Author Topic: As Kurds contemplate independence, sample currency has Assyrian writing  (Read 1942 times)

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On the bright side, like every form of cancer, it'll kill the host thus the cancer dies as well.

Also like cancer, like you just said, it comes back stronger than ever ;)

In order to "cure" cancer, you have effectively kill it and keep getting check ups to make sure it doesn't come back.

For the Shah to have effectively put down Islam, he would've needed to politically repress religious leaders which I can assume he did not do OR he tried but failed because Khomeini.
I'm all for dictatorship when it comes to religion . You give them an inch they will take a meter and if it is up to me I will completely forbid them from establishing political religious parties .
I will tell you this , even the most educated moderate mulsims are fanatics deep down inside and the only way to fight them is to show islam as it is not as they wanted to look like .

Islam is Isis and isis is true islam and nothing that Isis ever did if it was not done by mohamad or mentioned in Quran . 


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