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I understand that, but even my Dad's grandparents cannot speak Assyrian, and they were obviously around before Saddam's reign
No, but he lived in Iraq during Saddam's reign

that's because Saddam enforced all publics schools to teach only Arabic. Pretty sure Mosul wasn't excluded either.
Jokes and Games / Re: This conspiracy theorist. lol
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Like this conspiracy theory? How's the internet in Mardin? :loool:
You do realize gays don't exactly have a birth rate right? You can't have a stable society without a birthrate.
My laws would be that if you're the only son of a family and you happen to be gay, you have to have kids so the family can continue.
There's a time to worry about the individual's freedoms and then the collective's freedoms.
No, but he lived in Iraq during Saddam's reign
was your dad born during the reign of Saddam Hussein? Also, Ignore Ezidi Kurd, he/she knows nothing on these matters.
A DNA test will only tell me where my ancestors probably come from, nothing else. It will not answer my question
Personally (as an Ezdi Kurd) I'm connect to both South and North Kurdistan. My paternal, paternal tribe is from Shengal, while other ancestors are from Wan region of Northern Kurdistan. So I did a DNA test and i found out that my auDNA is telling the same story. I'm related to (Ezdi) Kurds around Shengal/Shexan and also closely related (DNA matches) to Kurds in Wan region in Northern Kurdistan.
Do a DNA test on your father / your people and you will find out where the roots of your family are.

If you are rather more northern shifted toward Anatolia than average Assyrian population, then it is possible that your family is connected to Northern Kurdistan.

Hi, this is my first post on AVN :)

My Father is Syriac Catholic and from the "Muslawi/Mosulaya" tribe (if that can even be considered a tribe). He does not speak Assyrian, but Iraqi Arabic  (Mosul dialect as well), and for some reason Syriac Assyrians from Mosul generally don't speak Assyrian. I asked my Dad why and he told me that they (Muslawis) just forgot how to speak it over time (to my knowledge even his great-grandparents do not speak Assyrian), but this has always made me curious because if Assyrians from other villages did not lose their language, then why is it that Assyrians from Mosul lose their language?

I want to see if anyone here knows the reason for this. I believe it has something to do with the Sayfo genocide in 1915. I think I've heard from somewhere that apparently Mosulaye are originally from Mardin or other places in Turkey, and Turkey tried to suppress the Assyrian Churches and forced them not to speak Assyrian, which is why the Syriac Catholic Church does not exist in Turkey anymore, and I believe many Syriac Assyrians fled Turkey to Mosul during Sayfo. I'd also appreciate it if there is any Assyrians from Mosul who can give me an input on this as well.

I'd like to see what people say about this, everyone I've asked basically just tells me they forgot how to speak it and can't really say anything else, I don't really think they know why themselves, and I've tried to do some research on this but I haven't found anything.

Jokes and Games / Re: This conspiracy theorist. lol
« Last post by Assyrian Nationalist on Yesterday at 03:23:43 AM »
The conspiracies that are tougher to combat are the ones that do have a portion of truth to it, such as the one you mentioned.

Like this conspiracy theory? How's the internet in Mardin? :loool:
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