Author Topic: Ethnic Cleansing of Assyrians Continues in Iraq  (Read 1404 times)

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Ethnic Cleansing of Assyrians Continues in Iraq
« on: March 01, 2007, 04:07:56 PM »
Stockholm -- Since the war in Iraq started in 2003, minorities have suffered disproportionately. In the civil war between Arabs and the Kurds, many Assyrians have become victims.

As a result of the sectarian violence which is characteristic for this civil war, the Christian Assyrians have inadvertently become enemies to both Arabs and the Kurds. Hundreds of thousands of Assyrians have been forced to leave their homes to save their lives. In Baghdad and the southern parts of the country, the Assyrians have been extinguished. Those who can afford it and who have the opportunity flee the country. However, they flee to an uncertain existence completely without safety.

Today, hundreds of thousands of Assyrians live as refugees in Syria, Jordan and Turkey, in misery and uncertainty. Assyrian women are forced to prostitution, to sell their organs and in many cases to live like slaves to survive. Assyrians have been murdered, expelled and raped, and their churches and holy places destroyed.

The tragic plight of Assyrians and other minority groups has been documented by the human rights organization Minority Rights Group International (MRGI). In the report MRGI details how minorities, mainly Christian Assyrians, are being extinguished. The war in Iraq is close to terminating a 7000 year old continuous Assyrians presence in their homeland.

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