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What does Mario Shabow need to do to get game time? Bassa Kheena!


Crocodile Bani:
Like most Western Sydney Wanderers fans, I have been frustrated this season with their poor play.  As an Assyrian fan of the Western Sydney Wanderers, I am constantly being frustrated with the lack of game time given to young Assyrian, Mario Shabow.

I would understand if the team was doing well and the coach did not want to interrupt a winning team's cohesion.  But the team has been terrible.  On top of this, we have had Asian Champions League commitments, so it was important to use the squad during this very busy time, yet he has hardly been seen.

This season, he has not played a single minute of A-League but he got a 20 minute run in the Asian Champions League (against Urawa Reds).  That's right.  He is not good enough to play in a domestic league but good enough to play in the biggest competition on the Asian continent.  Is the coach serious? 

What does the boy need to do to get a run?  How long will the coach persist with an attacking combination which is just not working, while they have on their books the undisputed star of the future? 

I hope the boys do well tonight against FC Seoul and I hope Mario Shabow gets a run this weekend in the A-League, even if it is as a substitute.

He needs to train with me to find his GINJA.. u know this bani

Bronit Omta:
He got released and signed with Newcastle Jets. Hopefully he gets more game time.

Crocodile Bani:
I know.  Sad really.  Mario Shabow was one of the people who attended the Wanderers first ever match against Nepean FC.  This was before they even had a team and they played the game using a team of trialists.  He is a Wanderer forever, only he will play against us next year.  The club is in his heart, unlike several other players who played this season and played with no heart at all.


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