Author Topic: TIL Södertälje is considered to be the most Anti-Muslim city in Sweden  (Read 272 times)

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First, this is from a blog site rather than a news source. Blogs are not too credible and authentic.

Second, if it's real, then it's a grotesque act. Assaulting a harmless woman, especially a Somalian (who are treated the worst by their radicalized families), is hypocrisy and cowardly at best. Go and attack male Islamic gangs if you're real men. These boys deserved justice. I hate it when Muslim women, who are the subjugated ones, are targeted. It's like bashing religious gay men in the streets because you stand against homophobic believers. You got to SAVE these people, not attack them. Now sure, if a Muslim woman is getting all rowdy and picking fights with non-Muslims in the streets, we all have the rights to shove her off and get physical. Doesn't mean we should be hitting innocent ones?

Lastly, this story is from 2012. Let's hope it isn't relevant anymore. Don't make us look bad by sharing it on Reddit or anything. Lol.
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