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Sheik Abdul Bin Fallafel

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« Reply #70 on: August 17, 2006, 05:19:12 PM »
islamaphobia? you of all poeple should know better. you're assyrian are you not? the middle east was a majority of christians and now it is a majority of islam... they didn't "convert" us by going around and knocking on doors and asking us if we know who god is like those jehova witness robots do.... they did it by telling people they either had to accept islam or be murdered --- of course not before raping and torturing them first....

since when have muslisms been peaceful? since when have the islamic people been tolerant of other cultures and religions? for god sakes these people (animals I call them) can't even get along with eachother... one sect of islam fighting another.... all they know how to do is fight and cause more misery and destruction.... the reason lebanon was able to form some sort of stable democracy in the first place is because people there are not fanatics and there is a mix of all cultures....

 if aliens ever invaded our planet, i hope they land in the middle east ---- at least humanity would have a fighting chance....  then again if i had the choice of becoming an alien slave or a muslim, i'd take the first shuttle over to the mothership myself.


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