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Religion and Spirituality / Re: Selfdefence
« Last post by mrzurnaci on Yesterday at 10:46:23 PM »
no, Jesus allowed Self defense. Remember that Jesus said that Christians would be persecuted and that's where the swords verse comes in.

Eshu'a Msheekha knew that his followers would likely die as martyrs "sahdeyn" either by authorities or by regular men, from this he told them to buy swords to protect themselves, at least that's how I understand it.

Our churches tell Assyrians not to be armed for fear of escalating violence with Muslims but Muslims will always incite violence and it doesn't help that our churches are being controlled by Muslim leaders...
Serious Topics and Discussions / Re: Assyrian flag emoji
« Last post by mrzurnaci on Yesterday at 10:37:24 PM »
Did you make one yet?

No, I'm not sure how he wants the emoji, just a static simple Assyrian flag?

pick one from here maybe ->
First time seeing you speaking Assyrian. Lol.
I can speak it but it's annoying to type it. I usually write it out using the character map. It'd be easier if I switch to Syriac keyboard but I still haven't gotten used to it.
As correct as a chart saying all Assyrians have a medium olive complexion and have hooked noses. World map charts usually put us under brown skinned Middle Easterners with prominent noses. That isn't the case for a good number of Assyrians.

Same thing with gays and the opposite sex brains. True for some, but not for the rest. Nobody said your chart wasn't *entirely* correct. ;)

I think you're trying to say personality is different but brain structure doesn't do much against personality.
I am against.

Reason 1.  It will complete the wiping out of Assyrian influence in the region.  Everybody other than Assyrians will be represented in the region.  As an Assyrian, it smells of official defeat.

Reason 2.  Having a Kurdistan will create more turmoil in the region as there are too many countries around "Kurdistan" who don't like the Kurds merely for being Kurds.  As if there isn't enough turmoil in the Middle East, this will create more problems.  And when there are problems in the Middle East, we all knows which countries always profit from it.  Being an anti-Imperialist/anti-Wahhabist/anti-Zionist, I am concerned about who really gains in the long term from a Kurdistan.  The Kurds are just pawns (just like Assyrians for many years) for imperialists.
Assyrian Voice Help & Resources / Re: Request a new forum Section.
« Last post by Nemrud on Yesterday at 07:14:59 PM »
Please, change the name to science, without science there wouldnt be modern society!
Religion and Spirituality / Selfdefence
« Last post by Nemrud on Yesterday at 02:44:37 PM »
Does jesus really say you cant kill even in selfdefence? If its true then l will have hate against him, no wonder why seyfo happend and our population is in decline for so many years!!! So much brainwashed facking christians assyrians, weak people, we must make them non religious! I believe in science and all should Do that
I dont mind but l dont want them to take the nineveh plains from us, its our only land left. I also want them to have religious freedom, more like the west.
Assyrian Language Center / Re: Some questions that need answers
« Last post by Sharukinu on Yesterday at 08:11:29 AM »
Hon is a legit Assyrian word.

But we don't use it in our dialect. We say "dun", as in "don bekhala", or "ewin bekhala".

Both du- and ho- came from words that meant something like here or there but evolved to mean am or have (as in I have eaten). In some dialects, "ho" seems to be applied more often when doing as apposed to being. Although they are often used interchangeably, based on this this trend, it is possible to use them to make the following distinction: hon qṭīla (I have killed) vs dun qṭīla (I am killed).

As for the OP, as delayed as this is, abba = father. This became avva and it remains spelt like this (as it should) though most people incorrectly pronounce it as awa/awwa even though there is no Waw and these sound shifts such as V->W often defile and conflate roots. Avva (/awa/awwa) is often used for priests these days but it does mean father in general despite it's decline in popularity. Hence, we have words like avvaha meaning parent
Christian population in Australia: 88% in 1966, 73% in the 1986 census, 61% in the 2011 census, and 52% in the 2016 census.

No religion” in the Census has now overtaken the number of Catholics. It’s the first time in Australia’s history the number of people who claim “no religion” has overtaken Catholics.

The latest Census drop showed those ticking “no religion” rose from 22.6% to 29.6%— nearly double the 16% in 2001.
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