but the OP is a stupid fool beyond all measures and I'll do my best to correct her ignorance! And it's sad that there are people following her BS, being concordant to her putrid opinion. God, were Assyrians that stupid a decade ago? I hope our IQs have doubled since then, cos this thread makes me weep.  :bash:

First, have some respect. He's an old man. Calling him a loser and saying you'd spit on his face? Dude, like w.t.f? He's not someone your age. Get a grip and to all the actual losers who agreed with you in here. :ranting:

Second, and most importantly, Evin doesn't create the melodies nor even write the songs you dumb idiot. Have you heard of composers and lyricists? Yep, they're the ones who create the melodies. So, if anything, blame them. You're such a za'toota. Hopefully you've grown up since then and laugh at this embarrassing thread you made. I hope after 10 years you realized how f**ng asinine this thread is. :bangin:

Third, since you're so naïve (at that time I hope), you would not be aware that even Ashur Bet Sargis (also a good singer btw) has melodies from European songs. Yep, some of his melodies are based on French and Eastern European music. But of course, you're Assyrian, you don't listen to their music, but to Turkish and Greek music (which are similar). Go listen to French and Slavic music. They're akin to Ashur's pop ballads. But again, I'm not an idiot like you to hold it against the singer.  :bann:

P.S. This thread is a shame. Whether it's 1 day old or 2000 years old, I will still have my say and defend the greatest Assyrian singer of all time, especially against the unwanted and unjust smear he's gotten here. The thread is still open and people would see it. It's a shame that nobody properly defended Evin Agassi. Hopefully the mods will understand that.
absolutely. shia muslims in general have been very good to us assyrians.
3 would be best. a multi cultural, libertarian-ish society. you have your own property and you can be WHATEVER culture you want, on your own property.
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