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our people get into a point to ask themself: WHERE IS YOUR PROBLEM?
Focus on Iraq/Worldwide:

We have around of policital movement. To much splittet, to reach our aim, to much influence of kurds, to work together.

We can say we have 4 or more seperate movements:
Ishtar-Slate/CSA Peoples Council (including HBA;SIMA;BNDP; and so on ?)
and some individuals and smaller movements.

The aim of all: The rights of our people, and of some: A local administration or an autonomie or a self government. Some want it with baghdad, some want it with KRG/Arbil.

We CANT reach any aim, if our political institutions in Iraq dont work together. How we get to this point?
Here starts the discussion.

The Problem which we have with ISHTAR is, that they are under control of the Kurds.
The Problem which we have with ADM, that they didnt lost till yet their arrogance as the "ONLY ONE BIG PARTY" and dont work together with anyone (mostly).
The Problem with APP, ehm.
The Problem with CDUP, ****²?

Where are the problems, why our institutions in iraq cant work as one power? Can you imagine, iraq government elections, all movements under one slate?
Shalwa d'Nineveh wouldnt be anymore a aim like a dream, it would be the reality!

So, what have our movements to do?
What we have in the diaspora to do?

Dont forget: ASSYRIANISM includ our people, in history and yet, with all of his names!


Herro You:

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You lost me here.

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Herro You:

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he lost me at the thread title

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I know, which is precisely my point, and I get labelled ironic.  Still, I was only joking.


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