7 Questions that could have Altered the Course of Assyrian History

Assyrians like to dwell on the past but often don’t really learn from it. Here are 7 questions whose answeres, if done differently, could have completely and dramatically changed the course of Assyrian history. Of course, it is easy to add the “what if…” question to anything, and it is even easier to do this with events in history.  Our purpose is not to re-write a better history for ourselves, after all, we don’t have a time machine to do so.  We simply want to be able to learn from our rich history and avoid the same mistakes in the future. Although not all of the questions below were mistakes, nevertheless, if they had taken a different turn, things would have been a lot different now. For example, we could have been playing the role that the US, China or other great powers have right now.

  1. What if Assyrians hadn’t changed from Akkadian and adopted Aramaic in the 8th century BC?

  2. What if Assyria was successful in uniting all other nations in Mesopotamia under the Greater Assyrian Empire? (Modern day Iraq)

  3. What if Assyria didn’t embrace Christianity?

  4. What if Assyrians didn’t have to live under three consecutive Roman, Islamic and Ottoman empires?

  5. What if the church split of 1551 never took place? (or any other church split for that matter)

  6. What if the massacres of late 19th and early 20th century never took place?

  7. What if the Middle East had a better future for Assyrians, particularly in Iraq (stop mass exodus)


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