Author Topic: When strange men with long hair do a better job...  (Read 775 times)

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When strange men with long hair do a better job...
« on: February 23, 2015, 09:57:21 AM »
When strange men with long hair do a better job at preserving Assyrian heritage than the Syriac Christians who hijacked the name. Here is a list of bands who have actually named themselves after great Mesopotamian gods and heroes (just in the metal genre). You will notice that none of them come from the Middle East, and none of them really have Middle Eastern members. Thank Gods for curious non-Assyrians who have more respect for our past than Judeo-Christians.

Absu    Black Metal   Italy
Absu    Death Metal (early), Black/Thrash Metal (later)   United States
Anu    Black Metal   United States
Anunnaki    Black Metal/Grindcore   Brazil
Armies of Enlil   Death Metal   Romania
Asag   Black Metal   Switzerland
Asakku   Black Metal   Germany
Astarte    Black Metal (early), Blackened Melodic Death Metal (later)   Greece
Astarté    Thrash Metal   Spain
Astarte Syriaca    Progressive Metal   Italy
Baal    Black Metal   France
Baal    Metalcore/Death Metal   Germany
Baal    Melodic Death Metal   Mexico
Baal    Stoner/Doom Metal   Peru
Baal    Black Metal/Ambient   Portugal
Baal    Heavy/Thrash Metal   Spain
Baal    Black Metal   United States
Black Mass of Absu    Atmospheric Black/Doom Metal   United States
Curse of Enki    Death/Black Metal   Canada
Ea    Funeral Doom Metal   United States
Ereshkigal    Black Metal   Chile
Ereshkigal    Black Metal   Greece
Ereshkigal    Black Metal   Mexico
Gates of Ishtar (a.k.a. G.O.I.)    Melodic Death Metal   Sweden
Gilgamesh    Blackened Death Metal   Germany
Gilgamesh    Death/Doom Metal   Mexico
Gilgamesh's Odyssey    Power Metal   Mexico
Goddess Ishtar    Doom Metal   Ukraine
Inanna    Death Metal   Chile
Irkalla   Black Metal   Romania
Ishkur   Black Metal   Portugal
Ishtar    Melodic Black/Death Metal   France
Ishtar    Heavy/Power Metal   Korea, South
Ishtar    Progressive Metal/Rock   New Zealand
Ishtar    Melodic Black Metal   Sweden
Ishtar (a.k.a. Stigma)    Heavy Metal   Spain
Knife of Melqart    Black Metal   Argentina
Kur    Black Metal   Italy
Marduk    Heavy/Thrash/Speed Metal   Mexico
Marduk    Black Metal   Sweden
Melqart    Heavy Metal   Spain
Moloch    Black Metal   Brazil
Moloch    Death Metal/Grindcore   France
Moloch    Death Metal   Netherlands
Moloch    Black Metal   Norway
Moloch    Black/Death Metal   Poland
Moloch    Black Metal   Poland
Moloch    Black Metal   Sweden
Moloch    Black Metal, Ambient   Ukraine
Moloch    Sludge/Doom Metal   United Kingdom
Moloch    Death Metal   United States
Moloch    Black Metal   United States
Moloch (a.k.a. The True Moloch)    Black Metal   United States
Nergal    Melodic Black Metal   Colombia
Nergal    Black Metal   Germany
Nergal    Black Metal   Greece
Nergal    Melodic Death/Thrash Metal   Hungary
Nergal    Melodic Black Metal   Russia
Nergal    Black/Death Metal   Switzerland
Nergal (a.k.a. Nergal 666)    Black Metal   Chile
Nergal (a.k.a. Temesta)    Black Metal   Belgium
Ninurta   Black Metal   Brazil
Pazuzu    Darkwave   Austria
Pazuzu    Thrash Metal   Germany
Pazuzu    Atmospheric Heavy Metal with Hard Rock influences   Netherlands
Pazuzu    Death Metal   Sweden
Pazuzu    Black Metal   Switzerland
Pazuzu    Black/Death Metal   United States
Shamash    Blackened Death Metal   Denmark
Shamash (a.k.a. Lord of Emptiness)    Blackened Atmospheric Death Metal   Mexico
Temple of Baal    Black Metal (early), Black/Death Metal (later)   France
The Anunnaki    Psychedelic/Experimental/Sludge Metal   United States
The Ziggurat    Death/Heavy/Thrash Metal   United States
Throne of Baal    Black Metal   Poland
Tiamat   Black Metal   Sweden
Utu   Black Metal   Brazil
Ziggurat    Gothic Death/Black Metal   Turkey

There are many more, named after minor deities that I've not listed. There are also many many more whose lyrical themes are exclusively related to Mesopotamian folklore. The total list of bands who have either a Mesopotamian God/Demon/Hero name, deal with Mesopotamian themes in lyrics, and use Kings in their alias' would be in the hundreds. Of special note are Melechesh, the proudest of all Mesopotamian bands who actually originated in the occupied Palestine, but moved away due to discrimination.

   (pt 1 - interview with Moloch)
   (pt 2 - interview with Moloch)
  (interview with Ashmedi the Assyrian from the band)
  (Melechesh song - great!)

So follow the lead of the Assyrian Ashmedi, and kill the Judeo-Christian link so we can be perceived as a civilised people.

Law #21, Code of Ur-Nammu: "If someone severed the nose of another man with a copper knife, he must pay two-thirds of a mina of silver"

Only 32 laws.. am I the only one who is wondering how common nose amputation in Sumeria was?

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Re: When strange men with long hair do a better job...
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2015, 07:58:29 AM »
So follow the lead of the Assyrian Ashmedi, and kill the Judeo-Christian link so we can be perceived as a civilised people.
Dude, are you kidding? We are much more civilized now than back in the day when we flayed people alive and had the habit of beheading our enemies.
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