Author Topic: Dedicated to "Assyrian men"!  (Read 1340 times)

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Dedicated to "Assyrian men"!
« on: December 09, 2005, 02:53:13 PM »
I don't remeber posting my Assyrian written poem, it was published in Hujada a 8-months ago. Unfortunately I don't have the Assyrian program installed on my computer I'm posting it this way. Enjoy it!

Atoreta ewan oetli hymanota,
Haw Khoobokh ya atoraya,
Bet khamyaneh go lebby hal mota.
Haw khobokh qa omtoukh khelana,
Qam gareshly elokh o’mody othen ana.

Eman go dan aynatokh qoomehe gooshqly ana,
Dely khyotee menokh maletla men khnana.
M’bar qama meshneh de rekhqotta,
Khobbokh har khayewa go leeby b’doozota.

Ya atoraya la shoqetly senqten alokh raba,
La shoqetly qa kha khena hoyeen joraba.
Le khashwan men barokh etly mootana,
Hamen qorbokh bayen khayen kol dana.

Atoraya lebokh melya men sepyouta,
Bayen khayen menokh tla showtanota.
Qarben ele ana bet khamyanokh,
Men  kol beesha o khobi bet yawannokh

Nasheh zmara ordeh smoqeh o zardeh,
Ena ana awa leeby mela men dardeh.
Khobokh ya atoraya khelana,
Qarben el bratet omtoukh len nekhreta ana.

"Etly haymanota b A2rayota hal mota, A2reta4Eternity"

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