Author Topic: Why do Assyrians put Armenians on a high liege?  (Read 1922 times)

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Re: Why do Assyrians put Armenians on a high liege?
« Reply #35 on: May 27, 2017, 08:29:50 PM »
There's about 2000 to 3000 Palestinian christians living in the Gaza strip and westbank territories. Those I certainly care about(and they've been victims of deadly attacks both by the muslims and jews)That's a lot of people that we could call "allies" being oppressed by Israel.

And Christians are harrassed and violated publically by orthodox jews in Israel. Since a percentage of the christian population in Israel is actually Assyrian, I am looking into info on incidents to see if Assyrians are victims of these attacks. It would fit nicely into this thread.

to be far though, the Orthodox Jews bother everybody, even regular Jews. Just to make fun of them, I call them Muslims since they act really no differently from Muslims.

I still stand by the fact that we should be building up and worrying about immediate threats while still acknowledging further threats.

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Re: Why do Assyrians put Armenians on a high liege?
« Reply #36 on: June 01, 2017, 11:31:31 PM »
Atleast you conceed to a few things which I didn't think was humanly possible for you. I guess even you couldn't just blatantly deny all the evidence(that you had never heard of before, undoubtedly. I mean your level of awareness on current affairs is awful, you actually thought Mosul was liberated early this year. LOL.) but you are still in denial about several things.

There are facts and there are opinions. I didn't concede or deny thing. Many Assyrians see Israel as an ally, like they do with Armenia. Who are you to call them "deniers"?

Not sure if you were under a rock, but parts of Mosul were liberated a month ago. Not sure about them now (and I don't really care). Don't be a smart aleck by using things what I said in other threads against me (so now you're stalking me?). That's not how you win arguments.

Israel is "pound for pound" the most powerful country by far, but you don't realize the hole you dug yourself into with this thread. The issue is that you are comparing them with Armenia. There is no comparison. Armenia has to be very careful with their financial troubles and if they get into another war, they don't have any superpowers to step in and help them immediately. Israel is the most heavily funded country in the world pretty much with the entire west willing to step in if any of the islamic countries try to step to them(not that they need it considering their heavily powered army) and do I really need to list all of their massive advantages again? Or will you drop that ridiculous comparison game?

Okay, so Israel is more powerful than Armenia (I didn't say otherwise). But so what? Is it a crime to see it as an ally despite their power? Why are you bothered by that?

Again with another statement you quoted, yes nobody said Armenians aren't allies but again you are comparing them to your jewish idols, that is how this silly thread backfired so badly. You simply don't have the knowledge to realize it.

Why are you threatened by Jews? What's with the hostility? If I have Jewish idols then for sure you have Armenian idols yourself. Lol...

Backfired? Dude, only you and that antisemitic Muslim troll were against what I said. You do realize that so a good number of us are for Israel. So don't go there. This isn't a "marginal" opinion, bub.

Lastly with that last quote, Israel's issues with Palestinians is an issue outside of Assyrian affairs. The fact that they are responsible for the Assyrian exodus to this day by funding the Kurds is the main issue on top of everything they did in the past as well. You can keep being in denial about it all you want, anybody who is funding an ethnic group that's ethnically cleansing your race is an enemy. You are being fooled because of their LGBT agenda, I get it, they got a grip on your emotions and you feel obligated to defend them. Not gonna work with these type of idiotic threads.

What the hell is wrong with you? I'm not in denial. Jews are our allies, and many Assyrians adhere to that idea. Deal with it. The Israelis are supporting another ethnic group for their own betterment. And that ethnic group isn't a terrorist organization. They're a nationality for crying out loud. They couldn't care less who our enemies are (and Kurds aren't even "official" enemies of us anyway as we don't even have a country). Our ethnic cleansers is ISIS and Sunni terrorists. Amazing you're oblivious to that.

LGBT agenda, women's rights, freedom of speech, economy...I am crazy to hate on a Middle Eastern country that holds these dearly.

Just when I think neon can't get any dumber he tells an actual semite that he's being 'anti-semitic' towards a group of people who are of mostly european ancestry. Then again he did just call himself an "imbecilic troll" This is true comedy.

There is no such as a "Semite". The term "Semitic" is obsolete for a racial group anyway, and it's now mostly affiliated with the Jews. Sucks for us, I know. Just because they're half European doesn't mean they're not Jews. You said you wouldn't mind interbreeding with Greeks. Now will your half Greek children be disowned from their Assyrian nationality because they're HALF Assyrian? Obviously that will be absurd for you. So be fair.

Amazing how you're still butthurt about me, where you always eventually end up calling me names at the end. Lmao. You must really hate me. You got riled up at me, replying my 2 month old posts only because you have an ally here on your side. You ignored my posts for months, until now where you found yourself a buddy and conveniently started to reply to my posts. Talk about ape mentality. You and your Muslim friend will get alone fine I guess. :giggle:
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