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Well, I haven't done enough research on this topic but I reckon that modern Assyrian is an Aramaic language. Either that, or it is a hybrid language of Akkadian and Aramaic which is plausible since they were both official languages of the Neo-Assyrian empire. However, I believe that modern Assyrian is a heavily Akkadian influenced Aramaic language and that's what I've always seen it as.
- Assyrians are just Kurdish Christians
- Assyrians are just Arab Christians
- Assyrians are extinct
- Assyrians don't exist
- We only call ourselves Assyrians because the British named us Assyrians
- Assyrians were evil
- Assyrians were the ISIS of the ancient world
- We can never make up for the brutality of our ancestors and that is why we deserve to be getting killed today
- The Anti-Christ will be Assyrian

Culture & History / Re: Zurnas
« Last post by Cascade on Today at 02:23:44 AM »
no because there's no standard form/length/dimension on how a zurna or duduk is supposed to be, thus every created zurna and duduk are unique in sound, to the musician with a trained ear at least.

Western musical instruments are all created similarly with as similar as possible dimensions and constructtion so that they'll achieve the same tune and pitch as each other. From this, there's no such thing as an "on-key" zurna or duduk as they were created off key.
What mode is a zurna in?

The keys of the one in your post like like they're a natural B major/Gb minor scale.
Unfortunately people do not know how to stay on topic :P
So what's your opinion on this thread? Is modern Assyrian a Aramaic language? :)
I doubt they would like Assyrians much but they would probably tolerate them as they behave themselves and aren't Muslim.
They would just see as a slightly improved Middle Easterners. But we're definitely not going to be kings in their eyes.
- We're not descended form ancient Assyrians/Akkadians
- That we're a concoction of Levantine, Arab and Persian ethnic groups
Jesus idea of revenge is to let a higher authority (God) take care of the person who did you wrong. Secondly, how can you follow such a command against a WHOLE religion that tells its followers to do wrong? I'm pretty sure when Jesus talked about forgiveness and not taking revenge, it applies to CIVILIZED people.
That Evangelical American guy who wrote this article is looking WAY DEEP into it.

He's viewing Jesus like how Muslim apologists view him as ("Jesus is just as bad as Muhammad derp derp"). Can't believe you're falling for that.
Serious Topics and Discussions / Re: Our language
« Last post by Cascade on Today at 02:03:08 AM »
not just that, Classical Syriac had P and F, it had Heth instead of Kheth, and TH with T and Th and t made a grammatical difference.
At least eastern Assyrian has more Akkadian influence (the most ancient Assyrian language).
Serious Topics and Discussions / Re: Assyrian flag emoji
« Last post by Cascade on Today at 02:01:32 AM »
No, I'm not sure how he wants the emoji, just a static simple Assyrian flag?

pick one from here maybe ->

The first one of course.
ISIS in Iraq has just ended btw.
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