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Read alot of posts, well i'm wonderin' why the hell some members are like intruders?
like who invited them in? and who is the administrator ? why there's no control on the identity of the members?
i thought it was assyrianvoice? alll what i can see, non assyrians posting **** and spam all over the forum!
Am I in the wrong forum?

i would like from the administrator with alldue respect to send me a private message and explain it to me please.
Thank you

Assyrian Language Center / Re: Grammar Discussion
« Last post by Român on Today at 08:59:16 AM »
Question regarding prepositions

1) How do you know the difference between using ܒ ܘܼ ܓܘܼ (b' and goo) when talking about something in a certain language.

 e.g) In Assyrian

"ܒܣܘܼܪܝܸܬ̣" or "ܓܘܼ ܣܘܼܪܝܸܬ̣"?

How does this vary when talking about "in" "on" or "through" in general?
Assyrian Language Center / Grammar Discussion
« Last post by Român on Today at 08:47:17 AM »
Hi everyone,

I've been looking for places online that describe certain aspects of Assyrian grammar, but whenever I stumble across a new grammar rule, I always want to ask "why" is that, and "how" do you know when to use X and when to use Y... things of that nature.

So I have set out this discussion where anyone (including me :P) can ask grammar questions and hopefully someone here on AV can answer them.

I will then use the information gained to create a FAQ grammar directory, and hopefully publish it to some website, but with minimal "grammar" talk so that it's more understandable and easy to comprehend the question.
I would also like to say that Religion divided the Assyrian community.
Starting with Chaldeanism.
To be fair, there are Christians who believe in the old earth and the scientific consequences (evolution). The only difference is that they believe god made it. This isn't bad.
Serious Topics and Discussions / Re: 40,000 Assyrians left in Syria?!?
« Last post by Neon on Today at 01:26:40 AM »
I wonder how many Assyrians are left in Jordan. Wikipedia says they're over 100K there, which I highly doubt. When we were in Jordan (in the 90s even) there were barely over 3000 Assyrians.
I hope nothing bad happens there. Like that mass shooting in 2010 in a Baghdad Assyrian church. I will be really gutted.

They should really guard the place with armed security and police. Anything can happen.
Serious Topics and Discussions / Re: Is Honor killing common among Assyrians?
« Last post by Neon on Yesterday at 11:46:03 PM »
Then how would it be 'gay' if it's not done in a sexual/gay way?
A guy getting sensually massaged by another guy still looks gay as hell, even if it isn't actually intended to be gay.

Killing isn't a strictly Islamic thing... Secondly, Muslims who kill or have the will to kill only understand force.
You're right. Executing or killing someone who's savagely murdered dozens is justified and it has nothing to do with Islam. But killing your sister's innocent partner because of his religion is f*cked up and irrational. Muslims are usually capable of this and even some Ezedis who have a nomadic belief system are taught to do such things. You're obviously not part of a religion that teaches you to do honor killings. Or are you now?

As a compassionate and rational Assyrian you should be more diplomatic, don't you think? Maybe try converting him out his religion or just warn your sister about him. Killing him won't make you look heroic, it will make you look like a nomadic village savage or a religious extremist.

Why do you think the liberal/leftist tactical of compromising with terrorists does not work?
What? How do Islamic-style honor killings of innocents even compare to murderous, savage terrorists who actually deserve to die? Way to make false comparisons.
Chit Chat / Re: Views of each country
« Last post by Qišta on Yesterday at 10:52:25 PM »

The homeland is the Sunni triangle?  :loool:
I'd have painted the whole north blue, but then it would be unfair to the kurds. Half and half.
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