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News & Current Events / Re: The Kurdish referendum.
« Last post by Cascade on Today at 02:58:34 AM »
Take a number lol , Turks still claim mosul is theirs , Iranian claim that Baghdad is an iranian city (historically true ) and kurds claim that Sassanide empire and the land they occupied is theirs and assyrian with 300 thousands men women and children want to claim Assyria . 
Yes, and your point is?

No one is the owner of anything and you know my views about history very well . Ownership always belong to the strong and your own history is clear evident of that .
Okay, cool. Then don't tell Kurds to not take lands in northern Iraq. Leave it to the wildlife. Be consistent. That's your logic, is it not?

oh come on Cascade stop twisting topics to suit your agenda . The topic was the rule Christianity as a religion played in persecuting the natives and ironically you were defending and i believe still defending christian values and so called holy books and the destruction they brought .
I'm actually going by your feeble logic - natives own the land and that the destroyers are those who come from other lands.

Amazing that you bring up Europeans and Christians to placate and trivialized what Sunni Kurds did to Assyrians. Why are you still doing that? Lol.

1-Natives = were victimes of religious and colonial power .
Applies to modern Assyrians

2-Assyrian = They killed like there is no tomorrow and were proud of it and got punished exactly the way they punished others . 
They have killed a lot of people (if you're talking about 2000 years ago Lol), and maybe we got our comeuppance after that (the following 2000 years). But let's face it, we went through a lot in the past century. It's disgusting and inhumane of you to wish more Assyrian deaths and suffering. And if you that sick thought, I suggest you see a therapist.

2-Do i consider Assyrian native like native American : absolutely not and it has never been proven nor it is a clear cut case like the native american , Many ethnics in iraq can make and defend the same claim . Just ask Ezidi kurd  and he will bombard you with evidence . He is the expert in Genetics here :), but as you know i do not care what people call themselves .
Thank you for outing yourself as an anti-Assyrian and history-denyer. Just say Assyrians don't exist and that we're gypsies, Arab (or whatever BS you guys come up with). Actually, Ezidi Kurd acknowledges our existence. He traces us to ancient Akkadians/Assyrians. I only don't agree with him when he says we're part of a "Semitic race". Even he hasn't stooped as low as you did. Look, you're a typical Assyrian-hating Sunni Kurd. I guess. I should've known. But I was too nice and naïve I guess.

You made me laugh i swear with your lack of neutrality . So the natives were brutish, committing savage rituals ? You think they were praying for the christian European to come and wipe out 30 millions of them , take their lands , resources , take their children and put the rest in reservations ?. WHO  is more brutish and savage in your views ?
Native Americans were brutal, just like Medieval Europeans. Whether Europeans were savages too or not, is not the point anyway. Clearly you haven't read about child sacrifices and other violent rituals they had. Again, you have a pathetic and blatant agenda: "Because Christian Europeans and ancient Assyrians were savages, Islamic Kurds/Turks shouldn't be ruled out. Oh and native Americans are pacifist and harmless". Try again. Lol.

As for present day Assyrian i have never opposed them having an autonomy or even a country and all my posts here are prove of that . I do however question and have my doubt about that and i do not think that is doable at this stage considering that you are all abroad and with population shrinking to the non existence .
You just said you don't want Assyrians to have an autonomy because they're a small amount. How is that reasonable?

Why would i be against kurdish referendum ? There are over 5 million kurds in iraq and they have the right to establish whatever country they want to . As i said in the past and i hate repeating my self i believe it is not going to be a successful state , but still better than iraq for everyone .
If you read my posts properly you'd also be aware about the fact that I too wasn't against the referendum. But you were the one who was talking about natives and aboriginals, and how they deserve their land. It was hypocritical of you to dismiss the fact that even Kurdistan is a stolen nation. But that was convenient since it's your country

Never said that , i said all our ancestors were equally thugs and criminals who built empires on the skulls of the other nations .Big difference from what you quoted me .  Do not get emotional Cascade and take it easy . We are just taking
Um, that was my point? You think all cultures were equally bad, Assyrians and Kurds. So why be against Assyrians ONLY and say nothing about Kurds? I'm just going by your own logic. If you what to be fair and consistent with your own logic, then also speak ill of Kurds? You're the emotional one here. All your recent posts on this forum are about Assyrians and how much you're fed up with them. Seriously, stop backpedaling and being a hypocrite..

1-A kurd ....yes and you know we do not chose that .
2-Nationalist ....absolutely not and i detest nationalists
3-Better than others ..... we do not even have a country , so please .
4-Ashamed of crime committed by my ancestors .....absolutely yes .... aren't you ashamed of crimes committed by Assyrian ?
5-proud of my history ? the only thing i'm proud of is what i do now .The rest is non sense

1. Okay. Same here.
2. Okay, but why are you being defensive about Assyrians and their ramblings about Kurds?
3. So peoples without a country are not supposed to feel proud of themselves?
4. Time is a virtue here. Kurds and Turks committed such acts within the last century. We were savages 1500-2000 years ago. Brutal empire, yes, but it was too long ago.
4. Fair enough.
News & Current Events / Re: The Kurdish referendum.
« Last post by Cascade on Today at 02:29:19 AM »

First of all, I like Indians and have much more respect for Indians that Semitic period. I like their culture much more and their language.

Indians are INDIC, Kurds are IRANIC. What don't you understand about it?

Indians and Kurds are part of the INDO-European language family, like CELTIC, ITALIC, GERMANIC, HELLENIC people.

Indic and Iranic people are both Indo-Iranians. Just like Egyptians, Ethiopians, Jews and Assyrians are Semitic.

I have nothing against Indians, Iranians and other Semites.

Are Indic and Italic people the same people? Both are INDO-European, but are they the same? Of course not. Indic people have different roots than Italic people. Same can be said about INDIC and IRANIC people.
Indic and Iranic people are a subbranch of the Indo-Iranian race, just Germans and Norwegians are of the Nordic race.

Indians and Italians are races apart. Feeble comparison. Try again. Lol.

ARYAN Kurds are NorthWest IRANIC people. Very different roots than INDIC people.
Same way Ethiopians are eastern African and Assyrians are northwest Middle Easterners = BOTH are Semitic peoples.

Indians and Iranians share a close common ancestor, thus making you virtually of the same race (that common ancestor is even more recent than the Semitic one; of Assyrians and Ethiopians). Don't worry about their skin colour. Race is skin deep.

But yeah my ARYAN race is still closer to all other IRANIC people in SouthCentral Asia than to Semitic Assyrians. My ARYAN race has nothing to do with the Semites, period
And also, your race is closer to other Indo-Iranians like Indians and Pakis. Don't exclude them because they're dark brown.

But I agree with you in here.

LMAO about the Georgians! Georgians are even much MORE West Asian than Kurds, since Kurds have some other minor non-West Asian auDNA in them. Georgians are the MOST West Asian people on this planet.
Ancient Georgians were more like you, yes. But not the modern ones, who are pretty much Slavic in nature.

Indians are Indo-European, like Celts. What is your point??? I'm Indo-Iranian, like I'm Indo-European. It means NOTHING at all. First of all I'm NorthWest Iranic like the ancient mighty ARYAN Medes. The ARYAN Medes were also NorthWest Iranic people!
You are a northwest Iranic Aryan, a subbranch of the Indo-Iranian race. Indians are an Indic branch of the Indo-Iranian race. Though some would have Dravidian mixture. Still, they are Indo-Iranian in makeup. They have long, narrow noses (if hooked), high foreheads and straight hair, like many Caucasians (especially Iranic people). Dravidians have fat noses, big lips and curly hair - Many Indians and Pakis don't even look like that.

So, as you can see, Kurds have NOTHING to do with the Semitic people/race.
Nope, but they have more in common with non-Dravidian Indians and Pakistanis.

Who said Kurds and Assyrians are related anyway?

I've much, much, much more respect for INDIC people than for Semitic people.

Of course, Indic people are your fellow Aryan brothers. We are of the lesser, subhuman Afro Semitic race. Why would want you to respect Afro monkeys like us?

You are a Semite who belongs to a Semitic race. Your ancestors were hardcore Semites. If you deny your Semitic roots, then you deny your own ancestors. If you say that your race is not Semitic, then you are NOT an Assyrian at all. Because ancient Akkadians/Assyrians were Semites, belonged to the same Semitic race like Semitic Jews and Semitic Arab.

And? Same thing could be said about your Indo-Iranian people and how you all have the same roots (Indians, Nepalese, Pakis, Afghans, etc). You seem to have a problem when I shove in Pakis and Indians with your people, where you're projecting it on the Semitic race.
Serious Topics and Discussions / Re: Relationship with an Assyrian
« Last post by Cascade on Today at 02:11:15 AM »
I don't think that's the idea either. We usually like some who's of similar background or culture to us, like Armenians, Greeks, Maronites, etc.

He's half Maghrebi and European which is completely different from Middle Eastern and Eastern Mediterranean based culture.

But let's give me a break. He's in love, as corny as this sounds. So let him be happy. Assyrians are dying right now in the homeland, but the world has to stop because he's "stealing" an Assyrian lady. That's just so trivial in comparison.

Again, the man is not a practicing Muslim. That part should be comforting enough. Sure, his culture is foreign, but I doubt that him and his Assyrian wife would be practicing Dutch/Maghreb traditions. They both seem secular and they'd both be speaking English with each other. They will be "western acting" who happen to have 'ethnic' backgrounds. This happens all over the world.
I don't understand what is your problem? Assyrian homeland belongs to Assyrians and not Kurds. Kurds can't even protect their own homeland. So Kurds should leave Assyrians alone and do their own politics. Let Assyrians be happy with their own homeland.

Sunni Muslim Kurds don't want to protect those lands. The very first attack by our enemies and Kurdish ****merga will ran like rats and give it for free to our enemies. Sunni Muslim Kurds will give Assyrian land to the Arabs in the first place, like they gave away Shengal and Kirkuk away.

So, maybe when Assyrians will rule their region, they will protect and defend their homeland from Arabs.

Wait, now you're defending us and Nejereprisssosoltririr is scorning us?

What dimension am I in please? Lol
Sports / Re: Brazil vs. Germany : the new Cold War in soccer?
« Last post by mrzurnaci on Yesterday at 11:31:35 PM »
I'm just hoping brazil prepared better this time than what happened. I still watched with my nephews and brother in law how they got utterly annihilated... Here's memes on it anyway lol

Been watching this for awhile. It will probably take awhile to clear them all out though.
Sports / Brazil vs. Germany : the new Cold War in soccer?
« Last post by ASHOOR on Yesterday at 08:19:32 PM »
Looks like Germany has virtually eliminated Argentina as Brazil's main rival. We all know why of course...

Everyone is thrilled that the two willl meet in a few days, even though it is the youngest of competitions out there. And last year, we had that thrilling Olympic final. And we are all waiting for the two senior teams to meet in a friendly next year. And imagine if they meet in a SF or even the final next year in Russia?

Now let us think for a second that the two do meet up in a SF or final. It will be for than a chance to win a WC. It will be literally for soccer world domination. It will either be for Brazil to leave two between them and Germany or Germany wins and equal Brazil's record. To borrow some political terms, Brazil will have to do the impossible to ensure we don't have a soccer Cold War, where you have two competing world powers on top, each claiming to be the true world power.

Here is the problem for Brazil if such a match-up does happen: Brazil will go in with lots of emotions while Germany will be the usual robots they usually are.

Bani and the rest, what is your take on this?

BTW, for me even if the unfortunate happens and Germany wins, to me Brazil will still have the edge.

News & Current Events / Re: A New Blood Bath - Peshmerga VS PMU in Kirkuk
« Last post by Ezidi Kurd on Yesterday at 12:30:32 PM »
The biggest majority of Kirkuk are Kurds. Nobody will ever take Kirkuk from Kurdistan. REAL Kurds will fight for Kirkuk like they did in Kobani if necessary.

Kirkuk is not lost and never will be lost.

The problem was only corrupt Sunni Muslim terrorist monkeys Barzanis and Talabanis. They gave Kurdish oil for free to Turkye. And now it is stopped.

The USA have dumped them forever, but not the real Kurds.

The plan was that Barzani/Talabani would start a war against Iran in Kirkuk. But Barzani/Talabani refused to fight Iran and instead Barzani wanted to join Turkye and steal Kurdish oil and give it to Turkye. Americans and the Western world are against this plan, so they just dumped those Sunni Muslim genocidal corrupt terrorist traitors.

Kurds in Bashur need to get rid of Islam and Barzani/Talabani. Then the Western world will support them, like they support Kurds in Rojava.

REAL Kurds understand that no matter what to gain full independence we need to defeat Islam, like we defeated Islam in Rojava and start a war against Turkey & Persia. Kurdistan parts in those failed states need to be liberated.

Northern Kurdistan and Eastern Kurdistan need to be liberated, then all parts will join together and there will be GREAT Kurdistan!

The same can be said about Shekhan region in Nineveh Plains. If Assyrians ever get their region in Nineveh Plains it will be without Ezdi areas. Assyrians will get their land only where the Assyrians are the majority. Assyrians will never get land where they are minority. Lalish + Shexan city in the Nineveh Plains will be part of Shexan canton. Ezdixan = Shengal + Shexan !!

News & Current Events / Re: A New Blood Bath - Peshmerga VS PMU in Kirkuk
« Last post by ASHOOR on Yesterday at 01:07:05 AM »
Apparently, there is an agreement in place between the central government and the PUK to divide the Kurdish regions into two: basically two Kurdistans. Here are some other things they agreed on (will try to translate if I get time)

1- تمركز القوات العراقية في المناطق الكردستانية الواقعة خارج إدارة إقليم كردستان، وسحب قوات البيشمركة من تلك المناطق.
2- تسليم 17 وحدة إدارية من أقضية ونواحي كركوك للسلطة الاتحادية، والتي تديرها حكومة إقليم كردستان منذ عام 2014، وإذا لم يتم تسليمها فستطالب بغداد بـ11 وحدة إدارية أخرى من التي تديرها حكومة الإقليم منذ عام 2003، ليصبح عدد الوحدات الإدارية 28 وحدة إدارية.
3- تشكيل إدارة مشتركة لمركز محافظة كركوك، بحيث يُخصص 15 حياً للكرد، و25 حياً للمكونات الأخرى، وذلك لمدة 6 أشهر.
4- المناطق الاستراتيجية في كركوك ستكون خاضعة لإدارة الحكومة العراقية، مثل قاعدة كيوان، المطار، وآبار النفط.
5- إعادة حركة الملاحة الجوية إلى مطار السليمانية.
6 – دفع رواتب موظفي السليمانية وكركوك من قبل الحكومة العراقية.
7- دفع رواتب قوات البيشمركة داخل السليمانية وفقاً للقائمة التي أعدها بافل الطالباني.
8- إنشاء إقليم "السليمانية-كركوك-حلبجة".
9- تشكيل حكومة جديدة للإقليم الجديد.

While I am happy the Iraqi army is taking over these lands from the Kurds, I don't know how I feel about the PMU taking over the Nineveh Plain, having seen what they have done to other Sunni areas they took on their way to Mosul: they like to Shi'ify the area and come out with their Ali and Hussein chanting parades.

That is why the NP should be in Assyrian hands, with protection from the Iraqi army. Period.


I was going to mention that, the Imam Hussain and Prophet Ali flags are ridiculous.

Put that shet in Karbala or Iran, not in ninewa.

Sunnis deserve it, majority of Assyrian neighbors said they don't trust them anymore.
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