Assyrian Martyrs

By Abbey Mikha

Shlama, this is how the Assyrians greet each other and the world, and this spiritual word means peace. Why though is a peaceful nation such as the Assyrians experiencing so much oppression from other nations? Where is our peace and when will it come? Why are so many watching blindly as the Assyrians get dehumanized?

It is very saddening to see what is happening all around the world and especially to the Assyrians. Yesterday, I heard about the murders of three Assyrian men by ISIS. Their names are Dr. Abd El Masih Izarya Nwiya, Bassam Isa Mishael, and Ashur Piro Rustam Abraham.   They were cold bloodedly murdered though they were innocent human beings and had done nothing wrong.

Yesterday was a very sad day for me and for the Assyrian nation! We have to remember there are still hundreds of Assyrians held captive in Syria and who knows where else. ISIS is terrorizing the Assyrians in Syria and Iraq and many nations, governments, leaders, groups, and individuals are allowing this! I just want to know why? What have the Assyrians done? Are we not all human beings of one earth? Is the world making it so blatantly obvious that they want to wipe out the Assyrians?

In 1915 the Assyrians were slaughtered by the Kurds and Turks. Once again the Assyrians are being slaughtered this time in Syria and Iraq. Wherever the Assyrians live they are not accepted.  I have to ask the question why? Do the Assyrians not have a right to live?

The Assyrians are not an “evil” war mongering nation as it describes them in the Old Testament. Those are lies written by ordinary people who have wanted to destroy the Assyrians for thousands of years. If you believe in the Old Testament do you believe in the following part?

“Whom the LORD of hosts shall bless, saying, Blessed be Egypt my people, and Assyria the work of my hands…”

This was written in Isaiah 19:25 about the Assyrians! Do you believe this? Why is the nation which is called “the work of hands” of God being destroyed? And not just by one nation, but by many conspiring nations!   What are the reasons behind all the suffering that the Assyrians are facing today?

I pray that the souls of the three Assyrian men who were murdered will find peace in a better place, better than this earth! I’m so sorry for the families of the martyrs and their children. I’m so sorry for the Assyrian nation. These are three murders which were publicized but in this war many innocent Assyrian lives have been taken!

Assyrians we must learn from this situation. We must organize ourselves and act before it is too late again.







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  1. James Yohanna says:

    Thanks for your publication.
    I have asked this question in different ways: Why you are not working in developing the first “Official Assyrian Website”?
    We have become the scum of nations when it comes to the art of telecommunications. Our radio, televisions and news agencies are run by either unprofessional or arrogant people. There are a few good people, of course but that won’t do. We lost three Assyrians and there are 200+ awaiting to be persecuted. Does any of our organizations or so-called “Micky Mouse Political Organizations” active in organizing worldwide demonstrations to attract the attention of the international communities? No. Since February we know about these people and they did nothing. Here is where you come into picture. You can try at least by connecting with young Assyrian groups on FB to try in building this website, they would need your expertise.
    Thank you!
    Please make yourself known to Assyrian public more effectively. I did my part by posting you.
    At least get back to me by email so you can maintain a steady flow of communication between yourself and nation.
    Raba Basime,

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