Author Topic: Is this the greatest Assyrian song you have heard? Robert Bit Sayad "Yimma"  (Read 835 times)

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Don't know how active Robert Bit Sayad is anymore but the song below which he sang in 1981 is one of the greatest Assyrian songs I have heard. And in fact, it could very well be the best ever.
Both the lyrics and music are amazing, not to mention his legendary performance.

And since Mother's Day is few days away, this song is very timely (even if the word mother here is a symbolic of the Assyrian nation as a whole)

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It's a beautiful sounding song no doubt, but it could be done with a better vocalist, like Sargon Gabriel.

EDIT: Oh wait, I noticed it's a cover (or vice versa) of this song (sung by a little girl and an older woman):

I prefer that one.

EDIT: Why are the links to Youtube videos been taken to that "device support" video?  :blink: :blackeye:
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