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Mustenu Sa Simti2By Abbey Mikha

Shlama and greetings from Canada! My name is Abbey Mikha and I am a graduate of the university of Windsor in the fields of Psychology and History. Other than working very hard on completing my degree in the past I have also been a volunteer writer for Assyrian Voice Emagazine since 2009.

When I graduated from university I became very serious about my writing and I love getting ideas out there into the world especially about my little Assyrian Christian nation that has been suffering so much in the past years, and also about current events which have been taking place.

I hope you will continue to enjoy my writing and sign up for my newsletter at my site and I will email you my new updates and articles. You can follow my blog called, “Assyrian Thinker” by clicking on the square tab next to the text that says, “Assyrian Thinker” at the top left of my website which I have posted bellow this article.

I also have a page for my book, “Mustenu Sa Simti” which in ancient Assyrian means changing my destiny. I will publish this book on this site in the upcoming months. I was not sure about publishing this book in the past but I’m going to take the leap soon. Keep checking the website to see new things added to the blog and site.

My complete published book:

I hope my writing will move your heart and awaken Assyrian nationalism and humanitarianism in you. We must remember that we, as human beings, have many more similarities than differences. Let us unite the human race because the truth is we are all one, but let us also be united in standing up against injustice and especially genocide! We are Assyrians and we are the last of our kind…

I have uploaded a new blog post to my site called, “Were Bluett and Spackman anti-Arab?” This is a question that we all must ask ourselves right now. I personally am not anti-Arab but I am anti-terror and I am against the needless killings that have been going on all around the world whether in the night club in Orlando, Florida, the airport in Turkey, or all over the Assyrian homeland.

At my blog there is a picture of gishret Dalale. Since I was a teen my nickname online was Dalale because I liked the Assyrian song about the girl who held the bridge together for her nation. Hope you will all remember me and continue to read my writing and be interested with the new ideas on my blog.

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