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"Dedicated to The Community of Skokie, Illinois, from the Cradle of Civilization ~ Assyria. The Assyrian National Council of Illinois"

“ANCI Shares Assyrian History, Language and Love with Skokie Residents”  


Chicago ~ June 2011 As a part of its ongoing community outreach and development programs, the Education Committee of the Assyrian National Council of Illinois, with the assistance of the Skokie Public Library’s Ms. Frances Roehm and her team, has placed the following books on the shelves of the stated library.

1.   “Assyrian Reader for Adult Beginners,” authors: Youarsh Haido, B.A. and Joann Yousif, M.S. (Alpha Graphics, Chicago 2009), Language section.
2.   “Our Locked Door,” author: Mishael Lazar Issa (1918 – 1962), translated to English from Assyrian by: Youarsh Haido, B.A. (Alpha Graphics, Chicago 2009), Fiction section.

3.   “Indigenous People in Distress,” Frederick A. Aprim (2003), History section.

4.   “Assyrians: The Saga Continues,” Frederick A. Aprim (2004), History section.

After the allotted time for the books to undergo the necessary collection development process and cataloging, all four books are now publicly available at the library, and online for reserving

The dedication plate for the books reads: "Dedicated to the community of Skokie, Illinois, from the Cradle of Civilization ~ Assyria. The Assyrian National Council of Illinois"

The ANCI Education Committee looks forward to advancing additional books about Assyrian history, culture and language to the community- friendly Skokie Public Library in the near future.

To learn more, visit

Special thanks to Mr. Abe Yacoub.

~ Helen Talia, MBA, CPA
Assyrian National Council of Illinois
Education Committee Chairwoman

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