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Toronto Star Interview with Martin Brodouer
« on: October 02, 2006, 09:23:30 PM »
A Sprite-ly fellow indeed
Martin Brodeur: Peace at the barbecue and Jack Bauer's No.1 fan
Oct. 1, 2006. 01:07 PM

Martin Brodeur has three Stanley Cups, two Vezina Trophies and an Olympic gold medal, but he bypasses all of them when asked to name his most treasured sporting possession.

"You'll be surprised," Brodeur said with a laugh during a phone call from New Jersey. "It's a golf ball I made a hole-in-one with.

"I've got my gold medal, I've got my Stanley Cup, but that little ball is something that ... I don't have much talent in golf, so to do that was pretty cool."

The New Jersey Devils goalie, who has written a book with the Star's Damien Cox, Brodeur: Beyond the Crease, takes us beyond the action on the ice in a wide-ranging interview with Unplugged.

If you could have any three people in history to dinner, who would they be?

I would have George W. Bush as one. I would probably have Tiger Woods. And Kiefer Sutherland ... Jack Bauer (laughs).

Why Bush?

I met him once. I have so much respect for the people who are in charge of the world. Regardless of the decisions he made, just to talk to him about the decisions he has to make day-in and day-out and the responsibility that a person has, I think it'd be really interesting to be able talk to him. It's more I'd be interested in talking to the President of the United States. It just happens to be Bush.

What's the biggest extravagance in your life?

A Bentley. I'm in it right now.

You ride a motorcycle. Did the Ben Roethlisberger accident make you think twice?

A little bit. Everybody's different in the way they approach their off-season, the way they live it and stuff. I have a great time riding my bike but I understand there's a risk to it and seeing what happened to him. I'm riding different bikes than he does, but an accident could happen at any time. So I'm definitely concerned more after it happened to another professional athlete.

Who would play Martin Brodeur in the movie of your life?

(Laughs) I would say Keanu Reeves because he has a sense of what it means to be a goalie. He's in Youngblood as a goalie, I think, or some other movie. I know I was at a charity game when he played goalie.

Who'd play Scott Stevens?

I don't know. Probably Stallone.

What kind of a hockey dad are you?

I'm enjoying it. I think it's great. I'm fortunate. Three of my boys are playing the game. I have two goalies. One I'm coaching now, the oldest. I'm an assistant coach. I'm pretty laid back, but I get nervous. I know the game so much and I'd love to be able to tell them what to do every time, so I get really into it. It's fun.

What's the craziest thing you ever did with the Stanley Cup?

What people remember me a lot for with the Stanley Cup are the street hockey games. I always put the Cup on the side of the street and play with my friends like when we were kids and we always dreamed we were playing for the Stanley Cup. Now, it's for real. The same buddies I grew up with, we've played for it three times now. We do a kids' game before and they get to drink Slushies out of it. After that, we get beer.

What's the best pre-game meal?

I eat the same thing for the last 13 years. I eat spaghetti, tomato sauce and grilled chicken. On the road, everywhere I go, that's the only thing I eat before a game.

What about your habit of always drinking Sprite on game days?

Early on in my career, they had these really acidic Gatorade drinks. They always gave me heartburn all the time. One day, somebody told me just drink a Sprite. So I started drinking Sprite and I never quit. I've been drinking a can of Sprite in between all the periods I play. No energy drink, nothing, just Sprite. So my trainer has to carry a case of Sprite wherever we go.

If you could switch spots with another pro athlete for a day, who would it be?

Probably Tiger Woods. I would love to be able to have the nerves. I've got it in my sport, but to do it on the level he's doing is pretty amazing. I'd love to be able to perform week-in, week-out the way he's been doing it for years.

Now that you've built your dream cottage, what's your favourite thing to do there?

Just hang out. Being outside cooking barbecue. I have a big barbecue. Cooking meals for my buddies every weekend, everybody comes down. It's overlooking the lake and overlooking my pool. That's probably my best hour of the day when I'm by myself cooking food for everybody.

Who's got the hardest shot in the league?

I think (Alexander) Ovechkin right now. But with the new sticks and new kids coming in bigger and stronger every year, it's kind of hard to really pinpoint one guy.

How do you not flinch when the puck's coming at you that fast?

When you don't see it, it's hard to flinch. Sometimes, I do, depending on where. It's all about surviving. You go out there and I wanna stop the puck. I can't keep my eyes off it. When you lose it and you know it's coming, that's where you flinch. But when you see it on the blade and you know it's coming, there's no flinching.

The guy you most fear facing on a breakaway?

For my money, I think (Jaromir) Jagr is probably the best player there is as far as the kind of moves and different things he can do to you. But the guys I have a lot of trouble, especially with the shootouts and everything now, (Miroslav) Satan is I think one of the guys.

Well, with a name like Satan (pronounced Sha-tan) ...

Big time. It's playing against the devil (laughs).

Best Scott Stevens hit you ever saw?

Against (Vyacheslav) Kozlov in Detroit in '95. That was crazy. That was one of his first big, big ones, too. But most of the hits Scott Stevens did, when he laid a guy out, I didn't see it because my job is to follow the puck. The guy (he hits) doesn't have the puck after, let's put it this way. So I'm looking in the corner and, boom, "Oh, he hit someone again."

Who did you imagine you were when you were a kid playing street hockey?

Guy Lafleur. I never played goalie when I was in the street so that's why.

Tie Domi's going through a messy public divorce right now here. Do you feel for him given that you've gone through something similar yourself?

Yeah, I do feel for him. Everybody has a right to their own private lives. It's hard when it's been translated to the public. There's kids involved and that's what bothers me the most. I know the fans want to know, but the kids don't need to go through this. It's hard enough your parents are getting separated, they don't need to hear it from everybody. That's why I feel bad.

Who's the most famous person on your speed dial?

Wayne Gretzky.

What was the last autograph you collected?

Yogi Berra. I got that for my dad. He was the best friend of our old owner who passed away last year. He came to our locker room every single day. It's not something that was hard to get. But I got him to sign a baseball for my dad. The second one — I'm in the process of getting it because I'm building a movie theatre in my house — is getting Kiefer Sutherland to autograph an action shot of Jack Bauer.

The worst job you ever had?

Mover. I worked for a moving company for two days when I was 16. Quit that because it was too hard.

Greatest fear?

Getting sick. You know cancer or something ... just not being able to enjoy life or living it fully. I'm really scared about that.

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