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Top 5 Videos on our 'Assyrian Youtube Clips' forum Section
« on: April 26, 2008, 11:36:41 AM »
Top 5 Videos on our 'Assyrian Youtube Clips' forum
These are the videos that have received at least 1000 views:

1 - "Stunning Assyrian War Dance" -Posted by Waleeta   (2034 Views

2-"The Next Evin Agassi" -Posted by AssyrianBookta (1270 Views)

3- "Assyrian Party with AVNers in it" -Posted by Shamoosey (1205 Views)

4- "Assyrians of Khabour(Jelwaye) Peda Dance" -Posted by Rumtaya (1131 Views

5- "Chinese Guy Singing Assyrian Song" -Posted by Anitaaaaaaaaaa (1041 Views)

The amazing thing is, we have posted close to 150 youtube clips there, and almost all have received at least 100 videos. This section has been such a great success in less than 3 months since opening. has also helped of course, since it is linked directly to the forum.

Please keep posting more videos that you see on Youtube that you think will be interesting for others to view.


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